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Monster Machines: The VISTA Telescope Camera Captures 84 Million Stars

To produce stunning images of our galaxy like this, your rinky-dink smartphone camera just isn’t going to cut it. No, to generate 9GP masterpieces, you’ll need to use the world’s largest infrared survey telescope outfitted with the world’s largest infrared camera.

DirectX 11 Now Available For Windows Vista

We didn’t see much of a difference between DirectX 10.1 and 11, but if you’re a Windows Vista user who did then be happy because DirectX 11 is now finally available through Windows Update. [DailyTech]

Microsoft Outlines The Rules For Windows 7 RC Upgrading

The bottom line is this: if you want to upgrade to Windows 7 from RC, you are going to deal with some crap.

Amazon's Unfortunate Windows 7 Freudian Slip

Surely this is some kind of innocent SEO-related keyword slip, right? I mean, Microsoft definitely doesn’t want one of the biggest online retailers in the world billing it’s new OS as Windows Vista 7 Home Premium, right? Right?!

Windows 7 Pricing: Good News, Mostly

We finally received the official word on Windows 7 pricing. For the most part, people itching to upgrade immediately or buy a new Win 7 machine are in luck.

Best Buy: Windows 7 Isn't Just 'Vista That Works' (Also: Free Upgrades)

Oops! A leaked Best Buy memo manages to both trash-talk Vista as well as give out the details of Best Buy’s Windows 7 upgrade plans.

MSI X340 Review: The Unemployed Man's MacBook Air

It’s impossible not to be at least a little impressed with the MacBook Air, but who can spend almost $US2,000 on that laptop? The solution? The MSI X340, a $US900 MacBook Air. And it’s a great idea…in theory…

Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista, SSD Edition

A lot of the hype around Windows 7 is predicated on how well it’ll run on modest hardware, especially SSD-equipped netbooks. It certainly feels faster than Vista, but HotHardware’s battery of disk benchmarks confirms: it really, really is.

Vista Service Pack 2 Available for Download

Windows Vista SP2 is finally available for download, in all its apologetic, bug-fixing, compatibility-boosting glory. Windows Update should do the trick, but standalone downloads are hosted right here, and release notes are over here. [Neowin]

Microsoft Squeezing Out Vista SP2 'In the Coming Weeks'

Windows Vista SP2, which was released to manufacturing about a moon ago is finally getting pushed to Windows Update “in the coming weeks.” [Microsoft Update via ZDNet]

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