You Can Use Your Gadgets From Gate To Gate On Aussie Flights Right Now

We’ve known this was coming for a while, but as of right now if you’re flying with a major carrier on an Australian domestic flight, you’ll be able to keep your gadgets powered up all the time.

ACCC Takes Jetstar And Virgin To Court Over Alleged Drip Pricing

Back in February, consumer regulator the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said it was preparing to take action on businesses that used “drip pricing” — advertising a headline price but then aggressively pursuing add-on pricing. That strategy is now bearing fruit: the ACCC is taking Jetstar and Virgin to court over alleged drip pricing violations.

Virgin And Hoyts Both Reportedly Want To Take On Netflix In Australia

Are you listening, Australian free-to-air TV industry? This is the right way to take on Netflix: build something customers want to buy. Two separate consortiums — Virgin and Hoyts — both reportedly want to build their own movie streaming service to take on the platform of the hour, Netflix.

The 12 Best Airline Safety Videos, Reviewed

Virgin America, the airline that invented the sassy in-flight safety video, has rolled out a brand new sassy in-flight safety video: a live-action musical number. It’s still heads and shoulders above most airlines, but is it the best?

Virgin 4G Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi Modem Review: Everything You'd Expect, And More

Virgin has mobile broadband now, and we’ve gone hands on to see how it goes.

Virgin Has 4G Mobile Broadband Now

Everyone’s favourite MVNO, Virgin Mobile, has been hot on the heels of every 4G announcement Optus has made for the last few months. True to form, Virgin now has a 4G mobile broadband offering that seems to work out as better value than its larger rivals can offer.

Virgin's International Call Rates Are About To Go Sky High

Virgin Mobile has just got in touch with a good chunk of its mobile user base to let them know that from the end of this month, international calls — that is calls from Australia to other countries — are about to become incredibly expensive.

Virgin, Tiger, Jetstar And Rex Airport Check-Ins Hit For Six Australia-Wide

Were you planning to catch a flight today? You could face significant delays as Tiger, Virgin, Jetstar and Rex battle technical issues with their computerised check-in systems. Qantas appears unaffected, but for the other airlines, they’ve been forced to process would-be flyers manually.

Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Review: Better Late Than Never

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S III way back when, the first question that was asked was “SAMSUNG Y U NO 4G?!”. Samsung went out and worked with Telstra, Optus and Virgin to remedy the problem and now, months later, we have a 4G-version of the current Android phone to beat. It’s been given shiny new software and a trendy new antenna to boot, but is it any good?

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