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Here's The UI Redesign The Apple Watch Needs

After wearing my Apple watch daily for the past two+ months, I’ve found myself wishing for a simpler interaction model for moving between content and apps. Here’s what I’d propose and why.

Google Just Made It Super Easy To Build A Website With Material Design

Ever wished your lame blog could look a little more like a sweet, crisp Material Design app? Well, it’s your lucky day: Google has a new tool that will do most of that work for you.

You Can Feel These Plasma Holograms Made With Femtosecond Lasers

With each passing year, engineers are getting closer to recreating the 3D interface technology that pop culture has rendered so clearly for decades.

You're About To Start Finding Amazon's Echo AI In Unexpected Places

Could Amazon actually win the race to build the most widely-used AI voice platform? As unlikely as it sounds, Amazon is pushing far harder than Microsoft or Apple to get its technology into the hands of other companies.

A Crazy Satisfying Theory About Why You Love Swiping Right

Swipe, swipe, swipe. Hundreds of swipes every day on Tinder. I’m lonely, OK?! It turns out I’m not just desperate for love though. Tinder might be tapping into human psychology. Are we hardwired to swipe right?

A Close Look At The Crazy Interfaces From The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

One of my favourite things about watching movies is seeing the film’s vision of the user interfaces on screens and computers. They’re almost always over the top (like they were in the first Avengers) but I love to imagine that we’ll see all those exploded graphics in our future and pretend that all that information would be intelligible.

Meet The Crack Team That Designed The Tech In Age Of Ultron

You probably didn’t think about it sitting in the theatre, but all the technology in Avengers: Age of Ultron was designed by someone in the real world — from Stark’s Iron Man schematics to Cho’s medical scans. Who are the designers that built this world? Meet Territory Studio.

Microsoft Just Nonchalantly Showed Us The Single-Device UI Of The Future

Phones are getting bigger. Computers, smaller. And, according to Microsoft, soon there won’t be any difference in their software at all. It’s a more radical vision than you’d think.

12 Fascinating Projects From The Bleeding Edge Of Interaction Design

Smartwatches, tablets and phones are great, but they’re not exactly futuristic technology. To find that, you have to look to the scientists and designers who are prototyping entirely new kinds of devices.

The Coolest Apple Watch Feature Is Silent, Invisible And 65 Years Old

On the first day of Apple Watch pre-orders, I put on a $17,000 wristputer and tried to figure out what was so special about it.

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