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We Finally Know What's Going To Be On That San Diego Comic-Con TV Channel 

We knew that San Diego Comic-Con was making its own subscription video-on-demand channel, and we knew that it would be filling its airtime during the many days Comic-Con isn’t happening with “original short-form content”. Now we know what some of the content is, and it sounds… not bad?

Quickflix WatchNow Movie Streaming Coming To Xbox 360 Later This Year

Quickflix already offers its WatchNow streaming movies service on computers, TVs and the PS3. It now has its foot in the other main console camp with a deal to offer the service via the Xbox 360 as well.

Google Play Starts Offering Movies In Australia

The Google Play brand looked rather pointless when it first rolled out in Australia, since it offered neither movies nor music. Google has now rolled out movie rentals for Australian customers,

BBC iPlayer: Gizmodo Goes Hands-On

The BBC’s VOD iPlayer App went live overnight. There’s a lot to like — and a lot of value on offer at least for the first month. I’m a little concerned about its long term value, though.

SBS Launches Video On Demand Service

SBS’ new online video service joins the ranks of ABC’s excellent iView and Seven’s slightly less sexy 7PLUS, but omits the catchy naming convention; it’s simply “On Demand”.

Would You Bother Watching Top Gear On Facebook?

The popular cars-and-stuffing-about show is coming to the world’s biggest social network, with specials to rent in Australia from today. The question is, will viewers really like it?

US Pay TV Boss: We Aren't Selling Enough Porn

Although the experience of sitting on your couch for an HD porn viewing is unparalleled, most members of our species will go the quick and dirty laptop route instead. The CEO of US pay TV company Time Warner Cable is peeved! They need that porno cash!

Netflix's Newest Feature Lets You Make Your Video Quality Worse

If you’re rubbing up against data caps or a generally poor connection, gleaming, streaming HD probably isn’t helping at all. So now Netflix is letting you dial down, Technologizer reports: choose from “good”, “better” or “best”.

Could Hulu Selling Itself Actually Be Good For Content?

Both CNBC and the Wall Street Journal reporters have sources telling them Hulu received an offer to be bought out, and now they’re considering it. The main consequence of such a sale would would revolve around network and cable television content on the site.

YouTube LeanBack, ABC iView Coming To Fetch TV

Fetch TV users are set to get some pretty awesome improvements over the next couple of months, with the IPTV Pay TV service set to be one of the first services in the world to offer YouTube Leanback to the TV.

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