Here's What's Going On Inside A Mermaid's Purse

Reef-dwelling catsharks wrap their fertilised eggs in leathery box-shaped cases commonly called “mermaid’s purses”. The tough, collagenous wall of the purse protects the developing young until it’s ready to hatch — anywhere from a month to a year after it’s laid, depending on its species.

DJI Phantom 3 Review: Stunning Video + Easier Controls = Hell Yes

DJI’s Phantom 2 Vision+ really upped the ante for a consumer-friendly all-in-one aerial photography drone. It shot solid 1080p video, and its built-in stabilised camera kept the shot super smooth. Well, the Phantom 3 is here — and while it isn’t perfect, it blows the doors off the 2 Vision+. It’s a mighty sweet birdie.

This Clever Film Captures The Life Cycle Of An iPhone

Thanks to two-year contracts and our general clumsiness, smartphones don’t have a particularly long life expectancy. Filmmaker Paul Trillo captures the life, death, and eventual black-market reincarnation, all from the poor iPhone’s point of view.

The First Full-Colour HD Videos Of Earth Taken From Space Are Amazing

Satellite imagery has become a part of our daily digital lives; we use stills of our planet to navigate to the mall, for goodness sake. But when those images are moving, the result is so stunning that it’s almost magical. UrtheCast has released the first full-colour HD video of Earth shot from the International Space Station. And it’s just freaking gorgeous.

Watch This Guy Free-Climb A Giant Redwood

Can tree bark work as well as granite to provide handholds? Legendary climber Chris Sharma thought so, and set out to climb this 77m tall redwood in northern California.

California Lifeguards Get Drone, Instantly Spot 10-12 Great Whites

Orange County’s Seal Beach is a popular spot for swimmers and surfers, so its lifeguards figured they’d use a camera drone to keep a better eye on them. But what they saw instead was “10 to 12 great white sharks just feet from shore.”

This 8K YouTube Video Is Too Amazing For Your Computer

You can forget 60fps 4K video. This footage, recently uploaded to YouTube, is available to view in astonishing 8K. The only problem: It’s probably too big for you to watch.

Beware The Phone-Hungry Foxes

Here’s a solid PSA: if you’re camping out a species of animal that is famously good at stealing stuff, don’t leave a shiny object just lying on the ground invitingly. Like, for example, a phone.

Don't Watch This Film About A Dog Unless You Want To Cry

First, Ben Moon’s dog helped him survive a fight against cancer. Then, Denali succumbed to the disease himself. This film about their life together is incredibly moving.

Why Adults Suck At Learning Languages 

I was born in Spain to Spanish-speaking parents, who in their infinite wisdom brought me up speaking English. I’ve always resented missing the opportunity to be brought up bilingual — adults seem to have such a tough time learning languages, compared to children. But why is that?