Watch Eight BASE Jumps From Eight Famous Buildings

Do you like modern architecture? What about stomach-churningly scary videos of people hurling themselves off tall things? Well, you’re in luck: After four people were arrested for BASE jumping off of One World Trade last month, we took a look at other jumps from famous buildings.

This Animated Vanagon Tribute Will Leave You Pining For Open Roads

Video: It takes a special breed of traveller to own a VW Vanagon. These quirky people-movers are far from the most luxurious whips on the road but they always seem to arrive at the most scenic of destinations. Or the garage. Because these things break down — a lot.

Supercut Of Heroes Getting Geared Up Will Make You Want To Kick Arse

Before confronting great adversity, your favourite film hero has to prepare him or herself mentally, physically, and with massive weaponry. That’s the delightfully simple premise of this supercut, which collects some of the best gearing up moments from film.

This Amazing Mechanical Shading System Makes Blinds Beautiful

Every so often, a project slides across your screen that seems too cool to be truly feasible. But Tyler Short, the architecture student behind this incredible louvre system, says his system’s been worked out to the last mechanical detail. Someone, manufacture this thing!

Nikon Shows You How To Get The Shot In New Tip Videos

Count this as marketing for Nikon, but it’s useful marketing nonetheless. The camera maker is rolling out a series of videos showing you how to develop your photography skills. The first one is all about combining natural light with a flash.

Watching Planes Land From Space Is Like A Video Game Brought To Life

Ever wanted to watch the world — in real-time HD — from space? Well prepare to experience what it’d be life if the world was your very own video game and check out a few planes landing at Beijing airport. It will be the coolest planespotting you’ve ever done.

This 1998 Video Sends You Inside The Web To Learn About Evil Cyberpunks

Websploitation videos of the 1990s had it all: sex, violence and crudely animated viruses chasing you in a Tron-like hellscape from which you’ll never escape.

Watch This Video To See How Incredibly Awesome People Were In 2013

The end of the year is here, and hopefully you did something awesome in 2013. If you didn’t, that’s OK, because you have a brand new year ahead of you to do something memorable.

Here Are The Most Popular YouTube Videos In Australia In 2013

Surprise! Humans spent a lot of time watching YouTube in 2013. And that time wasn’t spread equally among all videos. Nay, some videos got more than their fair share of eyeballs. Here are Australia’s most popular YouTube videos (and music videos) of 2013, for your viewing pleasure.

Netflix Is Doing Streaming Tests With 4K Video

Everything from ads to porn is getting the 4K treatment lately, and now Netflix is experimenting with it too. This week the company posted six 4K videos at various frames per second rates to test their streaming performance. They’re all standard Netflix stock footage called “El Fuente.”