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Clingy Ebola Virus Found Hanging Out In Man's Semen For Over A Year

Much like their human hosts, some deadly pathogens just can’t let go. That’s apparently true of the Ebola virus, which was detected in a Liberian man’s semen an incredible 565 days after he recovered from illness, according to a new CDC report.

The Florida Zika Outbreak Is Looking Worse And Worse

Yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced that 10 more people in Florida have contracted the Zika virus, likely through mosquito bites, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 14 cases. Citing the increase, the governor also asked the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention to mobilise an Emergency Response Team to help the state with its “investigation, sample collection and mosquito control efforts”.

US Government-Funded Zika Study To Use Olympic Athletes As Guinea Pigs

In an effort to learn more about the dreaded disease, the US National Institutes of Health is funding a study in which a group of US athletes, coaches and staff will be monitored for exposure to the Zika virus while attending the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Brazil.

Zika Can Cause Birth Defects Even If Mothers Show No Symptoms

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that Zika-infected women who are in their third trimester have virtually no chance of having children with microcephaly. Troublingly, the same study shows that women who exhibit no symptoms can still give birth to babies with brain abnormalities.

Freezing Your Sperm For The Olympics Is A Silly Thing To Do

In preparation for the upcoming Olympics in Brazil, a British long jump champion is planning to freeze his sperm just in case he contracts Zika. It’s meant as a precaution to prevent any future children from developing birth defects, but in reality it’s a complete overreaction based on unfounded fears.

Why 'Neglected Diseases' Are Becoming A Global Danger

Though over 1 billion people suffer from them, they’re called “neglected diseases.” That’s because they attract little public attention and research money. But these diseases are about to explode across the globe, which is why many doctors say the neglect needs to stop now.

These Are The Most Serious Catastrophic Threats Faced By Humanity

Oxford’s Global Priorities Project has compiled a list of catastrophes — both natural and self-inflicted — that could kill off 10 per cent or more of the human population. It’s a real buzzkill of a report and it says that any of these catastrophes could happen within the next five years.

An Awful Bat-Killing Disease Is Spreading Throughout The US

A devastating fungal disease that has killed millions of bats in eastern North America has now reached Washington State, prompting serious concern among wildlife officials.

We Finally Know What The Zika Virus Actually Looks Like

Here it is, folks — our first glimpse of that abominable virus that’s been wreaking havoc in parts of South America and the Caribbean. This near-atomic scale view of Zika’s external structure could guide scientists as they work to develop effective antiviral treatments and vaccines.

Two New Cases Of Ebola Have Appeared In Guinea 

While the West African Ebola Outbreak largely came to an end back in January, isolated cases are still appearing, including two cases which emerged this week in Guinea.

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