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Man Robs Store, Uses Uber For Getaway Car

A 23-year-old man in Parkville, Maryland recently robbed a store at gunpoint. But police quickly tracked him down and arrested him along with his getaway driver. But they let his driver go. Why? The poor guy was just an Uber driver.

ACCC Blocks Australian Cab Industry's Uber Competitor App

Uber took the Australian cab industry by surprise with its easy to use app and cheap prices. Since it launched in 2012, the cab industry has been stamping its collective foot, while hurriedly trying to put together an app it could use as a competitor to the ridesharing industry’s darling child. That app is called ihail, and unfortunately for the taxi industry, it has just been struck down by the ACCC over competition concerns.

Report: Uber Thinks Lyft's CTO Helped Hack Its Driver Database 

Uber still doesn’t know who hacked it eight months ago, exposing the personal data of 50,000 drivers. But the hunt is increasing tension between rival ride-hailing apps. According to a Reuters report, Uber is closing in on Lyft CTO Chris Lambert as a possible accomplice to its hacker.

Everything That Happened With Uber Vs. Taxis In Australia This Week

The Uber vs. Taxi debate escalated last week when Choice released a report saying UberX was the cheaper option, and tied with taxis in safety and reliability. Since then we have seen crackdowns on Uber drivers across NSW, and ridesharing fully legalised in the ACT. Check here for all the latest on Uber and its status across Australia.

Uber Shocked By NSW Crackdown, Will Keep Fighting

In a sudden crackdown on ride sharing services like UberX, Roads and Maritime Services NSW announced on Sunday that it has issued 40 suspension notices to owners of vehicles found to be involved. Any suspended vehicle found on the road after October 1st will be considered unregistered and fined accordingly.

Uber Vs Taxis: Choice Says UberX Is Cheaper And Safer

Weighing in on the ongoing UberX vs taxi debate, consumer advocacy group CHOICE today released the results of a report that pits both services against each other. Looking at factors like price, reliability and safety, CHOICE came out with a clear winner that will be entirely unsurprising to anyone living in the 21st century. UberX was found to be just as safe and reliable as your average taxi, and on average came out to be 40% cheaper.

Uber Launches Carpooling Service -- First In China, Then Around The World

Uber has launched a new service that it’s calling UberCommute: a tool that allows people who are driving long distances to pick up extra travellers and share the cost of the trip with them.

Uber Is Mobilising Aussie Users To Fight The Taxi Industry

After a fairly lackluster protest by Melbourne and Sydney taxi drivers, Uber is trying to get people power on its side in a mass-mail campaign to users.

Melbourne Taxi Strike Backfires Predictably

Uber drivers are taking our business so we’re going to respond by… giving them more business? Taxi drivers in Melbourne held an ill-considered strike today to protest ridesharing apps like Uber, hoping to spur the government into taking action on this issue. Uber responded brilliantly by offering free rides, which can be redeemed by new users across Australia with the cheeky promo code “KEEPOZMOVING”.

Qld Woman In Hospital After Being Run Over By Uber Driver

After a long-running series of incidents involving Uber drivers injuring, threatening or otherwise harassing their passengers around the world, the ride-sharing service’s woes have come to Australia. A Queensland woman was this weekend thrown out of an Uber by an aggressive driver before being run over and subsequently hospitalised.

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