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A Sceptic's Guide To Buying (or Not Buying) A 4K TV

I bought my beloved television half a decade ago, a (then) impressively thin 32-inch Samsung for around $700. Today, you can buy a 50-inch 4K TV for around that much. The real question is: Should you buy a 4K TV at all?

TVs Sure Looked Dumb 10 Years Ago

Vizio has a cute, self-deprecating display up at CES. It showed a Vizio TV made 10 years ago compared to one made in 2012. TVs were butt fugly back then — it’s as big a difference as a Palm Pilot and the iPhone 5.

Video: Tegra 4 Tablet First Hands-On

Vizio has a nice surprise at CES this year: it has one of the only tablets in the world with a Tegra 4 processor inside outside of some death vault at Nvidia headquarters. We used it.

Vizio's Beautiful Computers Arrive This Month

Yesterday we got a tip that a couple of Vizio’s gorgeous computers would land on Walmart shelves by the middle of this month. Now we’ve heard back from Vizio, and the company confirmed that the computers are coming. Sweet!

The Best New Tablet

Vizio’s first tablet entry wasn’t great. But the 10-inch M-Series the company just debuted at CES? Looks like second time’s the charm.

Putting My Hands On Vizio's New Machines Gave Me Computer Envy

Vizio says it’s trying to disrupt the computer market, and I think it just did. These are simply gorgeous machines, and are fast and powerful to boot.

Hands On With Vizio's Edgy New Android Tablet

Vizio’s new 10-inch M-series tablet is fast, sleek, and completely enviable. In terms of design, if the iPad and Galaxy Tab are luxury vehicles, this thing looks more like a Formula One machine.

Stylish Vizio PCs And Notebooks Shake Things Up

Over in the US, Vizio became a big player over the last few years with pretty-good-for-the-price big-screen TVs — and now they’re looking to shake up the PC market the same way. I don’t know how these will perform, but holy crap the new Vizio PCs and notebooks look amazingly good. Indeed, they may beat sleepy PC giants at their own game. Their designer must be a genetic mix of Jon Ive and Tony Stark.

Vizio Also Has A Sleek New 10-Inch Tablet M

There are no details on the new Vizio Tablet M series except that they are 10 inches, have cameras on the two sides, seem really thin and look really sleek.

Vizio's Media-Heavy Econo-Tablet Arrives Today

The Vizio Tablet, which impressed us in June with its keen video focus and dirt cheap price tag, is now available in stores for an easily swallowed $US300.

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