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Legend Of Zelda Shield Backpack Must Be How Link Carries All That Gear

It’s always been a bit of a mystery how a child could carry a vast arsenal of medieval weapons, bombs, potions, and instruments in nothing but a tunic. But we might finally have an answer if it turns out Link’s shield was secretly always really a backpack.

Art In Motion: What It’s Really Like To Animate Video Games

These guys will give you serious career envy.

How Can These People Finish A Video Game In Minutes While It Takes You Hours?

Speedrunners play video games as a race against time. It’s not about getting the highest score or beating another person in the game but rather it’s about beating everyone by getting the fastest time. Kotaku talked to some gamers who seem to see things quicker and faster (or is it slower?) than the rest of us normal humans to see why and how they can finish video games so fast.

What Does Virtual Reality Feel Like? This Muscle-Stimulating Armband Will Show You

VR technology has made huge leaps over the past few years, but one thing that’s sorely lacking is an interface that lets you feel in the virtual world. Now, a startup from the University of Tokyo says it has come up with one of the world’s first video game controller that let you touch in VR.

Try Landing The SpaceX Falcon 9 Yourself With This Flash Game (It's Impossible)

Vertically landing a rocket ship the same way it takes off is one heck of a challenge. That’s why SpaceX hasn’t quite pulled it off just yet, and why this Falcon 9 lander flash game will frustrate you to no end.

This Guy Turned His Dorm Room Fridge Into An Oversized Playable Game Boy

You can buy stick-on decals that will make your fridge look like a giant Game Boy, or you can do what Daniel d’Entremont did and actually turn your fridge into a giant playable Game Boy using a Raspberry Pi 2.

Proof That Some People Must Have Superpowers

Gamers have superpowers. Not in an imposing professional athlete physical sort of way but more like a Professor X, out-think and outwit you capacity. Their reactions are quicker, they can make moves that we could never do, and they might be able to read our minds. Don’t believe me? How about these three video game players who can play without looking at the screen, with one hand, and play Tetris with invisible pieces? That’s gotta be some superpower stuff.

The World's Largest Arcade Cabinet Makes Anyone Feel Like A Little Kid Again

Those of us considered adults now didn’t grow up playing video games exclusively in the living room. We often travelled to far away rooms called arcades that were full of giant one-game consoles. And if you think back to being a little kid, Jason Camberis’ over 4 metres tall arcade cabinet is probably exactly how you remember them.

Remember The Last Time Apple Tried To Launch A Video Game Console?

With Apple’s big event less than 24 hours away, everybody is getting excited about a new gaming-focused Apple TV. But you might not realise that the Cupertino’s been down this road before. A few times, in fact.

Nothing Is Classier Than GoldenEye N64 Cartridge Cufflinks

If you thought showing up to a fancy shindig in a full-on tuxedo was as classy as one could get, you probably weren’t aware that someone on Etsy was selling tiny GoldenEye N64 cartridge cufflinks to perfectly complete that ensemble.

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