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Tim Peake Is Capturing Stunning Images Of Northern Europe From The ISS

Image Cache: British astronaut Time Peake must be missing home a little, because he’s been taking some incredible images of the UK and northern Europe during his time aboard the International Space Station.

Rare Glimpse Of Aurora Borealis Spotted In Southern England Last Night

Image Cache: The Aurora Borealis may be a common site in some parts of the world, but England rarely gets to witness it in its full, saturated glory. This week, however, the country was treated to an impressive multicolour light show.

British Archaeologists Have Discovered Long-Lost Roman Roads Using LIDAR

For years, the United Kingdom’s Environment Agency has been using Lidar to study flooding and coastal changes. Since 1998, it’s had an unexpected use: discovering long-lost roads left by the Romans, helping to uncover new details of the country’s past.

World's Biggest Wind Farm To Be Built Off The Coast Of The UK

The US may make big turbines, but the UK knows how to make lots of them: The world’s biggest wind farm is to be constructed just off the cost of England.

Take A Trip Through 40,000 Years Of London's History With This Papercraft Video

Video: This is so cool: National Geographic has put together a neat video composed entirely of paper that gives you a brief primer of London’s history, starting 40,000 years ago.

Gates Foundation And UK Government Pledge $4 Billion To Beat Malaria

Bill Gates and the British chancellor, George Osborne, have announced that they will spend billions of dollars to try and defeat “the world’s deadliest killer” — malaria.

Apple Formally Objects To The UK's Investigatory Powers Bill

Apple has spoken out officially in objection to a proposed UK bill that seeks to change the investigatory powers of the British government.

Huge Piece Of Debris Likely From SpaceX June Explosion Washed Up In UK

Back in June, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket exploded catastrophically shortly after liftoff. Now, some of the debris appears to have washed up on the UK coast — over 6437km from where the accident happened.

All The Military Gear The UK's Buying On Its Defence Spending Spree

David Cameron’s Conservative government is to announce the formation of two new 5000 troop-strong strike brigades, as the UK’s first defence review since 2010 was revealed yesterday. It’s just one element of a major new defence push by the UK’s top brass.

London's Next-Gen Commuter Trains Will Feature 4G, Wi-Fi And AC As Standard

Transport for London has released renders of what the London’s new Crossrail trains will look like, providing a glimpse of what a British commute of the future might looks like.

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