Twitter Just Totally Redesigned User Profiles For iOS 8

With every new version of iOS comes an onslaught of app updates. And in Twitter for iOS 8′s case that means a totally redesigned (and vaguely Facebook-esque) mobile profile.

Twitpic Is No Longer Shutting Down

Twitpic just announced that it is staying in business, thanks to a mystery buyer. Who bought Twitpic? How much did they pay? And why?

What Are Your Favourite Twitter Bots To Follow?

Earlier in August, it was reported that 8.5 per cent of Twitter users, or 23 million accounts, were not actually people but bots, autonomous accounts that post without any human interaction. Twitter refuted this claim saying it was much closer to 5 per cent, but that’s still a big chunk of users. So now I’m wondering, should I be following any of these Twitter bot accounts?

Twitter's New 'Buy' Button Lets You Make In-Tweet Purchases

Twitter has been fairly upfront about its plans to offer “in-the-moment commerce experiences” ever since it acquired CardSpring just a few months ago, but now, it’s official. Starting today, some users will see the option to buy products directly from the tweets themselves.

Twitter's Making Twitpic Shut Down

Twitpic, the photo-sharing service, is shutting down rather than fighting against Twitter’s recent demands. Founder Noah Everett explained Twitpic’s unexpected demise.

Would You Ever Use Twitter For Private Group Chats?

Twitter has never been a company to shy away from shaking up its core feature set. The company’s CFO Anthony Noto now says that you might soon be able to have Facebook Messenger-like group chats in your Direct Messages.

Twitter Finally Lets You See Just How Few People Are Faving Your Tweets

After quietly testing out its handy new analytics dashboard just over a month ago, Twitter is officially opening the service up to the rest of the world. And the results can be — er, kinda depressing.

Social Media Users Unlikely To Disagree With Consensus, Online And Offline

In the utopian vision of the internet, social media provides a platform where we can share opinions, debate and argue; a space for free discussion and constructive discourse. Turns out the opposite is true.

Why Is Twitter Trying To Hide Its Australian Earnings?

Twitter Australia has applied from an exemption from Australian corporate rules that would require it to disclose its earnings.

What Apps Do You Download First On A New Smartphone?

This week, ComScore published a report saying that 65.5 per cent of smartphone users over the age of 18 will go months without purchasing apps through their respective app stores. That seems like a particularly high considering all the great apps that come out every week, let alone every month.

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