Deepak Chopra Has The Worst Avatar Ever On Twitter

Deepak Chopra, online werewolf and mortal nemesis of Gizmodo’s Matt Novak, wants you to know the “possiblities” are infinite. A message he decided to share with the world using the only medium that matters anymore — his Twitter avatar. The possibilities are so infinite, in fact, that he has freed himself from the shackles of spelling. B freee!

Twitter Adds Video Support So You Can Watch Ads, Err, Message Friends

Twitter added two new services today to a) help people DM bomb lots of people at the same time and b) try to complement Vine with (slightly longer) in-app video support (read: ads).

This Twitter Bot Creates Beautifully Abstract Images Out Of Your Tweets

You should tweet Lowpoly Bot a picture. Because when you do, you’ll get a wonderfully abstracted version sent right back to you.

Tony Abbott Thinks Social Media Is 'Electronic Graffiti'

The internet had a good chuckle at the Prime Minister’s expense over the Australia Day long weekend, after he awarded Prince Philip (you know, the Queen’s husband) an Australian Knighthood. Tony Abbott cranked the Taylor Swift rhetoric up to 11 and dismissed online haters, labelling social media as “electronic graffiti”.

Twitter Now Uses Bing To Translate Weird Foreign Tweets

If you’ve always looked longingly over the Fence of Babel at all those foreigners making jokes that you know would be funny, if only you could understand them, then fear not: Twitter has harnessed the power of the internet’s second-best translation tool into its service.

The Best Predictor Of Heart Disease Is...Twitter?

Normally, when doctors are trying to look at whether an individual is at risk of heart disease, they will look at classic indicators of health: smoking, diet, obesity and so on. But according to a University of Pennsylvania study, they might be better off taking a look at their tweets.

Meet Twindr, The Twitter/Tinder Mashup You Never Knew You Didn't Need

There are so many apps! Some are useful. Most are not. Only a select few, however, manage to summarise a fundamental paucity of creativity with just their name. Twindr is one of those rare and magnificently solipsistic birds.

Turkey Is Blackmailing Twitter Into Censorship (Again)

Twitter and Turkey have a bit of a love-hate-hate-hate-hate relationship, insofar as Twitter users love to publish unflattering facts about the government, and the government hates that and tries to get Twitter to censor messages. In this particular case, the government is threatening to outright block Twitter unless it takes down “offending” messages.

I Played This Twitter-Based Choose Your Own Adventure And Died A Lot

I’m admittedly terrible at “choose your own adventure” stories. Flipping through them as a kid, I’d always peek at whatever page the story directed me to, read the first couple sentences, and if I liked where things were going, I’d stick with it. Turns out not much has changed in 20 years.

Why People Use Facebook To Avoid Facing Real Life

Doug Hindson’s short Dis\connect gives a powerful answer to an important question:Why do we keep sharing our edited lives and avidly connecting to others through Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp all the time? His answer is simple, one that I’m sure you have all thought about before.