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What It's Like To Be In A Drag Race That Goes From 0 To 509km/h In 3.77 Seconds

Video: It’s over so fast, you don’t even know what happens. Here’s what it’s like to be inside the hot rod of 2013 NHRA Top Fuel champion Shawn Langdon. He guns his car from zero to 509km/h in a ridiculous 3.77 seconds, and all you really get to see is a total blur.

These Stunt Tricks On A Moped Are Totally Wild

Video: I don’t know what sort of negotiations this person made with gravity, the magnets of Earth and the ground, because he came away with a freaking steal. The balance it takes to pull off all these crazy tricks on a moped and the creativity it takes to imagine them are just from another world. I mean, how does a person even realise that they could do this? Who sees a scooter and thinks “hey, can I stand on the handlebar while popping a wheelie? Or better yet, I’ll just ride the handlebar as I spin around?”

OK Go's Fun New Music Video Was Filmed On A Zero-G Aircraft

Video: The alt-rock band that made “viral music videos” a thing with treadmill gymnastics and Rube Goldberg machines on YouTube is back. This time, OK Go is busting open pinatas in zero gravity.

Watch The Mesmerising Magic Of 24 Flying Drones Dancing At Once

Video: Is it still magic if you know how it’s done? Is it still an illusion if computers are hiding the work? Marco Tempest plays around with that idea as two dozen drones buzz and fly all around him, seemingly controlled by his every move. Magic or not, it’s just cool to see 24 drones work together as part of a larger machine.

The House Of Cards Season 4 Trailer Is Equal Parts Terrifying And Exciting

House Of Cards Season 4 is coming in less than a month, but don’t worry: while you’re counting down the remaining 500 odd hours until you can binge on Frank, Netflix has released a new trailer to relieve the boredom.

5 Totally Bizarre Ways To Put Out A Candle

Video: How do you put a candle? It’s simple, just blow it out. Easy enough, right? But so not interesting. The always inquisitive Physics Girl shows us five weird and wacky ways to kill the flame from a candle and each are more interesting than the next. You could use a copper coil or a rounded obstacle or an open glass cap or pouring CO2 onto it or even just freeze the flame with liquid nitrogen.

Seeing Lightning Strikes From Space Is Really Beautiful

Video: In our continuing coverage of Mother Nature’s wrath on the planet Earth (also known as lightning strikes on this blue marble), here is an otherworldly view of how this world of ours gets pummelled by electricity. Being so far removed from the ground, like how British ESA astronaut Tim Peake is, the lightning strikes that scar Earth are almost peaceful. Maybe even beautiful?

I Did Not Expect The End Of This Rube Goldberg Machine To Be Like This

Video: Rube Goldberg machines are always fun because you get to see everything happen in a linear fashion and yet still don’t know what the grand finale is. It’s like you kind of, sort of see where it’s going but still remain excited on the next step of the machine. This Rube Goldberg machine by Arrow FiveYearsOut is even better than all the others because you truly don’t expect the ending. It brings you to a whole ‘nother space.

Chopping Open A Giant Rubber Band Ball Basically Reveals A Hidden Monster Inside

Video: A giant rubber band ball? So much fun. Just slice the thing open and you’ll see it quickly grow and explode up and basically unleash the monster that wants to escape from its rubber ball prison. The sound is also interesting to listen to once it is cut open. You can hear the slow movement that the bands are making in an attempt to jump out.

A Movie Scene Without Any Music Is So Awkwardly Hilarious

Video: A movie needs its soundtrack. Especially when that movie is 8 Mile and the whole lead up to the movie is a rap battle and the entire payoff is Eminem doing Eminem things. And yet this musicless version of an 8 Mile scene almost plays better than the entire movie because of how utterly awkward it is. You just end up watching Marshall be a try hard goofball in front of a bathroom mirror. It’s fantastic.

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