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Trump Gets A Young Lady To Do It In The Office, But After 7pm He Does It Himself

Yesterday Donald Trump shed some light on one of the great mysteries of our time: How does the most infamous man on Twitter actually tweet? The answer? He spends most of the day shouting his tweets at assistants for them to send. But after 7pm it’s all him, baby.

Yep, Twitter Is Down [And Back Up, Now]

No, it’s not just you. Twitter is down. The world’s most up-to-the-minute social network is having some problems with its website and first-party apps for iOS and Android.

Twitter Update: This Is What The New Message Button On Tweets Does

We’ve been able to share tweets via private message since November 2014, but now it’s a whole lot easier to do. The option to send a tweet as a message from the tweet itself, as opposed to selecting the option from a pop up menu, has been implemented from today.

This Genius Twitter Feed Is Turning Classic Kids' Books Into Nightmares

Our new favourite Twitter feed adds hilariously dark titles to the gosh-darn earnest cover art of vintage YA novels. Behold Paperback Paradise, which according to its bio is “The world’s #1 used book store”, before coaxing all ye who enter to “Come visit us at the edge of eternity”.

The Pope's Twitter Mentions Are A Living Hell

The internet is, generally speaking, a garbage dump suffused with vitriol and poison. “But surely,” some might ask, “the one, tiny corner of Twitter devoted to Cool Pope Francis would be a respite for our bitter, blackened hearts?” To which the answer is: Of course not, no.

We Searched 10 Years Of Jack Dorsey Tweets For The Saddest And Most Pathetic

A little more tha 10 years ago, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey — whose body at the time was woefully unaccustomed to Prada suits, Rolex watches, and Shaker benches — sent the platform’s very first message: “just setting up my twttr.”

Twitter's 140-Character Limit Is Here To Stay

Video: @jack to @MLauer: Ignore rumours, tweets will always be ≤140 chars to allow ‘of-the-moment brevity’. #doeskanyeknowthat #deepdrumpf4prez

A Computer Can Spot Your Drunk Tweets From A Mile Away

If you were at a bar with your phone in New York City during 2014, your whiskey-laced illegible tweets may have been used for important scientific research.

Twitter's New Timeline Is Now The Default, Here's How To Opt-Out

Much to the chagrin of anyone who hates algorithms, it appears that Twitter’s new timeline — the one that displays tweets based on importance rather than chronology — is now the default setting for all users.

Donald Trump Tweet Generator Uses Smart Algorithms To Replicate The Real Deal

Alright, so no one asked for a website that creates Donald Trump-like tweets, but rarely is the internet’s best content spawned by popular demand. It takes enterprising (and perhaps, misguided) people to come up with top-shelf content. Or, in this case, you could leave it to computers and algorithms.

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