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What The Heck Happened To Video Game Box Art?

Video: Does it feel like the box art for every video game these days is the protagonist… just kind of standing there with, I dunno, a gun or a sword, probably scowling? You are not alone. Jacob Christensen noticed too. Yup: video game box art these days absolutely sucks. And the reasons why are complicated.

The Super Nintendo Retro Receiver: A Painless Wireless Upgrade For Your Classic Console

All images: Andrew Liszewski/Gizmodo If you’ve still got your childhood Super Nintendo hooked up and on active duty you’ve probably discovered that while the console is going strong, its original controllers have long since died. But since it’s 2016 and we’ve made so much progress on cutting cords, isn’t it about time for your SNES to go wireless too?

Why Settle For 30 Games When This Tiny Aluminium NES Clone Plays All Of Them

Despite a $US500 ($655)+ price tag, the Analogue Nt, a gorgeous NES clone made from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminium, has been continuously selling out since it was first released back in 2014. If you keep missing out, you can always grab one off eBay for $5000, or wait until January when a smaller, cheaper, improved version will go on sale.

Pac-Man Bomber Jacket Will Remind People of All Those Ghost Battles You Fought

They might not be remembered in 75 years the same way the battles of World War II were, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be proud of all the times you fought those menacing ghosts while playing Pac-Man as a kid. Now, you can commemorate your valiant deeds with this on this bomber jacket from Blues Heroes.

The 5 Best Soundtracks On Spotify's New Gaming Portal

Confession: I love video game soundtracks. Ever since I played Final Fantasy II (IV) on the SNES, I’ve known the powerful part music plays in video games. However, in the music streaming world of today, jamming on good game soundtracks — whether from a full game or just a playlist for a quick Dota 2 session — isn’t incredibly intuitive. But Spotify is thankfully giving a shoutout to the gamers with its latest feature.

Finger-Guiding Invisible Screen Protector Is The Best Way To Cheat At Pokemon GO

Now that Niantic has taken a lot of the fun out of Pokemon GO, you have even fewer reasons to feel guilty about finding out-of-the-box ways to improve your game play (translation: Cheating). A clunky 3D-printed smartphone case is one solution, but a finger-guiding invisible screen protector is a much better way to go.

Legendary Is Turning Time-Twisting Game Series Life Is Strange Into A Movie

Excellent news for fans of DontNod’s excellent young adult adventure game Life Is Strange — Legendary Pictures has announced that it’s turning the series into a movie.

The BBC Wants To Bring Back Time Commanders

If you’re not from the UK, that headline is probably bound to elicit a confused face rather than the excitement it deserves. Allow me to explain!

Hillary Clinton Just Released A Truly Joyless Mobile Game

The youth vote is crucial in any election, and while Trump is busy crafting Facebook-ready attack ads based on Pokemon GO, Hill is appealing to the youngs with a game of her own. It is profoundly, jaw-droppingly dull.

You Can Now Use Your Wireless Controllers With The Original Super Nintendo

If the original NES was your first crush, the Super Nintendo was the console you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Its rounded controller was a masterful work of industrial design, but it still had a wire. Wires suck. With this new adaptor, however, your beloved 16-bit console can finally cut the controller cord.

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