Monster Machines: This 130km/h Badger Fits In The Belly Of An Osprey

US ground forces are about to get an awesome new whip from Boeing’s Phantom Works: a petite combat support vehicle combining power, speed and all-terrain traction to deliver soldiers to just about anywhere on Earth — without all the hiking.

Silent But Deadly: EU Wants Electric Cars To Add Sounds For Safety

Last week, the European Parliament ruled that all electric and hybrid cars must add artificial engine noise so that pedestrians can hear them coming. While the mandate is mostly to protect visually impaired pedestrians, the noise will also benefit anyone on the street who’s ever had a near-miss with a Prius.

A Riding Mower That Transforms Into An ATV Is All Work And All Play

Riding mowers and ATVs can cost as much as a decent used car, but expensive or not, they’re a must-have accessory if you have to maintain a large piece of property. So a company called Raven has created the MPV7100S, which combines both into a single vehicle — with added functionality that also turns it into a mobile workshop.

The Awesome Futuristic Vehicle Designs Of Daniel Simon

Briefly: I never get tired of Daniel Simon’s design work, the man behind the vehicle design in Tron Legacy, Oblivion, the Lotus C-01 motorbike. His classic Cosmic Motors series are amazing.

A Hovercraft That Isn't Afraid Of Giant Waves

In order to float across land and water, the giant air-trapping skirt around the base of a hovercraft needs to keep a tight seal at all times. Were it to tackle giant waves, it would get tossed about just like a boat, but unlike a boat it would tend to sink — because that cushion of air would be gone. But an improved design means this hovercraft isn’t afraid of rough seas.

This ​Private Catamaran Now Ferries Googlers Around San Francisco

The Triumphant is a mighty fine-looking ferry. Fine enough, in fact, to be chartered by Google to move its employees around San Francisco.

This Australian-Made. Life-Size, Air-Powered Lego Car Hits 32km/h

What happens if you take 500,000 pieces of Lego and 256 pistons, then hand them over to Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida? This fully functioning, life-size, air-powered Lego car is what.

Turns Out Penguins Waddle In Groups Like Cars Move In Traffic

Penguins typically look pretty dumb as they waddle around on snow. But now a bunch of researchers has realised that, actually, they move an awful lot like cars in traffic.

Why DRM In Cars Is Going To Drive Everyone Mad

Forget extra cup holders or power windows: the new Renault Zoe comes with a “feature” that absolutely nobody wants. Instead of selling consumers a complete car that they can use, repair and upgrade as they see fit, Renault has opted to lock purchasers into a rental contract with a battery manufacturer and enforce that contract with digital rights management (DRM)restrictions that can remotely prevent the battery from charging at all.

Monster Machines: Boeing's Newer, Bigger, Less Flammable Dreamliner Is Ready To Fly

This last year has not been kind to Boeing’s fledgling 787 Dreamliner class aeroplanes, what with the repeated electrical fires, fleet groundings and bad publicity. But Boeing is confident that it’s worked the kinks out in its newest Dreamliner iteration, the 787-9, which rolled out of the factory earlier today and is eagerly awaiting its first test flight.