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King Of The Hill's Opening As A Video Game Is Pixel Perfect

King of the Hill, the most underrated of all of Fox’s animated series, gets a perfect pixellated tribute by Mauri Helme who re-animated the show’s entire opening as if it were a 16-bit video game. The Super Nintendo might be long gone, but we’d happily dust off our old consoles to play a game like this. “That’s my purse, I don’t know you!”

Do You Love Pokemon Enough To Spend $26,000 On A Pikachu Watch?

Watchmaker Romain Jerome has created some truly unique timepieces over the years featuring actual pieces of the Titanic, authentic moon dust and even steel from the Statue of Liberty. But we’re having a hard time finding a way to justify the $US20,000 ($25,911) price tag on this RJ X Pokemon watch.

The New Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer Still Doesn't Understand Why People Like Assassin's Creed

It looks like Michael Fassbender’s main character in the upcoming video game adaptation is some kind of hardcore criminal locked up in a corporate superjail. You sure training him to kill people with his ancestor’s ancient assassin skills is a good idea, guys?

This NES Controller Notebook Is The Perfect Place To Jot Down Cheat Codes

ThinkGeek’s timing could’ve been better with this 240-page notebook inspired by the NES console’s boxy controllers. It would have been the perfect place to write down level codes, cheats or draw out maps to help you navigate Metroid’s endless caves and caverns — when you were eight years old. But hey, it’s never too late.

Phil Spencer Doesn't Want To Sell You A Games Console

Phil Spencer doesn’t want to sell me a new console. He says that and I believe him.

VR Experience Makes You Feel Like A Rampaging Giant Stomping Around Cities

The real appeal of monster movies like Godzilla is that they let you experience what it would be like to be a giant rage-filled monster stomping around a big city. But instead of just sitting in a theatre as a witness to the rampage, a new virtual reality experience lets you experience it firsthand — minus all the destruction.

Put An Entire Arcade On Your Desk With These Immaculately Detailed Miniature Replicas

There was a time when playing video games with your friends meant visiting your local arcade and crowding around a Pac-Man or Galaga machine. Those days are long gone, but for ¥2759 ($35) a pop, you can relive some of that nostalgia and build your own tiny arcade with these highly-detailed miniature replicas.

This Adaptor Lets You Use Modern Wireless Controllers With Your Classic Apple II Computer

To date, Analogue has released adaptors allowing nostalgic gamers to use modern wireless controllers on both their classic NES and Super Nintendo consoles. But the company, working with 8Bitdo, is turning the clock back even further with a new wireless adaptor for the 40-year-old Apple II and IIc computers.

Here's Your First Look At LEGO Dimensions' Knight Rider

June brought us the wonderful news that LEGO Dimensions — the video game that gives you the perfect excuse to buy more LEGO sets — would be massively expanding with pop culture franchises spanning the past few decades. In the preview we got glimpses of The Goonies, the A-Team, even ET, but we’re finally now getting our first look at Knight Rider.

How Much Does Your Favourite Video Game Character's Outfit Cost?

Video game characters have it easy: they never have to change clothes. Whether they’re saving the world or just catching Pokemon, our heroes — Master Chief, Link, Mario, Samus Aran — are always wearing the same damn thing. But their outfits aren’t always cheap. Master Chief’s get up can cost over a 100 million dollars. Even Link’s elf get up rings up over a thousand bucks. Not everybody can just wear a tie and eat bananas like Donkey Kong.

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