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Venus And Jupiter Will Be Closer Tonight Than They Have Been In 24 Years 

Astronomical conjunctions occur when celestial objects appear close to one another in the night sky — this happens all the time and they’re not particularly unusual. But a conjunction happening tonight is notable in that it involves two very bright planets — Venus and Jupiter — and they will be closer together than they have been since Terminator 2 was in theatres.

There's Growing Evidence Of Volcanic Activity On Venus

Standing on the surface of Venus, your body would be crushed by the immense pressure, fried by the lead-melting heat, and dissolved by sulfuric acid thunderstorms. Too bad, because if you could survive on Venus, you might witness some epic volcanic eruptions.

This Is How Venus Would Look Without Its Thick Layer Of Clouds 

We’ve never seen our closest planetary neighbour like this. The image above is a projection of the radar data of the surface of Venus, created by the astronomers of National Science Foundation’s Green Bank Telescope and Arecibo Observatory.

NASA: Let's Explore Venus In Solar Zeppelins And Build Cloud City There

There’s a lot we can learn about Earth’s atmosphere from studying Venus, however, it’s Venus’ crushingly thick air — precisely what we want to study — that is preventing us from sending manned missions there. But this radical zeppelin could finally help us unlock the secrets of our celestial neighbour.

Venus By Day And Night In A Single Image

This is Venus as you’ve never seen it before: on the left, the planet during the day captured in visible light, and on the right, the night side, captured using infrared light, both at the same time.

This Beautiful Blur Of Colour Is A Space Rainbow Over Venus

This isn’t some sort of alien test card beamed from Venus but a rainbow-like optical phenomenon known as a glory in the atmosphere of our nearest planetary neighbour. In fact, it’s the first time a glory has ever been imaged on another planet, and it was snapped by the European Space Agency’s Venus Express.

We Got Our First Close-up Look At Venus 40 Years Ago Today

Venus’ perpetually overcast skies had long obscured our view of the planet, making it appear nearly featureless when viewed in the visible light spectrum. But when viewed through Mariner 10’s ultraviolet-filtered camera lens, the second planet from the sun can be seen in unprecedented detail.

These Cloud Waves Over Venus Are Caused By Its Unseen Mountains

How do we know that there are mountains on Venus? It is completely blanketed by high-level clouds and, at visible wavelengths, we cannot see its surface at all. Here is indirect proof for their existence.

Venus Couldn't Be More Awesome Than In This Photo

This looks like your brain on drugs, but it’s actually a rare solar eclipse from last June in which Venus moved between the Sun and the Earth the way the Moon usually does.

India Thought Jupiter And Venus Were Actually Chinese Spy Drones

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Chinese spy drone! Oh, and there’s another one! That’s what the Indian Army must’ve thought when they saw two specks of something “spying on them” in the sky. Instead, what India thought were Chinese spy drones turned out to be… Jupiter and Venus.

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