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Belgian Twitter Users Are Supporting Police By Tweeting Cats

During the ongoing anti-terror lockdown in Brussels, police have been asking for ‘radio silence’ from the press and social media, to help their operations. Twitter users in the city haven’t stopped tweeting: they’re just using cats instead of real information

Change Of Heart! Twitter Now Reportedly Testing Different Emoji

Twitter users made it pretty clear last week. A puffy red heart isn’t always the best way to favourite/like/star/bookmark/acknowledge tweets. Maybe Twitter is listening: It is reportedly testing the ability to select different emoji.

Twitter Just Won Twitter.com.au Off An Aussie Domain Squatter

Popular microblogging social network Twitter operates from a single Web address, but has to be constantly aware of imitators or competitors using its trade marks to confuse or misdirect users. A man from Cessnock in New South Wales, who bought the Twitter.com.au domain just after Twitter’s online debut, has lost the right to hold the URL he offered to sell to any interested party for $500,000.

How A Tweet About Nail Polish Became A Media Freakout

Parker Molloy likes to take pictures of weird things in her off-hours. Sometimes she posts them on Twitter with short quips. And then one day, one of her least popular tweets turned into a shitstorm.

Are Twitter's New Hearts Clickier Than Stars?

Twitter morphing stars into hearts is being almost uniformly heralded as a business decision — numbers aren’t good; anything is better — but let’s look at it from a interaction design perspective. Could this tiny twist make more people literally heart Twitter?

How To Replace Twitter's Dumb Heart With The Emoji Of Your Choice

Twitter did a silly thing today. It took away its neutral star icon and turned it into a smarmy heart. Turns out, it’s extremely easy to replace that heart. Let me help you.

Twitter Is Replacing The Fav Star With A Stupid Heart

Whyyyyyy, Twitter? Why are you messing with a good thing? Today, Twitter replaced the age-old favourite star with a heart. A heart!

The Internet Is Obsessed With Whether Or Not You'd Kill Baby Hitler

In response to an age-old thought experiment resurrected today by the New York Times Magazine, “Baby Hitler” is trending on Twitter. It is officially the weekend.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Is Giving $200M Of His Twitter Stock To Staff

Twitter’s new CEO Jack Dorsey has enough cash to go round. So much so, in fact, that he’s announced that he’s giving one-third of his stock holdings in the social media company to his employees.

Anonymity On Social Media Is Under Threat

After people-rating app Peeple was called “the decline of internet anonymity”, anonymous app Secret shut down after just 18 months because “anonymity online turns people into total assholes”, and a threat from bulletin board 4chan to the University of New South Wales, it seems anonymous social media is in trouble – again.

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