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Uber Is Protesting Regulation Change With A Service Shut Down In Paris

The protested become the protesters. Uber is shutting down services in Paris today, to join other drivers from across the city in protest against regulations that could hurt non-taxi driving services.

Drunk Uber Driver Blows .25 After Already Dropping Off Two Or Three Fares

An Uber driver in Southern California was pulled over last night and blew three times the legal limit. He was reportedly on his way to pick up his third (or fourth) fare for the night.

You Can Now Order An Uber From Amazon Echo

With pizza delivery and Spotify integration under its belt just this week, Amazon’s now adding Uber support to its Alexa-powered speaker. Starting today, you can can yell “Request an Uber,” or lots of other variations on that phrase, and an Uber you shall receive.

Despite One Million Downloads, Uber Is Still 'No Threat' To Taxis, Says Research

A survey has revealed that 5.1 per cent of Australians aged 14 and over (that’s 989,000 people) reported travelling by Uber at least once in any given three-month period — but this large uptake is not yet posing a threat to Taxi drivers, say researchers.

What's Up With Uber's New Logo? 

That’s Uber’s new logo which isn’t a stylised “u” anymore. Which is a weird choice that doesn’t seem at all connected with the name of the brand.

Uber Joins Red Cross To Create Uber For Charity

In one of those rare marketing stunts that actually benefit someone else as well, Uber has partnered with the Australian Red Cross to run the most convenient clothing drive ever. Supposedly realising that most people always intend on donating to charity stores but can never be bothered to actually do it, Uber will be picking up your clothing donations for free, this Sunday from 11am to 4pm.

Uber Screwup Exposed US Driver's Social Security Numbers And Tax Info

Doing taxes already sucks for independent contractors, but some US Uber drivers who logged on to the company’s Partners portal to receive their tax forms are complaining about an especially nasty surprise: Instead of their own information, drivers say they received the tax forms of another driver.

Beijing Blames Uber For Its Obscene Traffic Problem

Beijing faces overcrowded roads and pollution that is constantly getting worse. Why? According to city officials, it’s because of ride-sharing services, including Uber.

Ten Reasons You Scored Your Uber Driver Less Than 5 Stars In 2015

Over the past six months I have been inundated with emails from drivers desperate for tips on how to resurrect their woeful driver ratings. I hit the road this week to ask my passengers the top reasons they mark down their Uber driver. Most of the reasons are obvious, some a bit harsh and others downright bizarre.

Uber's Using Smartphone Sensors To Check That Its Drivers Don't Speed

If you get an Uber and your driver speeds, it isn’t your word against theirs if you want to complain. That’s because Uber has announced that it’s started to use gyrometer and GPS data to keep an eye on the behaviour of its drivers.

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