Uber Claims To Have Scaled Back Use Of Its 'God View' Tool

In November, it came to light that Uber employees were able to track its riders using a “God View” tool. Now, in a letter to US Senator Al Franken, the company has explained that it’s scaling back the use of the tool.

Uber Sydney Now Offering Free Trips Out Of The Sydney CBD

Despite the fact that it’s encouraging more drivers into the CBD, Uber Sydney has said that it’s not about to saddle riders with high surge prices to get people out of the city. Uber is now saying it’s going to let riders travel for free out of the CBD.

Uber Is Encouraging More Drivers To Come Into The Sydney CBD Despite A Massive Armed Siege

When it gets busy, Uber does this thing called surge pricing. Basically it’s a way to make sure that only the people who really want the service can get it until more drivers become available. Uber encourages more drivers to jump on during surge times so they can meet demand and be rewarded for doing so with surge price bumps.

But on the day that Sydney’s CBD is locked down tight with Police urging workers not to even go near their windows if they work in the Sydney CBD, Uber is working on bringing more drivers into the CBD on already clogged roads.

Uber Banned In Delhi Following Rape Allegations

After one of its drivers was arrested on charges of raping a female passenger, Uber has now been banned in the Indian capital, Delhi.

Get Ready For More Uber In Australia In 2015

Despite regulatory hurdles, angry cabbies and the occasional heated altercation, Uber is expanding and Australia is in the crosshairs for growth thanks to over a billion dollars in new funding.

OK, Playing Your Own Music In An Uber Is Actually Pretty Neat

Earlier this week amidst an ethical and public relations catastrophe, Uber announced new Spotify integration that lets you play music of your choice on the ride-sharing service. Uber just let me take it for a spin, and it’s admittedly a nice touch for the Uber riders of the world.

Opinion: You Don't Get To Complain About Privacy Anymore

You may have read reports this week that put Uber in hot water. A company executive has reportedly been caught following a journalist using the company’s back end software, and talked about spying on people who say bad things about the service. That has shocked users around the world. That reaction confuses me. If you’re using a phone, you don’t get to complain about privacy anymore.

Report: Uber Can Track Any Customer Using Its 'God View' Tool

Uber changed its privacy policy yesterday, but even that may not cover its back this time. Because its top New York executive, Josh Mohrer, has been using an internal tool called God View to track a journalist without her permission.

Uber's New Privacy Policy Has A Hilarious Loophole

In case you haven’t already switched to a new method of getting around town, this might help to cement your decision. Uber has published an update to its privacy policy and it includes a loophole so wide you can drive an entitled black SUV through it.

Spotify Will Now Provide The Soundtrack On Your Uber Ride

Hey, this is pretty neat. You can now connect Uber with Spotify so you can pick the music on your next ride. I’m playing all death metal all the time, sorry next driver.