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The British Geological Survey Is Recreating UK Towns In Minecraft

Someone at the British Geological Survey managed to convince a boss that engaging with the kids via Minecraft might be a good idea, so here we all are reading about accurate maps of West Thurrock, York and Ingleborough that have been built using existing national topography and geology databases.

This Bridge Is Made From Nothing But 22,000 Sheets Of Paper

No glue. No cables. No steel reinforcements. The only thing keeping this bridge intact is, well, physics.

Google's Mobile Service Could Come With Free International Roaming 

Yes, Google wants to be a mobile carrier. Not to take the whole world by storm (yet), but to push the limits of what mobile telecommunications carriers do. The latest possible perk? Service outside the US at no additional cost.

The Bright Radar Reflections Of London

The bright lights of London have always drawn wide-eyed, enthusiastic youngsters seeking fame and fortune. But in this image from the European Space Agency, the city shows up with bright radar reflections instead.

UK Government Backs Plans To Build Spaceport

The US may have been the first country to open a commercial spaceport, but the UK is doing its best to make sure it can open the first one in Europe. Those plans have taken another step forward thanks to backing from the government.

Good Night, London

It’s a little weird to say this, but I’ve mostly ignored London as a city to visit. Even though it’s been years since I’ve last been and even though I enjoyed my time there, I never think about it when I get bitten by the travel bug. And I don’t have a legitimate reason why not! Maybe I should go again.

UK Judge: British Spying Doesn't Violate Human Rights

GCHQ’s intelligence gathering practices, which include popping in on your webcam conversations and scanning the web connections of entire nations, do not violate the European Court of Human Rights’ safeguards for privacy and free speech.

UK Government Lab Accidentally Mailed Out Live Anthrax 

The Centres for Disease Control has some dubious competition in the mishandling deadly pathogens business. A investigation by The Guardian reveals dozens of serious safety lapses in UK labs. In one case, a government lab shipped out live anthrax because someone had grabbed the wrong tubes.

50 Years Of Drunk-Driving Ads 'Celebrated' In Gut-Wrenching Commercial

Video: Since the first don’t-drink-and-drive commercial in the UK — 50 years ago — the number of drunk-driving accidents deaths has fallen dramatically. But how can you celebrate the good results when there are still people out there killing themselves by driving drunk? This brilliant commercial shows how.

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