Mean Tweets Just Landed An Emirati Man In Prison For 10 Years

An Emirati national was sentenced to 10 years in prison for badmouthing political leaders on social media. In addition to locking Al Wadhi up, the Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi shut down the account and confiscated documents related to the trash-talking.

For F***'s Sake Twitter, Stop Allowing Hate Speech In Promoted Tweets

“Get a rope — hang yourself.” The tweets are wildly, flagrantly hateful. The kind of offensive language, in fact, that Twitter just developed an algorithm to detect. Yet Twitter is getting paid to publish them, pushing abusive speech to a wide audience.

"It's Barack. Really!" Obama Finally Joins Twitter

Did it take this long to verify him? Is he posting from his BlackBerry? I have SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Twitter Got Paid To Promote A Tweet About Killing Arabs 

Here’s a hateful message to spread under any circumstances: “My fellow Jews, the time to start killing Arabs is NOW.” And here’s a message that Twitter took money to promote: “My fellow Jews, the time to start killing Arabs is NOW.”

You Can Now Play 2400 Free MS-DOS Games In Tweets

Have you ever wanted to play a classic ’90s video game inside a tweet? Neither have I. But now, thanks to the Internet Archive, you can embed over 2400 free MS-DOS games directly into tweets. Is it useful? I’m not sure. Is it awesome. Yup!

Google Glass 2.0, And Other Tech News You May Have Missed

You’ve probably been engulfed in the Apple Watch media maelstrom. Wondering what else happened in tech yesterday? We’ve got you covered with BitStream, our cheat sheet for tech news and rumours that might have slipped past your radar.

The Internet Reacts To The New Joker

Presenting… Jared Leto’s Joker. Probably not what you were expecting, huh? Here’s the full image of the Suicide Squad’s take on the Joker, tweeted earlier today by David Ayer, its director.

Tesla Motors Website And Twitter Accounts Hacked

The Elon Musk-owned Telsa Motors might be on the cutting-edge of vehicle technology, but the company should probably give its web security the same level of attention. Earlier this morning, the Twitter accounts for Telsa as well as Musk himself were hacked, along with the car manufacturer’s website.

Twitter Is Testing A Product That Will Hunt Down Trollish Tweets 

Twitter is well aware that it’s a breeding ground for online harassment and has done a terrible job stopping it, and today, the company announced three tactics to better combat tweeting trolls.

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