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'Stickers' Are The New Hashtag On Twitter

Stickers is a photo-editing tool that lets you choose from hundreds of accessories, emojis, and props to stick anywhere on photos you upload to Twitter.

If that doesn’t sound like anything new, maybe this will: any public Tweet containing a sticker is easily searchable and discoverable, creating a new visual spin on the hashtag; simply tapping on a sticker brings up a new timeline of Tweets from people around the world using that same sticker.

US Customs Wants To See Foreigners' Dumb Tweets And Embarrassing Snaps

If you’re a foreigner travelling into or out of the United States, US Customs and Border Protection wants to see your social media accounts. If my Twitter account is any indication, they are in for a dumb, boring time.

Twitter Can Show You Where To Vote (And Pick Up A Democracy Sausage)

2016 Federal Election Day (AKA Democracy Sausage Day) is looming, and the toughest choice to make may very well be if you head to the polling booth with the best gourmet snags, or the sweet cake stall?

Twitter has made it a personal mission to help solve the dilemma, teaming up with Proxima to take the guesswork out of where to vote by tweeting you not only your local polling station, but which have your favourite election day treats.

Twitter Buys Image Enhancing And Virtual Reality Company For $150 Million

Magic Pony Technology is a London-based company that uses neural networks and machine learning to enhance images for a number of applications, including increasing image quality and virtual and augmented reality graphics development.

Twitter has reportedly shelled out $150 million for the company, making it the the third machine learning business in Twitter’s portfolio alongside Whetlab and Madbits. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stating that machine learning is “increasing at the core” of everything Twitter builds.

Are You Going To Read This Story, Or Just Share The Link?

Image: Jirapong Manustrong / Shutterstock Secret’s out, readers: we know you don’t read our stuff. You just look at our headlines and share our links, but you don’t click on our stories. You don’t read our words. Do you care about us at all?!

Larry Page To Jack Dorsey: Lemme Whisper In Ya Ear

“Hey lil’ mama, can I buy Twitter for a few million?” is a thing that Google co-founder Larry Page might have said to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. But Page reportedly whispered an offer to acquire Twitter into Dorsey’s ear in a closed blinds meeting a few years ago.

Now Advertisers Are Watching Your Emoji

Once, emoji was just emoji. Now it’s another way for businesses to look into our souls — er, feeds — and see if we might like to buy something. Twitter is rolling out a new feature that lets advertisers target people who have tweeted a specific emoji.

You Can Now Retweet Yourself But You Shouldn't

Today, Twitter is rolling out a new feature that allows users to retweet themselves. But as everyone knows, you should be very, very careful with this capability. Because retweeting yourself can have a serious impact on your health and relationships.

Here Are The Latest Very Bad Things To Happen To Twitter

The Death of Twitter has be proclaimed over and over in some form since 2009. Eulogies ramped up over the last year, when its monthly active user count stalled, its executives left en masse and the prospect of changes led users to revolt with the hashtag #RIPTwitter.

Hacker Claims To Be Selling 32 Million Twitter Passwords On Dark Web 

Another day, another report that your social-media password could now be for sale on the dark web: A hacker claims to be selling 32 million Twitter log-ins. Twitter, on the other hand, says it wasn’t even hacked and that the information probably comes from other leaks and people using the same password for everything.

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