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Medicinal Marijuana Will Be Available In Victoria From 2017

Following on from the federal legalisation of medicinal cannabis in February, Victorian parliament has now passed the Access to Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2015.

This month will see the first cultivation trail begin, with the treatments being available to selected patients from early 2017.

Airbnb Australia To Offer Free Accommodation To People During Emergencies

Australia is a land of extremes. From floods through to bushfires: there’s no telling what’s coming for your house next. In a bid to help people displaced by extreme weather events, Airbnb Australia has stepped in and signed an agreement with the Victorian Government which would see families put up in the company’s rental listings during times of strife.

Victorian Parliament Porn Ring Exposed

How oppressive is your internet censor at work? I know for a fact that you can’t get onto sites like The Pirate Bay on the Gizmodo internet connection (it was research for a story, honest), but we’ve never thought to check sites that aren’t safe for work. From the looks of things this morning, the censor at Victorian Parliament is pretty strong. Strong enough, at least, to force staffers to reportedly concoct and participate in a porn distribution racket to get around the filter. Ew.

The National Gallery Of Victoria Is Hosting A Masquerade Ball For Robots

Dr. Wade Marynowsky’s Nostalgia For Obsolete Futures is an interactive exhibition opening next month at the National Gallery of Victoria. Blending performance art, sound and video installations with robotics, the work includes four super-creepy programmed and Victorian-era-dressed robots that will roam the Gallery’s foyer.

Australian Households With Solar Panels Might Pay Extra For Helping Generate Power

In Victoria, households that have installed solar panels on their roofs are facing an increase in the fixed rate they pay on every bill to connect to the state’s electricity grid. An extra 14 cents per day, or $51 per year, is being proposed to punish householders for helping to produce electricity.

Victorian Uni Students Are Hosting A 24-Hour App-Building Hackathon

Students from Monash Uni and the University of Melbourne’s IT clubs are collaborating on UNIHACK, a 24-hour app building challenge sponsored by some pretty big tech companies. The idea is simple: turn up with your team, cram 24 hours of coding and development, and produce a winning, working app.

Victorian Labor MP Shines Laser At Opposition, Gets In Trouble From The Teacher

Briefly: This is the state of politics in Victoria right now. Adem Somyurek, the shadow minister for technology and manufacturing, got in trouble from the Victorian Parliament’s upper house president yesterday for shining a laser on the forehead of a Liberal MP across the chamber.

Real-Time Taxi Data Will Rank Victorian Cabbies For You To Compare

The trials and tribulations of catching a dodgy taxi might soon be at an end, at least in Victoria. The state’s independent taxi industry regulator is installing technology in taxis that will allow it to share data on the cabs’ performance with the public.

A Small Australian City Is Burning Underground

The region around Morwell, in the Latrobe Valley in lower central Victoria, is on fire. A bush blaze burning earlier this month spread into the city’s nearby open-cut Hazelwood coal mine, and has been smouldering for the last two weeks. Firefighters are working desperately to reduce the intensity of the fire, but even after it’s brought under control, the mine will continue to burn from the inside out.

White Hat Hacking Lands Aussie Schoolboy In Hot Water

White hat hacking refers to someone who wants to find vulnerabilities in a particular organisation’s infrastructure to save them from being exploited by real bad guys. Companies usually contract these people to do such work, which is why a 16-year old Victorian schoolboy hacking his way around Public Transport Victoria is now in hot water, despite his best intentions.

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