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US Student Suspended For Posting Photo Of Nasty School Water Online

When teens get in trouble for posting things online, there’s often something nefarious afoot, like drunken antics, offensive behaviour or criminal activity. But for one US high school student, publicly calling out her school’s nasty water situation was apparently enough to do the trick.

Disney Is Thinking About Buying Twitter: Report

The Walt Disney Co. is working with a financial adviser to evaluate a bid on Twitter Inc., according to a new Bloomberg report.

Did I Kill Marc Andreessen's Twitter?

Marc Andreessen — billionaire Netscape founder, famed venture capitalist — will forever be a Twitter legend, even though he took a leave of absence from the troubled social network late Saturday night. Never afraid to shy away from controversy, Andreessen shared his very Silicon Valley views freely on Twitter, commenting on topics ranging from how good the poors have it to the evils of anti-colonialism.

Twitter Won't Count Images In Your Character Limit Anymore

Back in May Twitter promised it would be killing off the 140 character limit. No, this doesn’t mean you can now write walls of text, but quoted tweets, images and gifs will stop being counted as of today, meaning you can squeeze a few more words in.

Investor Sues Twitter For Not Being Popular Enough

On Friday, Twitter shareholder Doris Shenwick filed a lawsuit against the company for allegedly misleading investors about its growth projections. The lawsuit claims that in November 2014, Twitter promised investors that the size of its active monthly user base would increase to 550 million in the “intermediate” term and to over one billion in the “longer” term.

Apple's (Empty) Twitter Account Is Now Verified

A few months after Apple finally embraced Twitter to hear users’ myriad complaints at @AppleSupport, the Cupertino company now has another official presence on the line: @Apple, which — until a few minutes ago — had under 50,000 followers, has just been verified by the guys at Twitter.

If Twitter Is Working So Hard On Abuse Why Is It Still So Broken?

Twitter has spent an entire year working on a common sense tool that would help users protect themselves from harassment and abuse, according to Bloomberg. So where is it?

The Easiest Way To Get Banned From Twitter

Getting banned from Twitter can be incredibly easy or hard as hell. Breitbart blogger Milo Yiannopolous, for instance, only got banned last month after years of encouraging his followers to harass people. He eventually messed with the wrong person when he incited a barrage of racist harassment against Leslie Jones. After Jones said she was quitting Twitter, a lot of websites (including this one!) wrote about the incident and Yiannopolous was removed from the site. Did it have to do with all the bad press? Who knows!

Why You Should Follow Your Roommate On Social Media (Hint: Murder)

If you’re not following your roommate on Twitter, stop everything you’re doing and start following them right now. It could save your life.

'Swear Trek' Provides The Cursing Star Trek Crew We All Deserve

I think we all know that the crap the crews of Federation starships go through would provoke some pretty hardcore cursing from even the most stoic of people. Who isn’t going to let out a giant F-bomb when their best friend is eaten by a salt vampire? Thankfully, a Twitter account has stepped up to fix the problem TV censors caused.

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