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The BBC Wants To Bring Back Time Commanders

If you’re not from the UK, that headline is probably bound to elicit a confused face rather than the excitement it deserves. Allow me to explain!

And Now, Presenting Gillian Anderson As Marilyn Monroe For American Gods

Look, we rarely need an excuse to post about the honest-to-gods delight that is Gillian Anderson. But American Gods just gave us a damn good reason to do so anyway.

Arrow Is Adding One Of DC's Weirdest Vigilantes For Season Five

Ragman is coming to Arrow. Yes, Ragman! The CW/DC universe’s propensity for getting delightfully all-in on as much DC Comics history they can get their hands on is well known, but even then, this is a surprise.

This Orphan Black Blooper Reel Shows The Mistake Tatiana Maslany Must Make All The Time

Video: With the fourth season already over, Orphan Black decided to have a bit of fun at its Comic-Con panel. In addition to forcing the actors to ad-lib scenes as their characters, BBC America released a blooper reel which has got to be a constant problem for Tatiana Maslany,.

Ghost Rider Is Coming To Agents Of SHIELD 

Well, this is a surprise. Ghost Rider is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but not for a movie — and perhaps not the incarnation of the Ghost Rider you were expecting.

Here's Your First Look At The American Gods TV Series

Video: We’ve had oodles of perfect casting announcements, we’ve had some delectable teaser images, and now, it’s finally here: Our first look at Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, brought to life.

Image Comics' Deadly Class Is Coming To TV, Courtesy Of The Russo Brothers

Rick Remender, Wes Craig and Lee Loughridge’s Deadly Class has been one of the most interesting books coming out of Image Comics in the past few years — and it looks like Sony’s been paying attention. The company is now bringing it to TV, and have tasked Infinity War helmers Anthony and Joe Russo to produce it.

iView Is Now Streaming Every Live ABC TV Channel

Time to throw away your TV antenna. Every single one of the ABC’s channels can now be streamed live through the national broadcaster’s iView website or through the iView apps for iOS and Android.

Supergirl Has Found Its Maggie Sawyer

Recent rumblings surrounding the arrival of a few DC comics characters making their way to Supergirl season two teased that the show could be introducing its own take on Maggie Sawyer, a police officer who was the one-time fiancée of Batwoman. But good news! Those rumours were true, and Maggs is heading to National City.

How Outlander Made A Show Without Any Surprises So Damn Good

How do you make a show in which the audience already knows everything that’s going to happen in it? That’s the challenge Outlander seems to have set itself and it’s one it’s met with shocking skill.

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