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Jennifer Lawrence's Nephew Does Not Approve Of Her X-Men Career

Video: In the second wave of X-Men movies, Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique hasn’t really been the antagonist she is in the comics — hell, in Apocalypse she’s the one leading the next generation of mutants into battle. Comic diehards have grumbled about this for a while, but they have a surprising little ally: Lawrence’s own nephew.

The Latest Finding Dory Trailer May Cause Involuntary Weeping

Video: The trailers for Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory have been really good so far; they evoke the feelings of the 2003 original while providing some nice steps forward. This new trailer, though, uses some iconic music and new footage to really tug on those heartstrings, a lot more than the others.

Don't Ask Why This Nerf Football Has A Screaming Human Voice

Video: Nerf Screamers were the coolest. They had little plastic whistles embedded in them, so that they would produce a screeching noise as they flew. (As I’m typing this, I realise how patient my neighbours must have been to listen to a tiny shrieking football at all hours of the day. Thanks Karen and Paul!) Regardless, someone took the 1991 commercial advertising the Screamer’s existence and replaced its trademark noise with human screams.

Slick Editing Turns This Pudgy Pup Into A Drum Machine

Video: The right editing can turn anything into a song. We’ve watched a guy turn a bass with no strings into a sweet beat. Hell, Andrew Huang’s built an entire YouTube channel on the concept. But this is the first time I’ve seen it done with a live animal.

Watching A Leather Watch Strap Get Made Is Actually Very Impressive

Video: A watch strap is just a strip of leather, right? Nope! Not when it’s handcrafted like this. There are so many steps involved in the process of making a leather watch strap that it borders on ridiculous. From selecting the leather to stamping out the strap to shaving down the interior to dyeing the material to carving out the holes, the details are intense but a pleasure to watch.

It Takes Just Four Minutes To Explain The Entire Universe

Video: In need of a quick refresher course on, well, the science of pretty much everything? Here’s a cheeky, irreverent summation of the universe in just four minutes from Exub1a, YouTube purveyor of “spacey stuff and existential angst”.

The Game Of Thrones Intro Recreated With Slime Mould Is Glorious

Video: Slime moulds and fungi might not rank high on anyone’s list of favourite organisms, but there is a compelling beauty in their growth patterns. And now Transcend Rules has taken “slimeography” to a whole new level, setting those patterns to the Game of Thrones theme music. It might just be the solace fans crave after the latest heartbreaking episode.

What Makes Calvin And Hobbes So Special?

Video: Calvin and Hobbes should be everyone’s favourite comic strip. But what makes it so special? Kaptain Kristian dives in to explain why the strip is so good. The argument centres around the idea that Calvin and Hobbes puts art before commerce, as all art should.

Just Look At These Photorealistic Game Of Thrones Pancakes 

Video: We’ve seen Beatles pancakes. We’ve seen Rick and Morty pancakes. We’ve even seen How To Basic parody the phenomenon of pancake art. As internet trends go, this one is on the wane, but we’d be remiss not to point of how incredible these Game of Thrones characters look as breakfast food.

Steven Spielberg Wants Your 3D Avatars For Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg starts filming his adaptation of Ready Player One this summer and he’s looking for some help. Since a lot of the movie takes place in a virtual space called OASIS, Spielberg and co. are taking submissions from fans for 3D avatars.

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