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Security Company Uses Tasteless Hurricane Matthew Pitch To Sell Software

FireEye is a huge security company with high profile clients like Sony Pictures. But the company’s success hasn’t stopped it from doing dumb things to grab attention. For instance, sending out a sales pitch that likens the deadly Hurricane Matthew with a cyber attack is a dumb thing to do.

Efemr Is Snapchat For Twitter, Which Can Only End Well

So yeah, efemr is a web app that scrubs tweets after the amount of time you hashtag. Want a tweet gone after five minutes? #5m. Two hours? #2h. You get the gist.

Watch: Have You Seen Jo Jo In The Stars?

Time for some animation fun. A stunning tale of love and devotion set against a bleak, nightmarish background, Jo Jo in the Stars is simply incredible.

Nikon Coolpix A: This Is How You Cram A DSLR Sensor Into A Point-and-Shoot

Regular people love everything about big DSLRs except for the “big”. Here’s Nikon’s first crack at taking the sensor from DX format DSLRs and smushing it into a point-and-shoot. Meet the Nikon Coolpix A.

This Summer's Best Water Gun

It’s hot out there, which naturally pushes us towards soaking one another with jets of cold water. Maybe you want a summertime arsenal for your kids, or maybe you’re just… youthful. Regardless, here’s the best new water gun.

Under The Hood Of The Canon EOS M: Finally, A Tiny Camera That Slays At HD Video

Canon’s compact, large-sensor camera is finally here. Until now, Canon was the last major manufacturer that didn’t offer a mirrorless, interchangeable-lens camera, and from what we can tell it was worth the wait. The Canon EOS M looks like a beast. And it’s pretty cheap, too. Get ready to swoon.

If You Need A Dedicated Watch Safe, You Probably Won't Mind This One's $88,000 Price Tag

Designed to complement the design of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s famous Barcelona chair, Döttling’s new Liberty Barcelona Watch Safe is targeted at those who can afford the finer things in life. Like $US5,000 chairs, and $88,000 safes designed to only hold timepieces.

Nothing Tells Your Guests They're Not Welcome Like Making Them Sleep In A Pod

Do you deal with visiting family members during the holidays that more than overstay their welcome? This year try putting them up in one of these Podtime tubes, they’ll quickly get the message that maybe they should have booked a hotel instead.

These Wristbands Are Officially The Most Complicated Way To Text Someone

The kids are all about texting these days, right? So Hallmark — of all companies — has created these wristbands that allow the young people to exchange simple 10 character messages. But while they’re cheaper than a mobile phone, they’re far less convenient to use.

There's A Whac-a-Mole Game Hiding In This Run-of-the-Mill Cabinet

This non-descript cabinet is the perfect addition to your stately study or office. But it has nothing to with its wood finish or stylish accents. At the push of a button it automatically opens to reveal a classic Whac-a-Mole arcade game — perfect for killing time or relieving stress.

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