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Five Best USB Hubs

You know the feeling: you look for somewhere to plug in a phone, a portable hard drive or some other peripheral, and discover you’re completely out of USB ports. When that happens, it’s time to buy a hub — but some hubs are definitely better than others. This week we’re looking at five of the best, based on your nominations.

Tiny Toaster USB Hub Is So Adorable You'll Want To Vomit

There’s seemingly an infinite supply of novelty USB flash drives and hubs for consumers to waste their money on, but none come close to the gag-inducing adorableness of this tiny toaster hub and accompanying anthropomorphised slices of toast.

Tiny Desktop Metropolis Gives You Four City Blocks Of Extra USB Ports

Who says a USB hub has to have a minimal design or be highly portable? Not designer David Weeks, who created this hub shaped like a miniature metropolis full of not-so-towering skyscrapers.

This 28 Port USB Hub Still Doesn't Have Enough

If you look across your desk at the pile of charging cables, docks, flash drives and other USB-powered accessories, you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that you can never have too many USB ports. Even the MondoHub’s impressive array of 28 ports will slowly but surely all get filled.

Dock Connector-USB Hub Hybrid Mitigates MacBook Shortcoming

All MacBooks ever made share two traits: thin, attractive design and a shortage of USB ports. Until now, the only solution was using a fat, ugly USB hub. With this cable-hub-hybrid, you can have your ports and thinness too.

No Need To Dig Around For USB Ports When USB Hub Dog's Around

If you were appalled the internet had produced a cat USB hub but wasn’t catering to dog-owners (after all those memes!), put down your pitchforks and instead fork out $US18 to Fredflare for the HubDog. [Fredflare via Technabob]

USB Hub Station Is Monitor’s Version Of Pocket Protector

Outfit your monitor like Poindexter with this $US60 monitor hub-station. Not only does it display your nerdlinger credentials proudly, but it also arranges your desk-crap into three holders and a document wallet. There’s even a four-port USB hub! [GeekStuff4U via RedFerret]

All Peripherals On Deck With This USB Hub You Can Actually Buy

You know how it goes: You see some neat design for a lamp or surge protector or whatever and inevitably it’s just a neat concept in a clever design student’s portfolio. Not this USB Battleship! It’s yours for only $US23!

Darth Vader Talking USB Hub Will Convert Your Gadgets To The Dark Side

You can never have too many USB ports. Especially when four of them come in the form of a half man, half machine Sith Lord who could crush your windpipe with a thought and your planet with his Death Star.

A USB Hub With A Power Strip State Of Mind

I can see the rationale for sticking the ports on the back of the USB hub: It keeps the cords hidden. But what if keeping them in plain sight meant you could cut the power to each device individually?

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