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Would Fixed Taxi Fares Lure You Away From Uber?

Ingogo recently announced its new “fixed fares” platform for taxis, which is available from today. The bookings company says that uncertainty about cost is a major factor for passengers utilising ride-share services instead.

Uber Says Riders Are Willing To Pay The Most When Their Phone Battery Is Dying

When our phones are dying we sometimes do desperate things. And the ride-hailing company Uber knows that. The company recently admitted that riders with a dying battery are willing to pay the most in surge pricing. But they insist they’d never use this knowledge to raise rates on desperate people.

This Is Our First Good Look At Uber's Self-Driving Car

In a blog post yesterday, Uber officially showed off the self-driving car that’s been stealthily cruising around Pittsburgh city streets. The car is a hybrid Ford Fusion, one of the more impressive autonomous research vehicles out there, and is currently in the early stages of safety testing.

Ingogo To Offer Fixed Fares For Taxi Rides

Taxi providers and app services are taking a look at why people are turning towards ride sharing, and addressing the problems customers have with the traditional taxi service. One of the most common complaints travellers have using taxis is the uncertainty in price before getting into the vehicle — and taxi booking app Ingogo is changing that.

Ingogo is introducing fixed fares — an Australian first. So from next week, if you’re using Ingogo to book a cab, you won’t need to worry how much the fare will cost, since you’ll already know.

Lyft Is Willing To Pay $36.9 Million To Keep Its California Drivers As Contractors

Lyft has offered to settle a case against its California drivers for a sum of $US27 million ($36.9 million). The money would allow the company to keep its drivers as contractors, rather than making them employees.

Uber Is Testing A $5 Flat Fee For Shared Rides In The US

If you’re happy to share an Uber in Manhattan, from today you’ll be able to grab a ride for $US5 ($7), maximum. But — and there had to be a but — you’ll only be able to use the service during commuter hours and you may have to walk a little, too.

Uber Is Doing Something Halfway Decent For Its New York Drivers

After angry protests and several lawsuits, Uber is finally letting its drivers have representation from a union. Uber’s 35,000 New York City-based drivers will be represented by a special arm of the International Association of Machinists (IAM). But it doesn’t mean they’re unionised, exactly.

Uber's Settlement To Keep Drivers As Contractors Could Save It As Much As $1 Billion

Last month, Uber settled two class-action lawsuits for $US84 million ($114.2 million) to keep its California and Massachusetts drivers as contractors. Now, court papers reveal that the ride-hailing company could owe those workers as much as $US750 million ($1 billion) more if they were classified as employees.

I'm Surprised It Took This Long To Make An Uber-Booking App

Uber is all about increasing efficiency in the economy, which is why I’m amazed that the app has never had a book-a-car-for-later service. Luckily, a university student has changed all that.

Uber: You Can Tip Your Driver But You Really Shouldn't

After settling two big lawsuits where drivers claimed Uber did not allow them to accept tips, Uber agreed to not get in the way of the practice any more. There was even speculation that Uber might start encouraging the act. Today, the on-demand ride app has answered that speculation with an unequivocal middle finger to its drivers: “Tips are not included nor are they expected on Uber.”

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