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If You Want To Keep Using Your Kindle, You Should Update It Immediately

If you own one of Amazon’s pre-2012 Kindles, listen up: there’s a critical update that you need to install if you want to keep using it, and you must do so before March 22.

Faulty Security Certificates Are Screwing Up Some Mac App Store Updates

If your Mac’s app updates are acting a little weird, you’re not alone. A security management slip-up means that some software updates might actually require a delete and reinstall to work properly.

Update Your Facebook iOS App To Save Your Phone's Battery

iOS users have been complaining about the Facebook app’s big battery drain. Today Facebook admitted it had a problem — and pushed an update that should help.

Windows 10 Is Being Auto-Downloaded To Windows 7 And 8.1 Users

The files needed to install Windows 10 are being automatically downloaded to Windows 7 and 8.1 users by Windows Update — even if users have no intention of upgrading.

Windows 10 Users Will Get Mandatory Updates For A Full Decade 

When Microsoft called Windows 10 “the last version of Windows”, it wasn’t just posturing. The company is betting on staying power, pushing a full decade of updates for its newest OS. Microsoft is requiring mandatory updates for its Windows 10 Home users until 2025.

Why Yes, That Creepy Icon *Is* Your Free Copy Of Windows 10

All around the world, Windows users are discovering a new icon in their notification trays — an offer to reserve a free copy of Windows 10. Sounds too good to be true, yes? Except Windows 10 actually is a free upgrade, and this really does appear to be the way you’ll get it.

iOS 9 Features, Leaks And Release Date: What We Know So Far

It’s a busy year for Apple. The super-shiny (and incredibly expensive) Apple Watch hit shops last month and the smart money and rumour-merchants have it on good authority that a brand new iPhone model may be touching down as early as August. In the middle of that we have the World Wide Developer Conference, also known as WWDC. It’s there that we’re likely to see new software for all your iOS devices. Here’s what we know about iOS 9 so far.

Apple's First Ever Automated OS X Update Will Patch a Critical Flaw

Apple has pushed out out its first-ever automated security update to Macs. The patch will fix a security flaw that could see hackers gain remote access to computers.

You Can Finally Edit Your Embarrassing Typos On Instagram

Mistake-makers, rejoice. After years of choosing between deleting an entire photo and reposting it, or living with the typos and ill-conceived jokes of the original, Instagram has decided to allow us all to edit captions after they have been published.

The Apple Products Most Overdue For An Update

Well, it’s official: Apple is holding an event on October 16 that will reportedly air out its stale iPad. But, as they often do, the invitation to the event included a cryptic tagline: “It’s been way too long.”

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