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Google's Duo Isn't A FaceTime Killer

Though Google is known for great apps, it’s not great at communication apps. Hangouts never quite rivaled Apple’s Messages, and its Messenger app is strictly utilitarian at best. In 2016, Google’s wiping the slate clean and launching a two-front assault on messaging with two new apps, Allo and Duo. Today, Google fired the first volley with its FaceTime clone, Duo.

Please Don't Call Me On Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger just introduced video calling. Since Messenger is supposed to be a full-fledged communication plaform, this feels a little overdue. But overdue doesn’t mean welcome: Now our Facebook friends have the ability to cold video call us whenever chat is turned on.

Skype-Like Video Units In Jail Result In Fewer In-Person Visitors

How close does a video call come to replicating actual human contact? What if that call is the only contact you have with the outside world while in prison — does that change the calculus at all? Apparently so for inmates in the District of Columbia Department of Correction.

Skype Now Lets You Make Facebook-To-Facebook Video Calls

Skype’s been powering Facebook’s video chat feature since July, but its new apps for Windows and OS X now let you use the Skype client to directly make video calls to your Facebook friends.

Skype's Two-Way Video Chat Arrives On 17 More Android Devices

Skype’s 2.1 Android app supports a wide range of phones and tablets now, including Samsung’s Galaxy S, S II and Galaxy Tab; HTC’s Desire, Thunderbolt, Sensation and EVO 3D and 4G; plus a bunch of Sony Ericsson devices. [AndroidMarket via AndroidPolice]

Skype's Next Focus Is Windows Phone

Now that the iPad app is out of the way, Skype’s next priority is Windows Phone. And the software company is not wasting any time.

Skype For iPad Begins Its Global Rollout

As spotted by TUAW, Skype for iPad has landed in the App Store. This likely kicks off the global rollout of the video calling app so look for it in your local App Store on August 2. [TUAW]

Next For Facebook And Skype: Calls To Outside Phones

Skype consumer head Neil Stevens confirmed that the next thing planned for the Facebook-Skype partnership is the ability to call from Facebook to any phone in the world.

It's Official: This Is The New AIM

On Tuesday we reported on AIM’s kind-of-sort-of-secret new video chat site. As of today, it’s official, and it’s just the beginning of a new direction for the hoary chat service.

BlackBerry PlayBook Has Facebook And Video Chat Apps, Too

You guyzzz, BlackBerry’s PlayBook tablet can also do video calls! It’s only over Wi-Fi, but considering that’s the only model that’s actually on sale now, I think we can live with that. From tomorrow, PlayBook owners can download it over-the-air through an update, or by checking into the BlackBerry App World.

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