Xiaomi's New Mi TV 2: A 40-Inch Android-Powered Smart TV For $410

Xiaomi’s onslaught of affordable technology continues. The Chinese company has today launched its new 40-inch Mi TV 2: a powerful smart TV running an Android-based OS that will sell for 2000 CNY ($410 Australian).

When It Comes To Tech Dystopia, Portlandia Is Better Than Black Mirror

UK series Black Mirror is being lauded as the first show that really tells the truth about our dystopian tech destiny. But the best critique of technology in today’s culture is not this science fiction import. For the most scathing commentary on the high-tech world we’ve designed for ourselves, you have to watch Portlandia.

A New Apple TV With Siri And Apps Could Be Coming Soon

Guys, Apple is finally going to do it. The Cupertino company is finally making its next big push into the TV hardware business by mid 2015. It’s not going to be TV set (obviously) according to the ever-reliable Apple beat reporter John Paczkowski. It’s going to be a new Apple TV. With apps!

You Can Now Control Your Chromecast With A Normal TV Remote

A Chromecast is just about the cheapest (and best) way to get streaming videos onto your TV with minimum hassle, but one of the tradeoffs is that you have to control everything from your smartphone or laptop — which kinda sucks. But as of now you can at least play and pause without poking a screen.

Jeremy Clarkson Has Been Suspended From Top Gear, Next Episode Cancelled [Updated]

So we’re not sure this is going to end well. Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended from Top Gear, and this week’s episode isn’t being broadcast. Yikes!

Game Of Thrones Animated In Crude And Foul Animations Is So Much Fun

Game of Thrones is a beautiful show to watch, because the world is so interesting, the characters are so twisted, the story is so screwed up, the sets are so picturesque and the special effects are so well done. But strip all of that away and use crude animations to replace all that and somehow, it’s still a fun show to watch.

Get NetFlix On Xbox 360 and Xbox One at Launch

Netflix is finally coming to Australia on March 24. Microsoft has made sure your Xbox is ready to stream your favourite TV shows and movies from the get go and even has an exclusive free bundle with new purchases.

Telstra Now Featuring Presto

Do you use a Telstra product and like streaming the latest TV shows? The agreement between Telstra and Presto promises to help grow the new on demand TV and Movie service and offers 3 months free subscription to select users.

SBS And Stan Team Up To Bring You DIG

From the creators of Homeland and Heroes, DIG is a murder mystery thriller set amongst the intrigue of modern day Jerusalem. Better yet, it will be fast tracked from the US so we will get it on from March 6.

Try Presto Free With A 30 Day Trial

Not sure if Foxtel’s Presto TV and movie streaming service is for you? You can now try it free for 30 days. Back in January, Presto was more expensive than the competition and lacking a good selection of content –- but how does it compare today?