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Wacom's New Digitising Notebook Could Bring Me Back To Pen And Paper

I love writing stuff down. Well, I love the idea of writing stuff down. Often I abandon the actual task because keeping track and archiving written notes is a huge pain in the arse. Wacom has a new toy called Bamboo Spark that digitises your handwritten notes without you having to think about it… much.

Wacom Bamboo Fineline: A Bluetooth Stylus That Puts A Fine Point On It

Styluses for capactive screens like the iPad used to be wide and squishy — bad for precise drawing and writing. Only recently have companies been able to come up with pen-like tips for a superior experience. Wacom is the latest to offer one such device in the Bamboo Stylus Fineline.

Wacom Cintiq Companion Review: A Dream For Drawing, Otherwise Awkward

If you’re a tablet user who likes to draw, you know that the experience offered by an iPad or other consumer-oriented tablet is pretty limited. Wacom, maker of drawing-specific digital interfaces, now has a portable and powerful solution in the Cintiq Companion. It’s great at one thing, but sometimes that’s just not enough.

Wacom Bamboo Pad: A Touchpad Enhanced For Sketching And Writing

Wacom is covering all grounds lately with new products. Its latest is the Bamboo Pad, a touch surface with the gesture control the likes of an Apple Magic Trackpad, with some added functionality for drawing and jotting down notes.

Redesigned Wacom Intuos Tablets: A New Look For Budding Artists

On the heels of its Windows 8 and Android tablets, Wacom just announced a new sleeker and brighter Intuos. The new models are geared less toward professionals, and more toward everyday folk looking to draw and sketch on their computer.

Wacom Cintiq Companion: Windows 8 And Android Tablets For Artists Only

Artists, illustrators and designers of all kinds rely on Wacom’s line of drawing tablets. Up until now, the devices only worked as peripherals. But Wacom’s new line of fully self-contained tablets are the only devices you need to make art just about anywhere.

Bamboo Loop: A Fun, Creative Twist On Everyday Picture Messaging

Wacom may be best known for its styluses and tablets, but there’s also a more whimsical side to the company that comes with its Bamboo line of apps. The newest release, Bamboo Loop, carries on that tradition with a delightfully creative photo-sharing app.

Tiny Wacom Stylus Makes A Perfect Phone Companion (If You Don't Lose It)

This stubby little stylus might look more like a crayon than something you’d usually use with your tablet. However, it could be just the thing if you only occasionally need to ditch your digits for something more precise.

Wacom's New 13-Inch Multitouch Tablet Won't Break The Bank

If you love the idea of pretending to be a hipster graphic designer with one of Wacom’s beautiful Multitouch Cintiq tablets but can’t quite stretch to the $US3700 price tag, we have good news. There is now a cute and much more wallet-friendly 13-inch version.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Review: Can A Tablet Fix What The Phone Got Wrong?

The Galaxy Note was, just a wee bit big to be considered a phone. Why not make it bigger and call it a straight-up tablet? Add on some Wacom stylus tech, bump up the specs — be our guest!

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