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When we think about the future these days, it can often look bleak. That's true of both reality and in fiction, since we tend to create futures that reflect the present, so they feel more real. But since there's more than enough uncertainty and darkness in real life currently, here are some worlds I turn to when I need to remember there's still hope for the future.


The CW/DC Universe has already handled some of the weirdest sides of world of DC Comics — but you have to admire its gung-ho desire to bring some of its most bizarre concepts to the big screen. Arrow did Ragman, Flash got Grodd and now Supergirl is getting everyone's favourite wanderer of the fifth dimension, Mr Mxyzptlk.


Video: We finally have our first good glimpse at the CW's take on the world of Archie Comics, and honestly, I shouldn't even have to tell you that this is from the CW. It has more teen drama than you can shake a Riverdale High cheerleader's pom-pom at — which might as well be a giant neon sign screaming, "HEY WE'RE ON THE CW." It looks great.


National Geographic's new TV miniseries Mars has a message for the people of Earth: Colonising the Red Planet is not a pipe dream. In fact, it's achievable within a generation. Unfortunately, in the first few episodes at least, that message smothers the show's ability to tell a good story. Mars is much more enjoyable when it's not trying to cram facts, figures and carefully scripted interviews down our throats.


Half a century has passed since the "Power of the Daleks" storyline aired on Doctor Who, arguably the series' boldest moment — the first test to see if the show's wild idea to rejuvenate its star with a new actor would work (spoilers: it did). But re-watching it this week has given me an altogether different appreciation for the story.