TV Prices Can't Fall Much Further: 55 Inch Soniq For $800

There has to be a lower price limit for large-screen TVs, and it’s looking more and more like we’ve just hit that mark. Soniq has just announced a new 55-inch smart TV that will set you back under $800.

PSA: Retune Your Digital TVs Today, Sydney

Today is the day, Sydney. The day your digital TV signal needs to be retuned so you can keep watching all your favourite free-to-air channels. Here’s why.

From Tablets To TVs: What's Next For Display Tech In 2014

Starting in 2010 when Apple made the retina display and display quality a central theme for their product marketing, displays have moved up from the doldrums into an unprecedented renaissance of new display technologies for smartphones, tablets, TVs, and entirely new classes of products like wearable displays.

TV Buying Trends: JB Hi-Fi Is King, Harvey Norman Sheds Customers

Consumer research group Global Reviews has released a report analysing the experiences of Australians looking to buy 46-55-inch televisions online. It found that JB Hi-Fi is the most preferred online store due to a perception of having the best prices. Harvey Norman, meanwhile, has a hard time holding onto would-be customers, with the majority defecting to another retailer before making their final purchase.

Aussie Tennis Fan Smashes TV With Tablet, Blames Channel Seven

App-based competitions are fun, aren’t they? Car company Kia for the Australian Open Tennis are challenging people to return a virtual serve on their phone, but now someone has put a tablet through a TV trying to beat the game. It’s the Wiimote catastrophe all over again. Does nobody ever learn?

LG webOS TV Australian Hands-On: Smart TVs Are About To Suck Less

Smart TVs are suffering from the same problem that most phone vendors suffered from when they first got “smart”: the UI and the software usually sucks. Thankfully, LG has resurrected an old soldier to fight the battle for your entertainment dollars. Welcome back, webOS!

Sony's Brand New 4K TVs: No Gimmicks, Just Beautiful

Sony’s new 4K TVs are unbendingly plain but pretty much what a reasonable near-future human would really want in a giant TV: a big beautiful screen that doesn’t need extra curves or egregious size to give you eyegasms. It’s the type of TV that will end up trickling down into our living rooms because there aren’t any gimmicks that’ll be forgotten about the next time someone wants to throw needless features on the wall and see what sticks.

Roku Is Making An Actual TV

You love the Roku but you hate your smart TV? All your dreams might soon come true, because Roku is putting its technology inside of an actual television set, available in the coming months.

LG's Giant Curved 4K OLED TVs Will Explode Your Mind

Having already divulged its 105-inch LCD UltraHD television earlier this month, LG has unwrapped its super-premium lineup of 4K OLEDs going into CES (the big Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas this week. Welcome to the curve.