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How Connected Cars Will Transform Our Lives At Home

Let me put this bluntly: Smart homes are pretty dumb. Or at least historically, connected devices for the everyman’s house have seemed gimmicky at best. This week at CES, however we saw some new technology that stands to reform our very conception of how homes work.

5 Apps To Turn Your Phone Into A Universal Remote

Controlling your home theatre system used to be easy — you simply told your kid to turn the knob. But today’s home theatre packed with feature-rich TVs, cable boxes, AV receivers and streaming boxes — and all demanding their own remotes — there’s no way the little guy can keep up. It’s time to replace your pile of remotes with an app that does everything they can do and more.

New Logitech Harmony Touch: Say Goodbye To Buttons

It’s taken forever and a half for Logitech to introduce a new universal remote — but they finally have. Meet the Logitech Harmony Touch, a new universal remote that changes the Harmony button layout and replaces most of its actions with a touchscreen.

Griffin's Beacon Universal Remote Now Takes Orders From Android Devices

When we reviewed Griffin’s Beacon back in July, we found it to be one of the easiest to use smartphone universal remote solutions on the market. As long as your smartphone was an iPhone. Android users have had a bit of a wait on their hands, but the Beacon is now available for use with phones and tablets running Android OS 2.3.3 or greater.

Griffin Beacon: This iPhone Universal Remote Doesn't Suck

Remotes are stupid. Stupid stupid and/or stupid expensive. So why bother dealing with stupidity when you already have the perfect device to control your system: an iPhone. See, smartphones are not stupid. With the Griffin Beacon, you can control everything with your phone.

Voomote One: Mr Potato Head Of Universal iPhone Remotes

Universal remotes for your iPhone are old news, but the thing about them is that they’re so, well, universal: you use the same layout for all your devices. The Voomote One lets you have a different remote for your TV than your stereo.

Will Griffin's Beacon iPhone Universal Remote Be The First To Not Suck?

Griffin, maker of a ton of Apple accessories, just released a universal remote system for iOS devices. It’s not the first iOS remote around, but we’re hoping it can be the first to not suck.

Bose VideoWave Is A $7,999 Home Theatre System In A TV

According to Bose, only one in three homes have home theatre systems installed at home. That’s not good enough! To try and get more people enjoying the wonders of high quality home entertainment audio, Bose has gone and created its very first TV, and stuffed it full of high quality audio speakers.

Why An Android-Powered Universal Remote? Games, Of Course!

Could anything be better than lazing around on your couch with your universal remote? How about playing Fruit Ninja on it during commercials? Conspin’s Andi-One is the first universal remote to run Android 2.1 – and any of its 100,000 apps – right on your controller.

UnityRemote Makes Your iPhone A Universal Remote

There are quite a few solutions that let you use your iPhone as a universal remote. But the Gear4 UnityRemote is the first that does away with the need for a clunky dongle in the bottom of your mobile. And it’s now available in Australia.

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