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Black Mirror's Newest Season Explores The Horrors Of Social Media

The finale to this season of Black Mirror, “Hated in the Nation”, is a tight police procedural that opens on Jo Powers, a controversial journalist, being murdered after people mob and harass her on Twitter. While each twist and turn is telegraphed, the episode is best at showing how viciously efficient social media is at bringing its users pain, even if no one using it thinks they’re throwing a punch.

Wesley Snipes' Twitter Is An Oasis Of Good In The Desert Of Bad Internet

The internet can be a bad and scary place. Yesterday, we were offered a moment of reprieve when many websites went down, struck by a massive DDoS attack. But the internet is back today and everything is flowing just like it always has. The world continues to turn.

This Is Probably Why Half The Internet Shut Down Yesterday

Twitter, Spotify and Reddit, and a huge swath of other websites were down or screwed up yesterday. This was happening as hackers unleashed a large distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the servers of Dyn, a major DNS host. It’s probably safe to assume that the two situations are related.

Twitter Fires Its New Head Of VR After Two Days

This was Greg Gopman’s first week at Twitter. Today was his last day.

Bullies And Trolls Chased Away Twitter's Potential Buyers: Report

“Don’t feed the trolls” used to be an internet saying, but now it’s a business strategy. Twitter lost bids from two potential acquirers because of the site’s reputation for allowing bullying, trolling, racism, sexism and other forms of lewd communication, according to a Bloomberg report.

Conservative Pundits Use Dumb Twitter Joke As Proof Of US Voter Fraud

Twitter is a fun website because it’s the perfect mix of news media, comedians, white nationalists and ISIS — meaning jokes, horrifying Pepe memes and actual pieces of breaking news share the same weight in your feed.

Now Trending On Facebook: Take Away Women's Right To Vote In The US

Facebook’s trending topics are having (another) bad day. The social network allowed the hashtag #RepealThe19th to be shown in its trending news column in the US on Thursday. Taken at face value, the hashtag suggests that the idea of repealing of women’s right to vote is a popular one.

Legendary Programmer Dies For The Second Time

Those working in tech owe much of their livelihood to Dennis Ritchie. The New-York born pioneer was among the early Bell Labs alums, and is credited with both creating the C programming language and co-developing Unix.

Twitter Suspends Tool Used By Police For Surveillance

Twitter just announced that it’s revoking a surveillance service’s access to Twitter data. In September, the Daily Dot reported that the Denver Police Department was paying $US30,000 ($39,435) to use a tool made by Geofeedia that aggregates information from tweets and other social media. Today, the American Civil Liberties Union has even more information on how the tool was being used, prompting Twitter’s action.

Twitter: Maybe Subway Ads Will Help?

Twitter’s little blue fowl has been drowning in a birdbath for some time now, but it’s still trying valiantly to lift itself up. Today, in that vein, the company launched a train and street ad campaign. Sure, OK!

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