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Alienware Steam Machine Review: PC Gaming With Console Comforts

Steam is a massive online gaming platform that reaches 100 million players worldwide. Now, Valve, the company behind Steam, along with a litany of hardware makers (in this case Dell/Alienware) wants to go head-to-head with Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.

Cycling Through This Moving Fun House Looks Like A Trippy Video Game In Real Life

Video: What a complete and total mind spin. Kriss Kyle and Red Bull teamed up for this totally trippy BMX video called Kaleidoscope that employs what is essentially a fun house filled with ramps that are moving around and fun little holes to spin in until you disappear and so much more cool stuff. It’s like a bizarre level in an old video game, only in real life (or like duh, being inside a kaleidoscope that’s constantly being turned and changing).

Why You Will Never Be Safe From Spoilers On The Internet

A couple years ago, I wanted to find out the name of the actor who played my favourite character on House of Cards, so I googled the character. Big mistake. The very first Google search result was the character’s House of Cards Wikia page — including date of death. I didn’t even have to click on the link. Spoiled.

Konami Developing A Metal Gear Solid-Inspired Prosthetic Arm For An Amputee Gamer

Twenty-five-year-old James Young, a passionate gamer, tragically lost his arm in an accident. Now one of the biggest video game companies around is working with roboticists and engineers to make James an amazing new limb inspired by one of his favourite series, and one of the greatest game franchises of all time.

This Motorised Halo Needler Replica Is Only Dangerous For Your Wallet

Fourteen years after first appearing in Halo: Combat Evolved on the original Xbox, the Needler still remains a popular choice of weaponry among the game’s fans. And as dangerous as it is to Master Chiefs and Covenant forces, NECA Toy’s new animated Needler replica is an even greater threat to your budget.

All I Need Is This Android Wear N64 Emulator And Ocarina Of Time On My Wrist

The Nintendo 64 might not have had the massive library of games like the PlayStation did, but it made up for it with quality over quantity. Do you ever really need anything more than GoldenEye and Ocarina of Time? No. And with this N64 emulator on your smartwatch, those games will always be in easy reach.

Twitch Is Streaming People Painting Now

Today, Twitch announced it’s channeling a new service which lets users zone out as they watch videos of artists making art. It’s called Twitch Creative.

A Tiny Tetris-Playing Business Card Is Your New Discreet Distraction

It all started with a one-0f-a-kind Tetris playing business card, but as Kevin Batestiny Arduboy gaming console nears production, there’s now a new version that’s custom-designed to finally play an official version of that famous tetromino-stacking game.

The Xbox Elite Controller Looks Great, So We Took A Crap Ton Of Pictures

This is Xbox’s $200 Elite controller. $200! Sounds crazy, right? I thought so too when Microsoft alerted the world of its existence. But yeah, I was wrong.

This Arkham Knight Batmobile Go-Kart Is Worthy Of All Your Envy

Tearing through your town in a full-size replica of the tank-like Batmobile that Batman drives in the Arkham Knight game is sure to get you pulled over in no time. But a smaller go-kart version of that same Batmobile? Your local police might just ask to take it for a spin.

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