Netflix Is Resurrecting Inspector Gadget

Du nuh nuh nuh nuh, Inspector Gadget is coming to Netflix. The absolutely amazing ’80s gadget adventure show is being resurrected in CGI form along with the amazing ’80s spy show Danger Mouse and three other kids’ shows. The best part? This is happening very soon. Inspector Gadget premieres on March 27.

Yep, Fetch TV Is Getting Netflix

The first Aussie pay TV service to embrace the healthy spirit of competition and add Netflix to its IPTV repertoire, upon that US streaming giant’s imminent local launch, has been announced — and it’s fan favourite Fetch TV. (Let’s be honest with ourselves, though — Foxtel wasn’t going to jump on board too quick.)

BattleBots Is Back In The US After Ten Years And It's Bound To Be Incredible

BattleBots is coming back to US television. This winter, homemade robots will battle to the death on television, just as Asimov intended. They will be faster and stronger than ever before. Which makes sense, because the last time BattleBots was on television was over a decade ago. Imagine what they could do now.

Apple Is In Talks About Its Own Web TV Service (Again)

Apple has a long and tortured history when it comes to the development of its own TV offering. But now, it seems Apple may be trying once more to build its own small-screen provision.

Foxtel's Presto TV Streaming Is Overpriced And Lacking Content

Late last year, Foxtel announced plans to expand its Presto streaming service to include TV as well as movies — a clear attempt to make its mark before the launch of Netflix and Stan. Foxtel has now quietly launched the service — so what does it cost and what do you get?

We Still Don't Know (Exactly) When Netflix Is Launching In Australia

An Aussie tech website is suggesting that Netflix will launch in Australia on March 31, and everyone is jumping on the same bandwagon, but sources for that information are more than a little fuzzy. I’m not suggesting that info is wrong per se, but I think there’s more to the story.

Season 5 Of Game Of Thrones Premieres April 12

We now know when the next season of Game Of Thrones will hit TV screens — in the US, at least. Hey, it’s only three (long, grueling, painful) months away!

Look Out HDMI And DisplayPort, There's A New Cable In Town

Ever heard of Mobile High-Definition Link, or MHL for short? Today, it’s a way to connect a smartphone to a HDTV or monitor via microUSB. But the new SuperMHL could challenge HDMI and DisplayPort dominance over your entire home theatre.

The CIA Has To Approve Every Script For Spy Drama 'The Americans'

The Cold War TV spy drama The Americans is a fictional account of two Soviet spies living in the United States. It may be fiction, but that doesn’t stop American intelligence agencies from being concerned about the show’s content. In fact, the CIA has to approve every script before it’s even shot.

When Will 1958's World-Wide TV Of The Future Finally Get Here? 

The living room of the future was supposed to be interactive. It was supposed to have all the world’s media at your fingertips. And above all, it was supposed to have a big arse TV. Today, Americans can buy enormous TVs for relatively cheap. But we’re still waiting on this wall-to-wall TV of the future from 1958.