What If We Dressed Like Our Social Networks?

We all spend so much damn time looking at them; what if we started… being a bit like them too? In this photo shoot, Viktorija Pashuta imagined a world where we started dressing like our social networks. The results are… slightly disturbing.

The Very First Wikipedia Entries For 19 Tech Icons

Single-serving tumblrs tend to fizzle out and die before their first day is even up, but First Drafts of History might actually have some staying power. Because when it comes to hunting down the more delightfully bizarre of Wikipedia’s first entries, there’s enough material to last a lifetime.

Tumblr's OS X App Is A Full-Screen Tumblr, Because Nothing Else Matters

Tumblr just launched a weirdly bare-bones app for Apple’s new OS X Yosemite. If you have a Mac and you download it, you’ll be able to post to Tumblr from elsewhere on the web using a “Share” button.

Flash Just Patched A Huge Security Flaw

Adobe just patched up a gaping security flaw that could affect anyone who logs on to eBay, Tumblr, Instagram or other popular sites. If you’re a person who visits any of those domains (or, really, any website out there that might use Flash), you really should update right now.

Amazing Tumblr Reminds Us That Particle Physics Is A Lonely Pursuit

CERN is home to some of the brightest minds in science and the origin of some of physics’ biggest findings — but this Tumblr serves as a reminder that particle physics is a very lonely pursuit indeed.

You Could Learn Art History From These Amazing Manicures

These nails are sporting an unmistakable dose of Basquiat with a smattering of Warhol. It’s not a rendering — it’s real, hand-painted nail art, taken from Nail Art History, a brand new Tumblr that showcases some very impressive manicures based rather accurately on real works of modern art.

Man Photoshops Technology Into 15th Century Paintings, Hilarity Ensues


Not everyone appreciates a GIF. And not everyone appreciates an early Renaissance masterpiece. But there’s more audience overlap than you’d think. Just ask Scorpion Dagger, née James Kerr, an artist whose GIFs feature subjects from 15th century paintings creeping on Instagram and unfriending each other on Facebook.

When Photoshop's Content-Aware Fill Screws Up It Makes Art

Photoshop is amazingly powerful. But like any other program it’s limited. Sometimes hilariously so. And content-aware fill is an example of an amazing feature that’s still in the grey area between amazing and really off base.

IBM's Fractalizer Turns Any Tumblr Into A Trippy Fractal

IBM’s engineers must have been at a loose end, because they’ve just launched a new site called the IBMblr Fractalizer, which takes any Tumblr and spits it out as a series of fractals.

Simple, Waterproof Camera Automatically Shares Your Shots Online

Samsung’s Android-powered Galaxy Camera was the first dedicated shooter that let users instantly upload their photos to their favourite social networks. And while it offered better image quality and controls over a smartphone’s built-in camera, at $599, plus the cost of a data plan, it was a tough sell. But at just $200, plus a monthly fee to your local carrier, theQ camera is a slightly sweeter deal.