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Why You Will Never Be Safe From Spoilers On The Internet

A couple years ago, I wanted to find out the name of the actor who played my favourite character on House of Cards, so I googled the character. Big mistake. The very first Google search result was the character’s House of Cards Wikia page — including date of death. I didn’t even have to click on the link. Spoiled.

Samsung Galaxy View Review: I Love This Magical Slab Of Content

I love movies. I first watched Annie Hall on my phone. I fill my tablet with movies and watch them on planes. I still watch movies on my laptop, even when there’s an actual television just a few feet away. This is why the Samsung Galaxy View feels so terribly intriguing.

How Netflix Could've Looked In The 1950s

The Phlico Predicta was a TV that, in design terms at least, was way ahead of its time. But what if it had come loaded with Netflix? Well, that’s what a bunch of Netflix engineers wondered, too — so they decided to adapt one of the 1950s TV sets so that they could watch the streaming service on its ageing screen.

Continuum Creator's Next Project Is A Zombie Detective Show

Simon Barry’s time-tripping, sci-fi series Continuum might have wrapped up, but its creator has no plans to sit put. Despite arguments to the contrary, zombies never seem to go out of fashion entirely so it should be no surprise that Barry’s next project involves an undead detective.

Chromecast (2015) Review: Smaller, Faster, And Totally Worth It

Two years ago the Google god in the sky gave unto us a $50 dollar media-streaming dongle, and lo, it was good. Pretty good anyway, and it got better with software updates, but it still has lagging tendencies. Well, it’s 2015 baby, so what’s the new Chromecast got? Less lag! And… that’s pretty much it. But honestly, that might be enough.

The New Apple TV Is Coming Next Week

We knew Apple’s new TV set-top box would be coming soon, but now we’ve got a date.

10 Comedies You Should Be Watching on Stan

Stan has landed on Playstation and to celebrate, here are 10 comedies available to view anytime, anywhere, on Stan that will keep the good mood keeping on. A range of side-splitters from the US, UK and Australia make the cut, and there’s a sneaky little bonus at the end. Go forth and laugh.

The Simpsons' Family Car Is Now Immortalised As A Hot Wheels

Everything from exotic super cars, to blue collar pickup trucks, to even the Goodyear blimp has gotten the Hot Wheels treatment. And now, after over a quarter century on TV, so has the nondescript pink sedan that the Simpson family drives all over Springfield.

CSI: Cyber And The Fake Side Piece Tinder Hacker 

The plotlines on CSI :Cyber are daft bordering on absurd, but tonight’s episode wins a special Incompetency Award for inadvertently portraying the Cybercrimes Division as a thoroughly corrupt place to work.

Stan And PlayStation Join Forces

Mashing extra entertainment into Australia’s fastest selling gaming console, Stan will soon be available on the PlayStation 3 and 4. There is even a nice little bonus for new Stan users.

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