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Legendary Programmer Dies For The Second Time

Those working in tech owe much of their livelihood to Dennis Ritchie. The New-York born pioneer was among the early Bell Labs alums, and is credited with both creating the C programming language and co-developing Unix.

Apple Is Fixing That 1970 Bug In The Next iOS

The 1970 bug is a slightly annoying and mostly entertaining software glitch that bricks any iPhone by setting the date back before May 1970. Unsurprisingly, Apple’s correcting that glitch in the next version of iOS.

What Is Going On With This 1970 iPhone Bug?

After a few days of silence and idiots playing with the Unix gods and bricking their phones, Apple has finally acknowledged the bug that bricks phones with their clocks set to 1 January 1970. Curiously the support document on Apple’s site doesn’t list the well-known January 1 date, but May 1970 instead.

2 Computer Science Profs + 1 Room + 30 Minutes Of Conversation = Geek Gold

Professor Brian Kernighan is a computing heavyweight: he worked at Bell Labs, helped develop Unix and was one of two authors of the C programming language. Here, he talks with one of the UK’s foremost computer science professors, Professor David Brailsford. Time to geek out.

Relive Jurassic Park's Iconic Hacking Scene Right From Your Browser

For the most part, Jurassic Park isn’t the kind of movie you’d want a chance to live out, what with the mortal danger and velociraptors and all that. But thanks to the amazing Jurassic Systems website, you can experience of of Jurassic Park‘s safer thrills first-hand: getting hacked by Dennis Nedry.

How To Make YouTube Look Like Unix

YouTube has decided to celebrate its upcoming Geek Week event by giving its site an, um, underhaul — and making it look like Unix. If you head to the site and type “/ geekweek” into the search field, you’ll be presented with a site full of fixed width fonts, simple colours and ASCII art.

The Simple Unix Command That Gave Birth To Social Networking

A long time ago, when people dialed (as in telephones) into Unix machines in some closet or college campus, they used a command called “w” to see who was also on the machine.

Dennis Ritchie, Co-Creator Of Unix And Founder Of C, Has Died

In less than a week, the world has lost two tech pioneers. Last week, we mourned the passing of Steve Jobs, and now we say goodbye to computer scientist Dennis Ritchie who also recently died.

Cathode Puts The Sex Back In Terminal Emulators

Twenty bucks for a terminal emulator when there’s already a perfectly serviceable one on your Mac? Secret Geometry’s “Cathode” makes a good case for itself. It can look like nearly any terminal on any old flickering CRT monitor.

How Ma Bell Shelved The Future For 60 Years

What would the world be like if fibre optic and mobile phones had been available in the 1930s? Would the decade be known as the start of the Information Revolution rather than the Great Depression?

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