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Top Ten Apps To Help Survive Your First Term At Uni

Next week, a new generation of uni students will swarm to universities around the country, partying hard, making new friends and promptly forgetting everyone’s names. After the fun of O-Week however they’ll have to settle in for the next three or more years of stressful study, exams and living it up on a shoestring — and here are the ten best apps to make sure it all goes smoothly.

Australia's Smartest Student Engineers Just Won A University Autonomous Robotics Competition

On Tuesday at UNSW, 22 teams from universities around Australia and New Zealand gathered to pit purpose-built robots against each other in a battle of intelligent design. A crowd gathered in the auditorium where two intricate looking obstacle courses had been set up for the robots to navigate, cheering whenever one team’s creation pulled off a perfect run. This is the National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition, and the entrants are the roboticists of Australia’s future.

Tracking Australian Wildlife With AI And Aerial Robotics

Drones are becoming increasingly popular for everything from capturing amazing footage, to training birds of prey and saving lives. But now thanks to a Queensland University of Technology (QUT) collaboration , cutting edge hardware and software is being used to help monitor Australian wildlife.

Universities Stalk Your Facebook To See How They Should Hit You Up For Money

On the scale of “irritating” to “soul-boiling” telemarketers, university alumni fundraisers aren’t the worst. The way that school alumni relations offices decide which former students to contact, however, is a liiittle creepy. Universities are scouring former students’ Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to figure out who to hit up for cash, and using targets’ interests to make pitches as manipulative and persuasive as possible.

Harvard Is Tracking Student Attendance With Secret Cameras

Everyone has skipped the occasional class here and there, but Harvard University is taking it seriously. It has started tracking the attendance of its students using secret cameras — and it didn’t tell them it was doing so.

University Research Funds Threatened In Latest Budget Row

The Federal Government is apparently willing to slash University research funding if it doesn’t get its way with regards to higher education reform.

Inside Apple's Secretive University-Style Training School

Deep within the bowels of Apple, there’s a secretive school where employees learn about the company and how to work for it. Some call it education, others indoctrination — but either way, a new report explains what it’s like.

Victorian Uni Students Are Hosting A 24-Hour App-Building Hackathon

Students from Monash Uni and the University of Melbourne’s IT clubs are collaborating on UNIHACK, a 24-hour app building challenge sponsored by some pretty big tech companies. The idea is simple: turn up with your team, cram 24 hours of coding and development, and produce a winning, working app.

Caffeine-Eating Bacteria May Fix Your Broken Heart

Everyone loves a good cup of joe, including our friendly neighbourhood bacteria Pseudomonas putida CBB5. This microbe can consume caffeine with the best of us, a talent that could help heart arrhythmia and asthma patients.

The Human-Powered Helicopter That Hopes To Take Flight

A team from the Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland is hoping to take to the skies in their human-powered helicopter tomorrow.

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