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Taiwan's New Special Forces Uniforms Are Wearable Nightmare Fuel

Like the Samurai’s mempo, the uniforms of many of today’s Special Forces units play dual roles. Not only do they protect the wearer’s face and conceal his identity, they terrify the pants off of the enemy. Take the newly unveiled uniforms of Taiwan’s Special Forces for example. They look like something out of Army of Two.

The 17 Worst College Football Uniform Designs

Americans are on the brink of a new college football season and a new chance for schools to trot out flashy new uniforms — and make lots of cash in the process. As the season kicks off this weekend, who’ll be wearing the most stomach-churning jerseys?

Check Out Telstra's New Uniforms

In what the telco is calling its biggest uniform shakeup since it changed from Telecom Australia in the early 1990s, Telstra has unveiled new uniforms for its corporate, retail and field technical staff. So, how do they look?

US Army's Pixelated Camouflage Uniform Is A $5b Failure

While pixelation is usually very successful at obscuring images otherwise unfit to be seen, the US Army is $US5 billion in the hole, with its pixelated camouflage uniform (introduced in 2004) being dubbed a colossal mistake.

Team USA's Basketball Jerseys Are Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Made from 96 per cent recycled polyester, Nike says the jerseys that Team USA will wear for the 2012 Olympics in London are the lightest jerseys it has ever made. On top of that, the shorts the basketball team will be wearing are actually made from 100% recycled polyester and weigh only 140g.

New Military Uniform to Have HUD, Mini-Missile System

US soldiers are not the only ones getting advanced uniforms. In fact, Korea may be taking the lead with a new stormtrooper suit that–if goes beyond the vapourware stage–will include every sci-fi technology you can imagine. From a helmet with a heads-up-display to the personal cooling and heating system in the suit itself, and a matching weapon that includes a laser-guided target assessment system to fire, you guessed it, mini-missiles. And that’s just the beginning.

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