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The National Park service retweeted some other Twitter users over the weekend, who compared how lightly attended US President Trump's inauguration was compared to Barack Obama's in 2009. But now, the NPS has been ordered by its Washington support office to "immediately cease use of government Twitter accounts until further notice," according to an internal email obtained by Gizmodo.


Bot accounts are the bane of Twitter. The automated accounts that are often characterised by the default egg icon can wreak all sorts of havoc and totally turn the tide on topics that are trending. In a new paper, researchers discovered a bot army of 350,000 accounts that all had one thing in common: a love of Star Wars novels.


In a characteristically desperate move, the Wikileaks Task Force tweeted out that the organisation nobly devoted to making private documents public is looking to create "an online database with all 'verified' twitter accounts & their family/job/financial/housing relationships". This feels desperate.


Bill Mitchell is the host of a conservative online talk radio show and one of the few pundits to accurately predict the rise of Donald Trump. In post-election retrospect, the man Buzzfeed says "owned" the liberal media seemed to possess some sort of awful precognitive powers. Turns out he was just a lucky idiot.


Today, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took questions from Twitter users about what they want the company to do better in 2017. Dorsey seemed receptive to one idea that Twitter's power users have been begging for: The ability to edit tweets. This is an awful idea.