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Statue Of Leader From Communist Empire Transformed Into Leader Of Actual Empire

It’s always the most embarrassing part of a fallen regime. All those statues, no longer relevant. Usually they come down, hence the severed head of Vladimir Lenin recently unearthed in Berlin. But what to do with all those Lenins still standing? Turn them into the likeness of a more benevolent leader, of course.

The Olympic Venues Of The USSR, 35 Years Later

The 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow were controversial. While its war in Afghanistan had sparked a global boycott of the games, the USSR also wanted to showcase its capacity for opulence. To this day, the architecture of the Olympic Village lives on like an undying tribute to the Soviets’ misplaced and ultimately untimely ambition.

Monster Machines: The Last And Longest-Running Soviet Space Station (Until Mir)

By the latter half of the Space Race between the United States and the USSR, focus had shifted from simply putting people into orbit to seeing how long they could stay up there. And while the US won the sprint to the moon, it was actually the Russians who won the endurance test with the Salyut 7 space station.

The USSR Collapse Left Behind A Post-Apocalyptic World

These photographs by Rebecca Litchfield make it seem as if the apocalypse has come and gone, and the world is in complete ruins, but not quite. They’re actually photographs of countries and places that were a part of the former Soviet Union. The forgotten decay is haunting.

That Time Soviet Russia Built A House Entirely Out Of Plastic

In its heyday, plastic was viewed as a revolutionary advancement — safer and lighter than glass, cheap to manufacture, and useful in countless commercial applications. In fact, in the early 1960s, architects in the USSR even tried building entire houses out of the stuff.

Urban Explorers Immortalise Forgotten Corners Of The Soviet Bloc

Say what you will about urban exploration as a hobby, these guys sure do find some cool shit sometimes. Thank goodness they take cameras with them.

Old KGB Radio Intercept Stations Are Still Operational And Listening

It turns out our Soviet Big Brother could be spying on us too. Intelligence historian Matthew Aid discovered through declassified CIA documents that Russia still has a massive network of former KGB listening stations that are actively eavesdropping. And here’s where they are.

Monster Machines: The Biggest Bomb In The History Of The World

Big Ivan, better known as Tsar Bomba, was 57 megatons of Soviet might. That’s 1400 times Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined and 10 times the entire combined fire power expended in WWII. In one bomb. One explosion. And, incredibly, that’s only half of what it could have done.

Monster Machines: USSR's Failed Supersonic Bomber

In the early 1960s, when ICBMs were still in their developmental infancy, the Soviet Union figured its best option for delivering a nuclear strike was to build an intercontinental supersonic bomber. Fortunately, they only got the second half right.

The Soviet Vityaz Was The Big Dog Of The Cold War

Take the all-terrain capabilities of the US Army’s new packbot, add the uncanny reliability of a Kalishnakov and some tank treads — Boom! You’ve got yourself an unstoppable killing machine cargo transporter.

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