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Twin Peaks' Synth-Infused Soundtrack Returns In A Haunting New Teaser

Video: As if we couldn’t possibly be more excited for a return to Twin Peaks next year, here’s a minute of Angelo Badalamenti playing Laura’s theme from the original show to make the wait for more even more excruciating.

Behold, The DC/CW Universe's Justice Society Of America

We’ve seen brief glimpses of the superteam in various Legends of Tomorrow stills and footage, but now we have them all together in our best look yet at this newest version of DC’s classic heroes.

More Details On How The American Gods TV Series Will Go Beyond The Novel

There’s already a ton of stuff in Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods for showrunner Bryan Fuller’s TV adaptation to cover, but now we know the series is going to start delving into less-explored areas of the book’s world of deities — especially, it seems, the mysterious Mad Sweeney.

The CW's Big DC Superhero Crossover Will Pit The Heroes Against An Alien Invasion

We already know that Kara, Barry, Ollie and the Legends are all teaming up for a one week-long crossover on the CW, and now we know why. They will all be facing a very old threat from the pages of DC Comics: The alien race best known as the Domination.

The Only Way The CW's Superhero Fight Club Can Get Even Better Is By Adding Supergirl

The CW’s original “Fight Club” ad, teaming up its DC superheroes and villains, was a bit of amazingly silly fan service. How could someone possibly improve on it? Three words: Add. Kara. Danvers.

Luke Cage's Opening Credits Are Just As Awesome As You Thought They'd Be

Video: It’s Sweet Christmas — that is, the day we get to relentlessly binge on Luke Cage — and in a now traditional move, Netflix has released the opening title sequence for the show to get everyone excited. It’s damn good stuff.

Adventure Time Comes To An End In 2018

In news that is perhaps totally unmathematical, one of Cartoon Network’s biggest shows is officially coming to its close. Six years after Finn and Jake’s adventures started, we now know they’re nearly over — but at least it won’t be for another couple of years.

John Williams' Superman Theme Makes Supergirl Even Better

Video: There’s about to be a new television version of Superman on the CW’s Supergirl show. Inevitably, someone’s thrown the classic 1978 Superman score behind the already released preview footage, but the results are brilliant.

Here's How Depressingly Close Agent Carter Was To Survival

If you’re still smarting over the loss of Agent Carter, then news of how it was close to making a return isn’t likely to help you cheer up. But according to Hayley Atwell, for a good period of time, ABC was optimistic about the show existing alongside Atwell’s new role in legal drama Conviction.

Peter Capaldi Will Appear In The First Episode Of Doctor Who Spinoff Class

It’s been rumoured for ages, but now it’s official: Peter Capaldi will appear as the Twelfth Doctor in the first episode of the BBC’s new young adult spinoff show Class.

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