Twitter Is Testing A Product That Will Hunt Down Trollish Tweets 

Twitter is well aware that it’s a breeding ground for online harassment and has done a terrible job stopping it, and today, the company announced three tactics to better combat tweeting trolls.

Twitter's Inexplicable New Setting Highlights Problems With Abuse

So Twitter created a rather obscure new setting in its privacy menu called “Receive Direct Messages from Anyone”. What that means is that people you don’t follow can send you a direct message, or DM, which is not public. Here’s why this setting got people’s knickers in a bunch — for some pretty good reasons.

What Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Is Tweeting From Prison

Nearly 600 days after a US military court sentenced Chelsea Manning to 35 years in prison for leaking some 750,000 classified documents, she burst back into the public eye, with a new Twitter account sending out tweets from maximum security prison.

New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Clip Prompts Unsurprising Influx Of Memes

You’ve watched the latest trailer for the new Star Wars film, right? Better do that now if you haven’t. Oh, and be sure to capture your reaction. The internet wants to see every raised eyebrow, unrestrained smile and joyful tear. If you’re feeling shy and just want to see how everyone else responded, no problem.

#C3PO Is Trending: Now Star Wars Emoji Are Just A Hashtag Away

Hey guess what, there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out! And as the latest ploy to dominate the online conversation, the film has partnered with Twitter to create emoji-generating hashtags for three members of the Episode VII universe, just as a new teaser trailer hits at Star Wars Celebration.

Teens Are Actually On Google+ For Some Reason

A new Pew research study on teenagers’ social media habits has a few surprising results. Teens are still on The Facebook en masse, with Instagram and Snapchat close behind. But 33 per cent reported using Google+. Tied with Twitter! Come again?

A Google Patent May Soon Make Social Media Spoiler-Free

It’s something we’ve all felt. The low, sinking kick in the metaphorical groin when you’ve read some arsehole’s tweet or post, expounding on some previously unknown spoiler. But maybe social media doesn’t need to be such a minefield of potential despair.

If You Could Only Use One Social Network, What Would It Be?

Few of us have the mental bandwidth to care about the latest hot new social thing. When Foursquare split its app, I never downloaded Swarm in protest. I never signed up for Ello. Do I sound too get-off-my-lawn when I say screw Snapchat?

Cut Through The Noise On Twitter With TweetDeck's Engagement Filter

With 500 million tweets sent into the ether every day, it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff on Twitter. This is one of the areas where power-user-tool-of-choice TweetDeck can lend a hand. It includes an engagement filter to let you focus in on high-profile tweets and cut out the less important ones. Here’s how to set it up.

What Makes You Block Someone? 

People have varying thresholds of tolerance for putting up with ignorance, dickishness, and other crap online. What does it take for you to head straight for the “Block” button on social media?