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The Little-Known Robot Taxi That Could Outrun Google And Uber

By 2020, visitors landing in Tokyo for the Summer Olympics could be greeted by a fleet of self-driving taxis.

You Can Still Buy Classic NES Sports Games, Now With 2015 Rosters

Never underestimate the devotion and dedication of a few hardcore fans. R.B.I. Baseball and Tecmo Super Bowl were originally released for the NES way back in 1986 and 1991 respectively. But both games are still available today, and in cartridge form, but with updated 2015 player rosters thanks to the dedicated folks at Tecmo Bowlers.

Behold, The Most #UnexcitingVideoGames You Can Think Of

This hashtag is more magical than a mushroom. Currently trending on Twitter is the hashtag #UnexcitingVideoGames, which has fast become a goldmine of gaming whimsy.

Stand Out In The Corporate World With This Geeky Tetris Watch

Following up on its Pac-Man and Space Invaders watches, Romain Jerome has just revealed a stylish new timepiece that manages to incorporate Tetris elements without looking like something you got for free with a video game pre-order.

The Booming World Of Architecture That Only Exists In Pixels 

There’s a long tradition of great architects never building a single thing. They’re called paper architects, because their work is purely 2D. But today, you might look for them working somewhere else: video game design and 3D visualisation.

There's Finally An Official Star Wars App To Feed Your Obsession 24/7, Just Not For Aussies

There’s no shortage of Star Wars-related games on the iTunes and Google Play stores, but today finally sees the launch of the first official Star Wars app that will now serve as your one-stop portal for everything from news, to trivia, to even sound effects. Never again will you have to scramble to find a Wookiee roar when you need one.

Capcom's Upcoming Wearable Mega Man Helmet Replica Is Flawless

Following up on that wonderful Mega Man Buster Gun replica that ThinkGeek is still selling, today Capcom teased an image of an upcoming wearable Mega Man helmet that will officially be on display at San Diego Comic-Con starting this week.

A Controller So Beautiful You Might Not Care If It Actually Sucks

If you’ve been playing video games since the original NES landed over 30 years ago, your tastes have probably refined over the years. So why muck up your living room coffee table with plastic controller monstrosities when this gorgeous walnut and aluminium alternative perfectly complements all your furniture?

Hilarious Stop-Motion Video Of Two Guys Karate Fighting On The Ground

It’s a story as old as time, two guys fight over a girl for her love. Only it’s been remixed with hilarity and ridiculousness as the two dudes karate fight on the ground in an epic stop-motion video that makes it look like a 2D video game like Street Fighter. The battle goes on and on so creatively all over the park that you can’t help but giggle.

Meet MarI/O, The Computer Program That Kicks Butt At Super Mario World

Computers are besting us at everything these days, including our beloved childhood video games. MarI/O, built by programmer Seth Bling, may be 25 years late to Super Mario World, but the bot caught itself up to speed rather fast, thanks to artificial neural networks that evolve in hours rather than millions of years.

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