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YouTube Doesn't Want You To Know How Many People Are Watching Videos People Pay To See

YouTube’s attempt to break into the original content game isn’t anything revolutionary. In fact, you could say that they’re late to the party Hulu, Amazon and Netflix are throwing. And in some desperate attempt to fit in, they have taken view counts off of YouTube Red shows.

Here's A Homemade Exoskeleton Jacking Up A Small Car

Video: There’s all sorts of expensive R&D facilities working frantically to make body-enhancing skeletons into actual things, but the research isn’t limited just to big companies. Two years ago, a YouTuber showed off his Elysium-inspired suit curling 77kg; last weekend, he decided to lift a Mini Cooper.

Watch: An In-Depth Look At Battlestar Galactica's Colonial Viper

Video: The Colonial Viper Mk II space superiority fighter is one of the more memorable machines in modern sci-fi, enjoying pride of place in both the original Battlestar Galactica TV series of 1978 and the 2004 remake of the same name and blowing countless Cylon raiders out of vacuum. In fact, the Mk II is so iconic that US Air Force pilots nicknamed their F-16s ‘Vipers’. Now, a YouTube channel has a short history of the spacecraft and its successes.

What The Hell Is This Thing?

No, it isn’t a tiny human dancing in a weird headdress, which was my first guess. And yes, it’s a real thing captured on a motion sensor camera in America. What’s your best guess?

This Is Why You Have A Backup Parachute

Watch: Ever been tempted to shoot your parachute with a flare gun mid-flight? Well, this is what will happen if you do.

Watch This Bat Pounce On Its Prey In Infrared Slow Motion

Bats are small, generally harmless to humans, and eat a lot of insects that would otherwise infect our bodies or ruin our fruit. That doesn’t stop this air-to-leaf pounce from being kind of scary, though.

Why The Octopus Brain Is So Extraordinary And Why It Makes Them So Special

Video: Octopuses are easily one of my favourite animals in the ocean. They have the intelligence to do things just like us, like the ability to use tools and solve puzzles, and also have legit superpowers that make them even cooler than us since they can camouflage. Further, octopuses have extraordinary brains and neuron systems that allow their tentacles to think on their own.

An Awesome Movie Trailer Of All The Awesome Movies That Came Out In 2015

Video: Was 2015 a good year for movies? Sure, there were a lot of duds like Tomorrowland and embarrassments like Pixels and money printing franchises that weren’t nearly as awesome as the movies that came before it like Jurassic World and Avengers: Age of Ultron but I’m going to consider 2015 a good year for movies just because Mad Max came out in 2015. That’s all you really need.

Sometimes, Building A City In The Middle Of The Desert Doesn't Quite Work

Video: Most big cities in the world grow over time; a few notable exceptions have sprouted pretty much out of nowhere. But for every Washington D.C, there are also vacant lots in the middle of the desert, waiting for residents who never came.

Watch This Funny Short About Finding A Phone Number By Trial And Error

Video: How can you speak to your new romantic interest if you’ve lost part of their phone number? By ringing every possible remaining combination, of course.

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