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Why Did It Take So Long For YouTube To Do Live Streaming For Mobile?

Yesterday, YouTube announced the launch mobile live streaming capabilities for select users, a service that will compete with Periscope and Facebook Live.

Tumblr Wants In On Live Video Too

Like a little kid tagging along after its siblings, Tumblr has decided it wants to join the fun with live video too.

Gillian Anderson Has A Tumblr, And It Is Perfection

Gillian Anderson is, in many ways (including “all of them”), a delight. And yet somehow she has managed to out-delight herself by setting up her own Tumblr. I kid you not, it’s called Chewie’s Girlfriend.

Trust Me, Cheetos And Tequila Don't Mix

The internet has been my gateway to a lot of confusing, upsetting, and offensive stuff. But lately the thing that’s caused me the most revulsion has been a photoset of someone pouring tequila into a mason jar full of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. “How much do you have to hate yourself to do this,” one of the post’s replies read. Buddy, you have no idea.

A Hillary Clinton Salsa Dancing Email Mystery In Two Parts

The State Department released its latest Hillary Clinton email dump yesterday, and I did it. I found two mysteries in one email. The email is from the last email release on October 30…………..yet it has been bizarrely silenced by the mainstream media. No longer!

Tumblr Just Launched A Fashion Line

So this is a thing that actually happened. Yesterday at New York Fashion Week, Tumblr debuted its very own line of dresses, shirts, sweaters and accessories — inspired by ten of the social network’s artists.

Captain America: Civil War Already Has A Meme

The clash of superheroes movie doesn’t come out until May 2016. That hasn’t stopped the Internet.

The First-Ever Cat Convention Pretty Much Broke The Internets

Last weekend, CatCon took the internet by storm. 10,000 people descended on the convention in LA, which featured appearances by celebrity cats, cat-centric panels, and all the cat swag you could shake a stick with a dangling feather at.

Tumblr Now Has A GIF Search Feature

Long before Giphy existed, Tumblr was a home for our animated treasures. Now, the blogging platform is making it easier for us to comb through its vast collection of GIFs and add them to our posts than ever before, with the rollout of its very own GIF search engine.

Look At All These Tech Panels That Are Only Dudes

We know that Silicon Valley has a women problem, and it’s not just at Pied Piper. Even worse, perhaps, is what happens when these mostly-male tech companies are invited to talk about their success with other mostly-male tech companies at public events. It’s not at all unusual to see seven penises onstage without a vagina in sight.

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