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Beverage-Dispensing Burger King Vending Machine Is A LEGO Masterpiece

Video: If YouTube’s AstonishingStudios was ever able to convince LEGO to turn all of its creations into real sets, we’d never have to leave our desks to get breakfast, lunch or dinner. Their latest creation is a Burger King (American Hungry Jack’s) vending machine that serves up fries, Whoppers and even dispenses Coca-Cola.

$13,500 For Your Own Private Jelly Belly Vending Machine Sounds Totally Reasonable

You can find Jelly Belly jelly beans at almost any store, but that involves actually getting up and going somewhere to satisfy your sweet tooth. Why go through all that hassle when for just over $US10,300 ($13,530) you can buy your own personal Jelly Belly vending machine and set it up right next to your desk at work, or couch at home?

Sweep Everything Off Your Desk And Make Room For This LEGO Pizza Hut Machine

Video: The latest addition to Astonishing Studio’s line of “sets LEGO should really be making” is a miniature Pizza Hut that dispenses personal pizzas after you feed it five dollars using a working currency slot. Imagine having pizza on-demand at your desk at all times. Suddenly you’ll look forward to going to work.

How Do Vending Machines Understand Fake And Real Coins?

Video: One of my life dreams as a child was to be able to fool a vending machine with coin-like objects. I mean, how smart could a vending machine be, right? Wrong. More like how dumb a kid I was. Vending machines use light sensors to measure the size of a coin and electromagnets to detect the metal type to determine what kind of coin it is. If you’re not shaped like a dollar and built like a dollar, you ain’t a dollar in their book.

7 More Viral Photos That Are Totally Fake

Hundreds of images flash in front of our eyes each week as we navigate this strange machine we call the internet. But sometimes those images are lying to us. The following lies are culled from the bits and bytes that came through the tubes over the past few weeks.

The Hisense Chill Is Your Own Personal Vending Machine

Fridges are cool and all, but if you have a games room or private theatre or man cave, you might want something a little more showy. The Hisense Chill is exactly that — it’s a vending machine, all of your very own.

Single Vending Machine Replaces Last Shop In English Town

So clever, so depressing: the English town of Clifton, having dwindled in economic strength over the years, has responded to the loss of its last place to shop with a giant vending machine. The so-called Speedy Shop — really, an oversized, building-shaped machine standing alone in a dreary parking lot — is meant to help bring some economic life back to the town.

'Money-In-The-Slot' Automatic Vending Machine From The 1920s

1928: A ‘money-in-the-slot’ automatic fruit and nut vending machine attached to a car, on display in Britain for the first time. [Getty Images]

Your Next Soft Drink Could Come With Internet Access

Looks like the way we drink soda is about to get a whole lot smarter — or, at the very least, more connected. OpenStack Engineering Manager Alavaro Lopez Ortega stumbled across the fact that The Coca Cola Company recently registered no less than 16 million MAC (media access control) addresses. The question is: What exactly is Coke planning on doing with that much networked hardware?

9 Vintage Vending Machines From A Time When You Could Sell Anything

Vending machines didn’t always just sling soft drinks and smokes. Did you know the automated peddlers have been around for about 2000 years? In fact, the very first vending machine was invented by first-century mathematician Hero of Alexandria to dispense holy water using a series of valves, pulleys and weights. And they’ve been stuffed with just about anything you can imagine since.

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