Deals: Dick Smith eBay Store Sale This Weekend!

Need a new power laptop? The official Dick Smith eBay store has slashed $300 off the impressive HP Envy 17 with 17-inch display, 2.4GHz Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM and 2GB Nvidia graphics – now just $1699! Until midnight Monday you can also save $30 on Samsung’s premium 8.4-inch Galaxy Tab S and score hundreds off Samsung’s huge 65-inch Ultra HD LED TV. Here are the details.

LG 65EC970T Curved Ultra HD OLED TV: Australian Review

TVs are getting more and more advanced as this year goes on. We’ve seen curved screens, OLED panels and 4K pixel density popping up all over the place, from a bunch of different brands. But we haven’t seen all three in one TV that you can actually go out and buy. LG’s newest top-of-the-line 65-inch EC970T panel is curved, has a ridiculously high-res Ultra HD 4K resolution, and uses unique OLED tech for infinite contrast — and it is, at the moment, the perfect TV.

LG's New Curved, Ultra HD, OLED TVs Are A Triple Threat

We’ve talked in the last couple of years about the ceaseless march of R&D when it comes to the displays on TV, and the downsides that come with it. 4K is new, OLED is new, curved panels are new — and they’re (almost) never seen in the same TV. If you don’t know which is the superior tech, and which to choose for your next TV, don’t worry. LG has made the right decision for you — all of them.

TVs Explained: How To Choose The Perfect TV Size For Your Lounge Room

Gizmodo Video Guide: Picking the right size TV might seem difficult, but it’s easy once you know the rules that determine the best screen for your living space.

TVs Explained: An Introduction To Smart TVs, 3D And App Stores

Gizmodo Video Guide: You now have choice of everything from app stores on your TV, through to Smart TVs and the option of 3D support. What does it all mean? Make sure you’re up to speed before your next big screen investment.

TVs Explained: A Video Guide To Soundbars Vs. SoundPlates

Gizmodo Video Guide: Dedicated to producing great audio, Soundbars and SoundPlates make shows, movies and games all sound better than any TV on its own. Here’s what you need to know.

TVs Explained: An Introduction To 4K Ultra High Definition

Gizmodo Video Guide: One of the factors you need to consider when buying a new big screen TV is whether or not you want to get into Ultra HD (4K) resolutions. But what exactly does that mean? This beginner’s guide is a great place to start.

TVs Explained: TV Wall Mounting Mistakes To Avoid

Gizmodo Video Guide: When you’re wall-mounting a TV, there are a few mistakes that are easy to make. If you can avoid them, then your new TV will look great on your wall. Here’s what you need to know.

TV Looking A Little Small? Grab A 60-Inch Samsung LED TV For $1488

It’s hard to know the ideal time to upgrade one’s TV. Usually, you just wait until it breaks down out of warranty, but if a good deal for a larger screen pops up, it’s OK to consider a replacement based purely on inches. Bing Lee is currently offering a great price on Samsung’s 60-inch Series 6 3D LED TV, if you have a spare $1500 you don’t mind parting with.

Samsung and LG Want Your Next TV To Be Curved And Ultra HD

Samsung’s new 105-inch curved Ultra HD LED TV is coming to Australia. That’s the big news from today’s IFA 2014 press conference, where company big-wigs talked about Samsung’s mission to make curved TVs the next big thing in households around the world. LG is on board as well, with its own line-up of curved TVs on show here in Berlin.

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