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Witchblade is coming to TV... again. Image's supernatural comic series has a new show planned for NBC from the team behind Vampire Diaries, and someone out there is hoping the golden age of comic book TV can mean that the second (technically, third) time's a charm for detective Sara Pezzini.


The entirety of The Flash's third season has been about Barry Allen ignoring everyone to meddle with the past for his own gain, it going horribly wrong and then slowly, deliciously being raked over the coals for it. You'd think that experience would temper his desire to meddle with time, right? WRONG.


If you just bought a brand new Android TV, or a box that runs the Google OS, you probably want to dive straight in and explore all of the new features. You'll notice right away that it's similar to Android for your phone, but built for the big screen. Still, it can occasionally be tricky to navigate. Here are 6 tips to get you up and running as quickly as possible.