Two New VAIO Hybrid Laptops That Rise From Sony's Ashes

Remember Sony decided to sell off its entire PC business? Well, VAIO prototypes first shown off last year are now a reality; say hello to the VAIO Z and VAIO Z Canvas, two hybrid laptops that resurrect the flagship range in the post-Sony world.

VAIO Isn't Dead, And Its Latest Tablet PC Looks Beautiful

Sony sold off its Vaio laptop and tablet PC business at the start of this year, but the Vaio name isn’t dead and gone. There’s a new tablet PC prototype doing the rounds, and from the little we’ve seen it looks beautiful.

Sony Cutting 5000 Jobs, Selling PC Business And E-Reader Business For Smartphone And Tablet Focus

Sony has decided to give up on its Vaio PC business and has announced that it is selling the entire division to Japan Industrial Partners.

Sony's Vaio Flip 11: Shrunk Down And Loaded Up With Photoshop

Last year, Sony put out one of the most practical solutions to the convertible problem with its “Flip” line of laptops. Now the backflipping, keyboard-stashing, laptop-tablet hybrid lines is getting a new member: an 11-incher, that comes loaded up with Photoshop Elements 12.

Sony Vaio Flip: One Of The Most Logical Laptop Convertibles Yet

Convertibles as a whole aren’t the most sensible thing in the world. At this point, most are still rife with compromises, gimmicks and odd decisions. Sony’s new Vaio Flip is too, but its gimmick — a screen that folds back on itself — also happens to make a whole lot of sense.

Sony Vaio Pro: Sony Is Finally Making Good Laptops Again

Sony will tell you a lot of things about the new Vaio Pro, which replaces the Vaio Z at the top of its laptop heap. It might say that it’s exceedingly light, and made from carbon fibre. Or it might say that it’s got new Intel Haswell guts. But what it should really say is just this: It doesn’t suck. And that’s the biggest change to Sony laptops in years.

Sony Vaio Duo 11 Should Give The Surface Plenty Of Competition

Sony has a new transformer tablet/laptop hybrid, the Vaio Duo 11, which is a sliding converter with a stylus. It looks pretty darn good. The Duo 11 has an 11.6-inch “full HD” touchscreen (16:9, 1080p) and will have current-gen Intel Core Ivy Bridge processors.

Sony Series T Ultrabook Arrives This Month

Sony’s new Vaio T ultrabook takes the Vaio line out of the weird limbo it had been in for the past few years, where it hadn’t had a true, comprable laptop to the droves of hordes coming out. Though the Euro model of the T Series curiously came out in as Sandy Bridge, the Australian version will only come with i5 and i7 Ivy Bridge. That’s good news, since there’s zero reason you’d want a brand new laptop with last year’s chipset. But sadly, using it in person, it gives the impression that it’s sort of got last year’s everything else.

Sony's First Ultrabook Is A Flop Before It's Even On Sale

While Sony has a track record for making beautifully slim laptops, so far it’s ignored Intel’s prescribed ultrabook gimmickry. That stops now with the newly announced Vaio T, but it’s a laptop that’s doomed before it even hits the shelf.

Hackers Target Sony Australia, Hit Reseller Instead

The local domain has been hacked and a defacement page posted claiming credit for the attack. A Malaysian-based group bragged on a since-removed Facebook post, “W00t SONY VAIO Australia hacked.” However, Gizmodo AU checked whois records and found the domain actually belongs to TX Computer Solutions, an authorised Sony reseller.