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Simulating A Universe With A Computer: Yes, This Is Complicated

The EAGLE Project isn’t some neo-Nazi project to bring a cloned Hitler to life; rather, it’s trying to simulate a universe inside a supercomputer. Yes, it’s exactly as complicated as it sounds.

Beautifully Simulated 3D Trip Through Space Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Video: I woke up today and had already seen this stunning video of space before I even saw it in real life because I’m 100 per cent sure it was created in my dreams. It wasn’t; it was rendered in the 3D simulation program Space Engine. But this digital recreation of space is what every kid imagines when they look up at a starry sky for the first time or learn about the planets and space.

Video Explainer: Why We Haven't Found Any Aliens In The Universe

Previously, Kurzgesagt attempted to explain where all the aliens are by touching on The Fermi Paradox. This time around, the video explainer comes up with some possible reasons for why we haven’t found any aliens yet. We might be communicating with them wrong. They might be extinct. Maybe our technology isn’t there yet. And so on.

Beautiful Photo Shows White Dwarf Stars Moving Away From A Star Cluster

Like a celestial Rorschach test, I can see so many things when I stare at this wonderful photo captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. It’s like static on a TV. Or like a crowded future city lit by buildings stacked on buildings. But what it really is is even cooler: it’s the first time pictures have been taken of white dwarf stars migrating from the centre of a star cluster to the outskirts.

This Is The First Section Of A Giant Map Of The Universe's Dark Matter

A team of cosmologists is creating an enormous map of how dark matter is distributed across the Universe — and this is the first section to be completed.

Cool Pictures Of Alien Worlds Made With Scanned Household Objects

Photographer Navid Baraty doesn’t need the Hubble Space Telescope to roam the Universe capturing amazing pictures. He just needs a scanner, glasses, cream, salt or anything he can find in his kitchen to obtain these cool images of invented galaxies and planets.

Listening To This Guy Talking About The Universe Gave Me Goosebumps

Remember that time when you first realised that the universe was an incredibly gigantic place, when you felt humbled and fortunate at the mere thought of existing in this vast cosmic arena? Listen to Professor Tom Burns, of Ohio Wesleyan University and Director of Perkins Observatory. He still feels that way.

The FX Team Behind Gravity Will Explain The Universe Using Magic Leap AR

The visual effects team that made Gravity look so God damn great is planning to “tell the story of the universe”, using Magic Leap’s augmented reality technology to create an immersive live show next year.

Ray Bradbury's Thoughts On Science, Us And The Universe

Video: Ray Bradbury is one of my favourite sci-fi writers. I read his books and watched the movies adapted from his books — Truffaut’s Fahrenheit 451 is a must watch — but I’ve never heard him talk. This video illustrates the audio from a 1974 interview where he shares his thoughts about science and the universe.

This Amazing Universe Simulator Makes Me Want To Buy A New PC

It’s been a long time since I craved a computer program, but now I want Space Engine so much that I’m ready to buy a PC just to be able to immerse myself in it. Developed by Vladimir Romanyuk, Space Engine is a complete sandbox simulation of the universe with mind-blowing graphics.

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