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Reports Of Twitter Changing Timelines Next Week Might Be Premature

The internet has been buzzing angrily after Buzzfeed published a post that indicated that Twitter was moving away from its timeline and towards an algorithm-generated feed next week. That might have been premature.

Wild 'Zola' Twitter Saga Will Soon Be A Movie Directed By James Franco

OK, the movie will actually be based off the Rolling Stone article that brought said Twitter saga to the world’s attention, but still — this is absolutely going to be the first film inspired by 148 tweets about a road trip involving Hooters, the “queen of hoeism”, a pimp, an exotic dancer and a plunge from a fourth-storey window.

Twitter Extends Useless Feature To More People In Desperate Plea For Attention

Twitter has had a rough year — and it’s only February. Following the departure of four executives, the company is looking for any good news to ride into its earnings call on February 10. To drum up enthusiasm about the service, Twitter is now extending a basic feature it rolled out early last year as part of its ongoing overhaul.

Werner Herzog Is Right: Twitter Is Stupid

Whenever Werner Herzog says something, you should listen. Don’t just listen because the man speaks pure poetry with an alluring German accent. Listen because he’s usually smart, if a little grumpy. Case in point: he thinks Twitter is stupid.

Twitter Has Stopped Showing Ads (To Its Favourite Users)

Stopped seeing ads on Twitter? Probably not. Because while the social network has been experimenting with showing less promotional content, it’s only for its most valuable of users.

Twitter Just Lost Four Of Its Main Execs

On Monday afternoon, Jack Dorsey confirmed that four of Twitter’s most senior executives were leaving the company, including vice presidents for media, product, engineering and human resources. Ouch.

Twitter Suffers Widespread, Sporadic Outage

Twitter has been suffering a widespread but sporadic outage during the early hours of tonight.

Stolen: App For 'Stealing' Twitter Profiles Shuts Down

It was a short-lived craze most people were alerted to last week when #StolenCode started trending worldwide. An invitation-only app for trading and selling Twitter accounts, Stolen became the most wanted app on iOS.

Periscope Feeds Now Play In Your Twitter Timeline

Despite Twitter owning Periscope, the service’s live feeds only ever showed up in timelines as links that you had to click through to. Now that’s changed, with Periscope feeds appearing and playing with Twitter itself.

Everybody Shut Up About The Fake 10,000 Character Limit On Twitter

Once again, the internet is quivering with angst over Twitter ditching its 140-character limit. A Re/code report today claims that the microblogging service will soon become much less micro by expanding that limit to 10,000 characters. Everybody calm down.

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