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$2 Per Ride Levy To Help Fund Victoria's New Ride-Sharing Legislation

Over the next two years, the current licencing regime for taxis, hire cars and ride share services in Victoria will be scrapped. All existing licenses will be removed, as will the knowledge test. In its place will be a new system of “industry accountability”.

A $378 million fund will be available to existing drivers to help with the transition to the new system, which is being partially funded by a $2 per trip levy. That’s right, Victorians, you’ll soon be paying two dollars extra a ride.

Massachusetts Is Trying To Settle Its Issues With Uber With A 20 Cent Fee

Massachusetts is attempting to aid its taxi industry in the wake of the digital ride-hailing industry by taking from one to give to the other.

US Court Says Uber's $31-Per-Driver Settlement Is Trash

A US federal judge has thrown out a $US100 million ($131 million) class-action settlement offered by Uber to its drivers, calling the proposal “not fair, adequate and reasonable”.

Uber Will Launch Its First Self-Driving Car Fleet This Month

If you live in Pittsburgh and use Uber, get ready to meet some robotic drivers later this month.

Uber And Lyft Come For Public Transportation

A new Bloomberg report details Uber and Lyft’s various partnerships with small local public transportation agencies in the US. In 2014, the local government in Pinellas Park, Florida nixed two of their least-travelled bus lines because of huge budget cuts. To compensate for that loss, the government then struck a deal with Uber to aide residents with the cost of their trips along those routes. The pilot program, reports Bloomberg, gives residents a 50-per cent discount with a maximum of $US3 ($4) per trip. (I can’t speak the average cost of an Uber ride in Pinellas Park, but this seems like a very minimal subsidy to me.)

Uber Is Creating Its Own Maps Service

One of the major elements to Uber is maps, and the transport app currently utilises a mix off mapping technologies, including Google Maps. One of those technologies is now its own, with Uber rolling out its own mapping cars to develop more tailored functionality for drivers and passengers.

UberEats Is Launching In Sydney Today

Over 100 of Sydney’s best local restaurants, including Three Blue Ducks, Sake, Butter and Thievery and Fratelli Fresh, have partnered up with Uber to bring the city UberEATS.

From 11am today, you will be able to download the new UberEATS app (or access it via the Uber app), choose from hundreds of dishes, and have them delivered directly to your door.

Uber Is Now Watching You More Than It Was Before

Good news! Uber will be partnering with DigitalWorld to use its satellite imaging technology. As yet, there is no word from Uber on the details of the partnership, but DigitalWorld seems really, really excited about it.

Entrepreneurs Are Offering Uber-Style Rides For Pokémon GO Players

Are your legs getting tired from all the Pokémon GO? Well, some entrepreneurs have the solution for you. They want to be your personal Pokémon GO driver. That’s right, for around $30 per hour a driver will now chauffeur you around to play in cities like New York, Portland, Baltimore – and even Adelaide.

Uber Drivers Reveal Their Passengers' Darkest Secrets

Uber drivers witness a lot of awful things. You may have been a part of some of those cringeworthy moments, but just in case, Ask Reddit is currently hosting a thread asking Uber drivers to spill the deepest secrets they have heard while driving. The stories are pretty incredible.

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