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On the day after Black Friday — known to those in the industry as the slowest blogging day of the year — Kenny G did a legendary tweet. It depicts the famous saxophonist gazing directly into your soul, resting on his bicycle with confident masculinity, his arms crossed. "My hands are for one thing," he proclaimed. "Playing sax."


James Woods has become a hero of the so-called alt-right on Twitter. But the actor, perhaps best known as winner of the 2000 "Role Model Award" at the Young Hollywood Awards, has decided to quit the social media service. Why? He's upset that Twitter has banned some alt-right accounts. Which is pretty rich, given the fact that Woods recently sued a Twitter user who called him a coke addict.


Twitter wants to tell you where to go. More precisely, it wants to tell you how to get to wherever you want to go, after you send out a tweet asking for directions. Like Moments, @HERE is another innovative, home-brewed attempt to keep Aussies in the Twitter app, but rather than reporting the news this service wants to replace Google Maps in giving you directions and recommendations for what to eat nearby.


Twitter is finally rolling out the ability to mute keywords and threads. Being able to mute pre-selected keywords from your notifications seems like a pretty obvious move for the social network, whose reputation has been badly tarnished as a result of rampant harassment of and by its users. It reportedly took Twitter more than a year to figure out how to implement the new feature. What an embarrassment.