Adelaide And Uber Are At War

The mudslinging in the Australian hire car/taxi business continues afresh, with Uber’s limited rollout in Adelaide facing criticism from local politicians. Uber’s not exactly sitting quietly on this score either.

Jaime King Took An Uber To The Hospital To Give Birth

When Jaime King was home alone and thought she was about to give birth, she didn’t want to make a fuss. So instead of calling for an ambulance or getting a friend to give her a ride she… got an Uber.

Uber Officially Opens Its API In A Bid To Be Everywhere

Briefly: It’s official: Uber wants to be everywhere in your phone. The rideshare company has unveiled its rumoured API, which at launch will be integrated into apps including those from Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, OpenTable, Starbucks, Time Out and TripAdvisor.

99 Per Cent Of Melbourne's Taxi Drivers Fail New Taxi Test

There’s a push to improve taxi drivers in Melbourne via a test that mimics the infamous “knowledge” test that London cabbies undertake. The only problem is that all but one of the candidates so far has failed the test.

With A Brand New API, Uber Is About To Be Everywhere

You can request an Uber directly from the Google Maps app on your phone. Heck, you might even be able to order a car directly from Facebook Messenger. So why not other apps? It seems like you could start doing that as soon as next month. Sources tell TechCrunch that Uber plans to launch an API soon.

Australia's Taxi Industry Is Throwing Shade At Uber Again

Another day, another bit of mud flung over the trenches in the taxi cab wars. Australia’s dominant taxi payments provider, Cabcharge, has had a bee in its proverbial bonnet for a spell about apps like Uber, gocatch and Ingogo. In a statement to our sister site, Business Insider Australia today, Australia’s incumbent taxi monopoly decided to throw its weekly dose of shade on app-based transport services. You know, just for a change of pace.

Uber Passenger Ratings Should Be Public

Uber lets its drivers rate their passengers, and its passengers rate their drivers. These scores should be public.

How To Find Your Uber Passenger Rating

Are you a nightmare passenger or a perfect scorer on Uber? Find out with this handy tweak.

Report: Facebook And Uber Want You To Call A Ride From Messenger

According to a report from Recode, Mark Zuckerberg met with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to discuss putting an Uber integration within Facebook’s Messenger app. Someday soon, we could order a car in between sending our Facebook friends weird cat stickers.

In The Driver's Seat: On The Road With Uber's Ice Cream Delivery Drivers

10:03am. Briefing time. We’re running three minutes late because we decided to combine some dry ice with washing-up liquid in a coffee cup at HQ. Three minutes of watching smoke and foam pour onto a kitchen bench later, and six Uberees are gathered around a table full of Uber-branded hats, t-shirts and phones. Today they’re on a crack mission to deliver delicious tubs of happiness to Uber customers in the form of Gelato Messina ice cream, and I’m along for the ride.

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