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Kevin Feige Has At Least One Decent Reason For Keeping Marvel's Netflix Heroes Out Of The Movies

Marvel has been signalling pretty strongly that fans shouldn’t hold hope for the cast of Agents of SHIELD to appear in the movieverse anytime soon — but now head studio honcho Kevin Feige is signalling the same for the company’s Netflix heroes. At least, however, he offers a solid explanation as to why they’re not showing up.

Arrow Is Finally Having Some Fun, But It Still Needs Focus

Way too many things were going on in last night’s Arrow — and none of them were really related to the ongoing arc of this current season. Thankfully, one of the things that did happen was so thoroughly enjoyable and fun that it made the maelstrom of too many things disappear for a few, glorious minutes.

A Certain Character Is Finally Returning To Game Of Thrones Next Season

It’s been rumoured for a while, but we’ve finally gotten confirmation that a certain character, long absent character who has not appeared on Game of Thrones in many years, will be re-appearing in season seven.

Fox's Mutant TV Show Legion Is Looking Crazy Good

Emphasis on the crazy, as this great new promo for the show about David Haller — the incredibly powerful telepathic and telekinetic mutant who may or may not be Professor X’s son — so ably demonstrates. It was accompanied by a release date for the show, which will premiere this February.

The Most Important Piece Of Advice Passed Down Between Doctor Who Companions

The role of the companion on Doctor Who has a legacy over 50 years in the making — there are expectations and demands on them that are almost as heavy as the ones put upon those taking on the role of the Doctor. So what’s the one piece of wisdom that’s been shared between Doctor Who‘s last three companions? It’s… not what you’d expect.

VHS Tapes Were Awesome, But Were They Bad? An Investigation

I have to take issue with the title of this video, VHS tapes were not “bad”. They were great. They were incredible little movie-playing contraptions that snapped, rolled and clunked and they smelled weird. But yes, it is worth putting their image quality to the test, so let this video walk you through it in the hi-def era.

Legends Of Tomorrow Wants To Be Doctor Who With Superheroes, And That's Just Fine By Me

There was a lot of excitement surrounding Legends of Tomorrow‘s first season, but for all the fun of its mish-mashed premise, things never really seemingly clicked until the end — by which point, most people had already checked out. Thankfully, last night’s second season premiere was a strong new start, and fun as hell.

The Power Rangers Movie Trailer Is Much More Radical (But Still Kind Of Boring) With The Original Show's Footage

Video: Last weekend at New York Comic Con we got our first proper look at the Power Rangers movie — and it was kinda boring. It was overtly serious, and nothing like what you’d expect from a bright and action-packed series like Power Rangers. Sadly, cutting the trailer to footage from the original show does little to help.

Just Look At This Gorgeous Concept Art For The 1966 Batman Show

Batman ’66 aesthetic is burned into the very fabric of pop culture — bright lights, bold colours, biffs, boffs and kapows. But these recently resurfaced pieces of production art go behind the scenes in seeing how that aesthetic was eventually brought to life.

A Very Major Reunion Might Be Taking Place On Game Of Thrones Next Season

Game of Thrones is all about tearing apart the characters you love and stamping on what remains of your heart, right? Well, the show’s penultimate season may actually try to repair those remains with a long-awaited reunion.

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