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It's Time To Declare War On Mosquitoes

Zika is now a global emergency, and the latest in a long string of mosquito-borne viruses to afflict humanity. Mosquitoes truly suck, and the time has come to do something about them. Here’s how science will help — and why a war on mosquitoes doesn’t mean we have to wipe them off the face of the planet.

World Health Organisation Declares Zika A Global Emergency 

After convening an emergency session to deal with the swift spread of the Zika virus, the World Health Organisation has declared the mosquito-borne outbreak a global emergency.

The WHO Held An Emergency Session Due To The Zika Virus

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced an emergency session to address the “explosive spread” of the disease, which has been linked to birth defects.

Zika Virus Outbreak Prompts CDC To Expand Travel Advisory

The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention is asking pregnant women to avoid 22 countries that have seen outbreaks of the Zika virus. That’s up eight from just yesterday. Disturbingly, the mosquito-borne virus, which may be causing abnormally small heads in newborns, has also been linked to yet another debilitating disease.

New Evidence Suggests Link Between Mosquito-Borne Virus And Birth Defects

Researchers at the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are raising the alarm about a potential link between a mosquito-borne virus called Zika and a dramatic increase in Brazilian babies born with microcephaly — a rare condition that results in abnormally small heads.

New Maps Identify Possible Hot Spots For Bat-Transmitted Diseases

Bats are suspected, although not proved, to have been the origin of multiple human diseases, including Ebola and rabies. New maps show the hot spots where outbreaks are most likely to occur, and which diseases are most likely to be transmitted from bats to humans. One of those is the region of the devastating 2014 Ebola outbreak.

The Canadian Wilderness And The Baddest Water Filter Ever Built

300 miles north of Vancouver lies the Great Bear Rainforest. It’s a huge, rugged, chunk of land with ample diversity of scenery, and the best part is that it is very, very sparsely populated. Think Yellowstone minus the tourists. In a nutshell, you want to go to there.

Approaching Zero: How West Africa Is Crushing The Ebola Epidemic

The West African Ebola outbreak is finally starting to approach manageable levels, after nearly 18 excruciating months and over 11,000 lost lives. Here’s what the current situation on the ground looks like and how the battle against Ebola finally might be won.

This Is Why You Need A Flu Shot

If you’ve been debating whether to get a flu shot, you should watch this beautifully terrifying animation of a virus taking over a cell and sending millions of its progeny off to spread the infection.

Bioweapon Experts Aren't Buying The Tesla Model X's Bioweapon Defence Mode

The air conditioning system in the new Tesla Model X has three modes: circulating air from outside the car, re-circulating air that’s already inside the cabin, and a “bioweapon defence mode,” triggered by a button on the dashboard, which creates positive pressure inside the cabin to keep outside particles at bay. So, does it work? We asked bioweapons experts for their take on Tesla’s panic button.

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