Use IFTTT To Supercharge Your Twitter Alerts

IFTTT, one of our favourite apps for doing just about anything, just got updated with a bunch of new Twitter triggers — if you want to stay on top of tweets that mention your name, you now have a much wider choice of ways to do it. These same alerts can also be set up for tweets from a particular @name or using a specific hashtag.

How Twitter Plans To Take Over Your Phone

Twitter is branching out beyond tweets: The company is launching a software development kit today, called Fabric. With Fabric, Twitter intends to take over your phone.

Twitpic Is Shutting Down After All

In September, Twitpic announced it was shutting down. Also in September, Twitpic announced it was no longer shutting down, because it had found a buyer. But Twitpic has announced again that it is shutting down, this time on October 25.

Twitter: Inserting Strangers' Tweets Into Your Timeline Is Now A Feature

Twitter has published a blog post explaining that recommended tweets are no longer a test — they’re here to stay in your timeline.

Twitter's Audio Cards Put Music Right In Your Tweets

Twitter is launching a new music feature that lets people embed audio in their tweets. This means just like you can put a photo or video in a tweet, you’ll be able to insert audio soon too. Twitter is partnering with Soundcloud to let people listen to music in their timelines on iOS and Android.

Twitter Is Suing For The Right To Show How Many Fed Requests It Gets

In the past, companies like Facebook and Microsoft have released so-called transparency reports about the government surveillance requests they have received — but, per government restrictions, the numbers have been relatively vague. Today, Twitter just filed a lawsuit to lift the restrictions on what they’re allowed to disclose. In other words, actual transparency.

News Station Accidentally Tweets Pornhub Link

If you’re wondering about the rain and storms in Memphis, you might have gotten a big surprise in your Twitter feed today. WREG News Channel 3 briefly directed its Twitter followers to a link that not only had zero radar information about the #memstorm — it was a PornHub user’s profile.

20 Vines In The Running For Tropfest's Super-Short Film Competition Prize

If you could make a seven minute short film, what story would you tell? What if you only had six seconds? Tropvine, the super-short film competition from the brains behind Australia’s Tropfest short film festival, is in its final stages of judging, and in two days we’ll know which of the 20 finalists is the best.

Twitter Just Totally Redesigned User Profiles For iOS 8

With every new version of iOS comes an onslaught of app updates. And in Twitter for iOS 8′s case that means a totally redesigned (and vaguely Facebook-esque) mobile profile.

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