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This 30-Second Tribute To Ada Lovelace Is An Earworm For Great Justice

Video: Yes, this vocodery song about Ada Lovelace, the pioneering computer programmer, will totally get stuck in your head. But it’s totally worth it, because everyone should think about Ada Lovelace more.

I Flew An Expensive Drone Into A Fence At Top Speed Because I Trust Technology Too Much

Video: I swear it was an accident. For two weeks, I flew the DJI Phantom 4 as often as possible, to learn about its quirky but impressive feature set. When it came time for the final test — seeing how obstacle avoidance worked at high speeds — it slipped my mind that the technology doesn’t work at all at high speeds.

New Realtime 3D Modelling Can Turn You Into Any Celebrity On Camera

A university research team recently developed a new method for real-time facial re-enactment that works with a regular web camera, overcoming several challenges in computer vision technology. It’s also creepy as hell.

This Timelapse Of Californian Bushfires Is Absolutely Apocalyptic

Video: Filmmaker Jeff Frost has documented over two dozen bushfires in California over the past several years. To convey the extent of these blazes, he has put together a timelapse video showing them from a unique — and horrifying — perspective.

This Timelapse Of Shanghai Tower Construction Is The Most Spectacular Thing You'll See All Day

For the past four years, filmmaker Joe Nafis has been chronicling the construction of the Shanghai Tower. After 1,000 work hours and 350,000 photos, he’s put together a stunning timelapse video that you don’t want to miss.

A Floating Orb Menaces Rosamund Pike In This Disturbing New Massive Attack Video

“Voodoo in My Blood” is the latest single off Massive Attack’s new Ritual Spirit EP. In this Ringan Ledwidge-directed video, Gone Girl actor Rosamund Pike encounters a floating orb in a subway station with ill intentions.

YouTube Doesn't Want You To Know How Many People Are Watching Videos People Pay To See

YouTube’s attempt to break into the original content game isn’t anything revolutionary. In fact, you could say that they’re late to the party Hulu, Amazon and Netflix are throwing. And in some desperate attempt to fit in, they have taken view counts off of YouTube Red shows.

Here's A Homemade Exoskeleton Jacking Up A Small Car

Video: There’s all sorts of expensive R&D facilities working frantically to make body-enhancing skeletons into actual things, but the research isn’t limited just to big companies. Two years ago, a YouTuber showed off his Elysium-inspired suit curling 77kg; last weekend, he decided to lift a Mini Cooper.

Watch: An In-Depth Look At Battlestar Galactica's Colonial Viper

Video: The Colonial Viper Mk II space superiority fighter is one of the more memorable machines in modern sci-fi, enjoying pride of place in both the original Battlestar Galactica TV series of 1978 and the 2004 remake of the same name and blowing countless Cylon raiders out of vacuum. In fact, the Mk II is so iconic that US Air Force pilots nicknamed their F-16s ‘Vipers’. Now, a YouTube channel has a short history of the spacecraft and its successes.

What The Hell Is This Thing?

No, it isn’t a tiny human dancing in a weird headdress, which was my first guess. And yes, it’s a real thing captured on a motion sensor camera in America. What’s your best guess?

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