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V-Moda XS Headphones Review: Indestructible Cans With Runway Looks

V-Moda, the decade-old veteran of the new-wave of headphones is just launching a fresh set of impressively over-engineered cans. They fit you snug like a tailored suit and last as long as a tank.

V-Moda Vamp Verza: The Fanciest Audio Accessory For Your Phone

Last Year, V-Moda made a specially designed headphone amp/DAC case for the iPhone. It was awesome but way too expensive for what it did. V-Moda’s new Vamp Verza is an infinitely more flexible product you can use with iPhones, Android phones, and even your computer — but it might fall flat for exactly the same reason its predecessor did.

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Review: Indestructible Headphones You'll Either Love Or Hate

While all great headphones have personality, V-Moda’s new Crossfade M-100s are a rare breed. You’re either going to fall in love with their distinctive sound and roughneck build — or you’ll think they’re egregiously over the top.

V-Moda Vamp Review: Glorious Overkill For iPhone Audio

“Do you really like music, man? Then why are you listening on your iPhone? You’re not even listening to music — you’re listening to static.” If that sounds like you, the V-Moda Vamp is the iPhone accessory you’ve been waiting for.

V-Moda Vamp Packs Headphone Amp And DAC Into iPhone Case

The new V-Moda Vamp seems like an obvious combination iPhone accessory: an iPhone case with a built-in digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) and amplifier that will improve the audio quality of your music. But nothing’s ever too good to be true.

Military-Spec Headphones Look Tough Enough To Storm Normandy

While I don’t generally recommend wearing a set of DJ headphones while assaulting Nazi-held beachheads, knowing that these limited-edition over-ear V-Moda Crossfade LP2 cans could quite likely survive being run over by a tank is oddly reassuring.

V-Moda's Giz-Inspired Upgrade Program Pays For Your Old Headphones

V-Moda says they liked our cheap headphones expose so much, they’ll give you $US35 toward a set of V-Moda buds if you trade in your old, crappy pair. Pretty awesome. [V-Moda]

V-Moda Crossfade LP Over-The-Ear Headphones Review: Wait For Version 2

The Crossfade LP is V-Moda’s first over-the-ear headphones, branching out from their traditional in-ear headsets they’ve been known for. V-Moda says, at $US250, they’re competing with headphones like Dre’s Monster noise-cancellation set – so that’s what we compared it to.

V-Moda Over-The-Ear Headphones

We may not all agree about V-Moda products’ quality, but most of us will admit that there’s something appealing about their funky designs. So for those who love the brand, there’s good news: V-Moda has finally started making over-the-ear headphones.

Confirmed: Your iPod Shuffle Earbuds Need Proprietary Chip to Function

We followed up on iLounge and BBGadgets‘ finds this weekend about rumours that the iPod Shuffle has an authentication chip in its headphone controller in order to work with the new control scheme. It does. Updated

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