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Chevrolet Made An Air Conditioner Just For Your Smartphone

Who doesn’t love having an ultra-thin smartphone you can slip into your pocket? But during hot summer days with little room to breathe, that collection of plastic, metal and silicon can get a pretty heated — especially when charging. That’s why Chevrolet is introducing a smartphone air conditioner as a thing we need.

Holden Discontinues Volt In Australia

The Holden Volt is dead in Australia. Long live the Holden Volt.

The New Holden Volt First Look: Less Concept, More Sedan

Instead of waiting for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next week to finally unveil what the new Chevy Volt looks like, General Motors (read: Holden’s parent) pulled back the curtain on its new electric hybrid at CES overnight. No details, no other specifics, just our first full look at the vehicle.

How Automakers Use A WWI-Era Camo Technique To Disguise Prototype Cars

In the early days of modern warfare, ships protected themselves from German U-boats with wild, eye-catching painted patterns called dazzle. The military moved on to new forms of camo decades ago, but for carmakers, dazzle is still the best way to protect prototype cars from being photographed.

Is Holden's Parent Company Working On A Cheaper Volt?

The Holden Volt is a pretty great car. We went behind the wheel last year and loved the petrol-electric future sled. The only problem was the whopping $60,000 price tag. That problem might soon be solved, as reports emerge that Holden’s parent, General Motors, is working on a cut-price version.

GoGet Has Electric Share Cars Now In A Great Leap Forward For Aussie EVs

Car-share service, GoGet, is a blessing for car-less city folk in need of some wheels. Now those city slickers in Melbourne are about to get a boost to their green credentials, as GoGet adds Toyota plug-in hybrids to its fleet. This is so great I can’t begin to describe it.

Watch Holden Freak Out Petrol Station Customers With The Volt

The Holden Volt is a pretty impressive piece of kit, but as we mentioned in our review, it has a bit of an image problem. In a bid to address the issue, Holden staffed itself into a local petrol station in Victoria and only charged customers $2.50 for however much fuel they liked to compare the cost of owning a petrol car versus owning a Holden Volt.

The Crazy Cars Of CES 2013

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show isn’t just a place for smartphone cases and big TVs. No, instead it’s about showcasing some of the coolest car tech ahead of the Detroit Motor Show. Here are some of the best cars on show at CES 2013.

Boeing's Concept SUGAR Plane Plugs In Like A Prius

In November of 2011, American commercial airlines consumed 1.83 million litres of fuel — every day — and paid a total of $US49.8 billion that month to do so. And with increasingly tight operating budgets, fuel efficiency has quickly become a primary concern for the airlines. Boeing thinks one possible solution is its new plug-in hybrid jet concept that burns 70 per cent less gas per flight with the help of local power grid.

Australian International Motor Show: A Complete Geek's Guide To The Best Tech On Offer

Off to the Australian International Motor Show? Good idea. There’s a bunch of tech there you simply have to see. make sure you don’t miss anything with this comprehensive guide to the best tech on the show floor. From simulators to smart-keys, booth babes to battery-powered vehicles, this is what you have to see when you visit the show.

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