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This 360-Degree View From A Blue Angel Cockpit Is Amazing And Terrifying

Video: The Blue Angels are insanely talented — and, if this video is anything to go by, also more than a little nuts. The 360-degree view from a cockpit of one of their F18s is amazing, exhilarating and absolutely terrifying all at once.

The 7 Funniest Movies Of All Time

Video: The Writers Guild of America put out a list of what they think the 101 funniest screenplays are and it’s filled with all time classics and favourites and movies that are watchable over and over again. We put together a video showing scenes from the top seven on the list and it definitely makes us want to watch everything else on the list.

The Warcraft Movie Trailer Has Orc Babies

Video: Showcased at Blizzcon today, here’s the trailer for the upcoming Warcraft movie, which will debut in June. There are orc babies. Also some war.

Watch How Designers Re-Engineered An Island To Make A Park In New York City

Parks aren’t always built just so we can enjoy the trees. On Governor’s Island in New York City, a truly unique public space will bring nature back to a former military base — and it’s engineered to withstand the catastrophic storms that climate change will bring. It’s called The Hills, and in this documentary, we talk to one of its principle designers.

Watch A Baby Black Rhino Being Born

Video: This short video from the Howletts Wild Animal Park captures the moment an endangered black rhinoceros entered the world last month. It’s the grand finale of a 15 month long gestation.

Every James Bond Gadget In A Single 16-Minute Video

Video: After the all important tuxedo, martini and gun, if there’s one thing James Bond never travels without, it’s a good gadget. This super-cut show every gizmo that Bond has ever used.

Relive Star Wars Through All Of The Original 1977 US Toy Commercials

Video: You’ll have a newfound appreciation for the vast selection of Star Wars toys on store shelves these days after spending the next 15 minutes watching every last commercial for the original collection that was available in the US back in 1977 for A New Hope.

BBC Store Lets You Buy Classic TV Online -- If You Have A UK Credit Card

Ah, Dad’s Army, Fawlty Towers, Blackadder. So much wonderfully British TV, which you can now buy and download from the new BBC Store — if you have a UK credit card.

Why Hollywood Protects Its Sign So Fiercely

Video: Trademark law can be a tricky thing, but people normally have a good idea when they’re illegally using a likeness. Wait, you do know that filming the Hollywood sign without permission can get you sued, right?

Get Ready For More Ads On Instagram

Facebook is looking down the barrel of a future advertising crisis, so it’s trying to think up new ways to put “buy now” links in front of your peepers. The company’s top brass believe the answers will come from Instagram, Whatsapp, and video.

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