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Power Wheels' Wild Thing Is A Tiny Version Of Disneyland's Spinning Tea Cups Ride

Fisher Price’s Power Wheels line is best known for its miniature drivable versions of real-life cars, like the Porsche 911 GT3. But one of its more original and unique creations, the Wild Thing, is being brought back with a more rugged design so kids can now take it off-road.

More Convincing Proof We Need To Build Gondolas Instead Of Train Stations

La Paz, Bolivia’s famous gondola system, celebrates its second anniversary in May as a successful, low-cost travel option that moves 100,000 people per day. It’s also setting a global standard for a type of transportation that should be way more popular.

DARPA's New Autonomous Submarine-Hunter Could Change Naval Combat Forever

In 2010, DARPA announced it was creating an autonomous, submarine-hunting war machine that would be manned with exactly zero people. Now, that vehicle is ready for action.

WA Police Are Searching For The Drivers Of A Motorised Picnic Table

Western Australia police are on the hunt for a group of men seen driving a motorised picnic table around the Scarborough Beach area in Perth on Sunday, while the general public seem to be more impressed by the technical skills required to actually make the table roadworthy. A video has surfaced of the two tables cruising down a busy highway, turning right at a set of traffic lights in order to refuel their unusual vehicles.

All The Awesome Spaceships And Vehicles Of Star Wars in One Cool Graphic

Artist Scott Park managed to do the incredible: he drew nearly all the identifiable spaceships and vehicles and animals used in the original Star Wars trilogy and laid them out in one awesome poster you can buy. There’s basically everything you love and know here: the Millennium Falcon, both Death Stars, TIE Fighters, AT-AT, and more.

My Afternoon With James Bond's Amazing Spy Vehicles

I grew up with James Bond. That’s not really an exaggeration. I remember proudly telling my babysitter I’d been watching the films for years. My favourite parts: the chase scenes. So when I went to London last month and discovered Bond in Motion, a museum exhibit filled with actual Bond vehicles, I drooled a bit. And then I started snapping pictures. 56k warning: images ahead!

Recreate Epic Space Battles In Bed With These Plush Star Wars Ships

Heading off to sleep with a bed full of plastic pointy space ships is a recipe for an uncomfortable (and unsafe) slumber. So if your kid will only doze off after a space battle, these plush versions of ships from the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens are a better alternative.

Clear Your Toy Shelves And Make Room For A New Fleet Of Star Wars Vehicles

One of the things that sets Star Wars apart from all of the other space operas that have come and gone are its wonderful ships and vehicles. The iconic X-wing is easily as recognisable as Darth Vader is, so of course The Force Awakens is going to usher in a whole hanger full of new rides.

San Fransisco Crime Is So Bad Police Need Quad Bikes That Transform Into Jet Skis

Cops on Segways are so 1993 and no one takes them seriously. That’s why San Francisco now has cops on quadskis, the quad bike that turns into a jet ski that turns whoever’s riding it into a kind of poor man’s James Bond. And at least one of them is being used to patrol the San Francisco Bay during baseball games.

What You Need To Know Before Driving Off-Road

Driving off-road doesn’t have to be scary. Yet most people that spend serious cash on 4WDs never even put them in low range, much less take them off the pavement. Let’s try to fix that with a few basic skills everyone can master.

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