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UberEats Is Launching In Sydney Today

Over 100 of Sydney’s best local restaurants, including Three Blue Ducks, Sake, Butter and Thievery and Fratelli Fresh, have partnered up with Uber to bring the city UberEATS.

From 11am today, you will be able to download the new UberEATS app (or access it via the Uber app), choose from hundreds of dishes, and have them delivered directly to your door.

Uber Is Now Watching You More Than It Was Before

Good news! Uber will be partnering with DigitalWorld to use its satellite imaging technology. As yet, there is no word from Uber on the details of the partnership, but DigitalWorld seems really, really excited about it.

Entrepreneurs Are Offering Uber-Style Rides For Pokémon GO Players

Are your legs getting tired from all the Pokémon GO? Well, some entrepreneurs have the solution for you. They want to be your personal Pokémon GO driver. That’s right, for around $30 per hour a driver will now chauffeur you around to play in cities like New York, Portland, Baltimore – and even Adelaide.

Uber Drivers Reveal Their Passengers' Darkest Secrets

Uber drivers witness a lot of awful things. You may have been a part of some of those cringeworthy moments, but just in case, Ask Reddit is currently hosting a thread asking Uber drivers to spill the deepest secrets they have heard while driving. The stories are pretty incredible.

Uber Is Launching 'Uber For Hot Air Balloons'

In a move just short of self-parody, Uber has announced a new feature that will let certain users request a hot air balloon or boat — you know, for that casual commute to work.

Cities Band Together To Deal With Uber, Airbnb

Such is the power of Uber and Airbnb they have inspired international cooperation in this uncertain world. Mayors from 10 cities worldwide are working together to write a unified “rulebook” for how to deal with these companies.

Uber Trying Out Call-In Ride Hotline

Now that Uber owns the loyalties of tech-savvy folks, it wants to charm another population: People without smartphones. Starting next month, the company will experiment with a service that lets people call in to request a car. For now, it will only be available in a Florida county that already partnered with Uber to help fix public-transit problems.

Soon You'll Be Able To Schedule Uber Rides

So much for “on demand” meaning “right this moment”. Uber is moving beyond the “on-demand economy” by testing a feature that lets users schedule a ride anywhere from 30 minutes to one month in advance. Car companies, beware.

There Are Less Drink Driving Fatalities In Cities With Uber

Every year in Australia hundreds of people are killed in car crashes that involve a drunk driver, and 30 to 40 per cent of global road deaths are caused by alcohol, according to the World Health Organisation. As could be expected, most alcohol related incidents happen late at night, over the weekend.

It turns out (unsurprisingly) when faced with a reliable alternative, people are less likely to drink and drive after a dinner or night out. With non-existent or severely limited public transport at the highest-risk times, access to ridesharing services (not just Taxis) has now been shown to result in fewer drunk driving deaths.

The Three Most Profound Conversations I've Had In An Uber

I love talking to my passengers. Our conversations usually flow with ease and end with the exchange of warm pleasantries: “Good luck with that job interview”, or “I hope you get some sleep on the flight.” I can vividly recall three conversations, however, that didn’t end in that fashion. Three passengers and three conversations that left me speechless, not for a brief moment as I stumbled over words, but even now as I think about what they told me.

Here are the three most profound conversations spoken in my Uber.

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