8 Photos Of Dead Celebrities That Are Totally Fake

The internet is overflowing with fake images. But who has time to debunk them all? Sadly, we do. Today we’re releasing the debut episode of our new video series Totally Fake. This week: Dead celebrities.

Hiding A GoPro In 21 Weird Places Is Quite Fun To See

Video: Just because you have a GoPro doesn’t mean your life will automatically turn extreme and make you start hearing a dubstep soundtrack everywhere you walk. You have to get creative with the thing! Here’s a simple and fun way to have fun with your GoPro: stick it in totally random places to get a whole new perspective.

Check Out This Crazy Video Of A Stunt Plane Almost Hitting A Boat In Argentina

The insane flyby in question is part of a famous fishing festival in Argentina. As hundreds of eager fishermen race to stake out a spot, they are buzzed by low flying stunt planes. Because why not?

Female Orgasm Explained With Fifth Grade Science Experiments

Video: Talking about sex doesn’t have to be X-rated — and in some cases, it shouldn’t be. That’s why I love this video from Wired’s Data Attack team, which illustrates facts and statistics about women’s orgasms using classic elementary school experiments. You’ll never look at the egg-in-a-bottle experiment the same way again.

Watch YouTube's Favourite Videos To Celebrate Its 10th Birthday

On April 23, 2005, the first ever video was uploaded to YouTube. Just a few days later in May, the video site opened to the public with its beta launch. That means YouTube turns 10 this month, and it’s celebrating the only way it knows: with its favourite videos.

I Think GoPro Is Building A Virtual Reality Camera

This is a “what if” scenario. I have no proof. But I think it’s pretty damn likely that GoPro is building a virtual reality camera. A GoPro that captures your adventures in 360 degrees — and lets people experience them as if they were right there with you.

Facebook Messenger Adds Video Calls 

Facebook’s relentless push to make Messenger happen is still happening, and you can now make video calls over data and Wi-Fi with Facebook’s messaging app.

'Motion Magnification' Reveals Vibrations Invisible To The Naked Eye

A crane towering over a construction site might look rock solid to the naked eye, but new video processing software developed by researchers at MIT is able to accentuate and reveal its subtle motions as it sways back and forth in the wind. And it promises to have a devastating effect on enrolment at crane operator schools across the country.

What Was Your First Online Video Experience?

It’s been 10 years since the first video ever was uploaded to YouTube. Back then, it was hard to imagine YouTube as the behemoth it has become — a Google-acquired media entity so massive that some people make millions of dollars from the videos they produce. But videos have been on the internet much longer than YouTube. Let’s do a deep cut.

What It's Like To Jump Off The Prettiest Waterfalls In America

With its turquoise waters surrounded by dark red rock, Arizona’s Havasupai Falls and its surrounding area have to be the prettiest in the nation. Watch as our friends from Los Angeles Swimmin’ make the arduous hike in, then jump off some cliffs.

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