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Google Has Turned On Its US-Japan Undersea Cable 

After two years of building, the undersea cable Google built between the US and Japan is now live.

Here Is What Tomorrow's First Full-Scale Test Of The Hyperloop Will Look Like

Tomorrow, in the Nevada desert, one of the companies working to develop a hyperloop will deliver a proof of concept — the first full-scale demonstration of the transportation technology that will be able to ravel at speeds over 483km/h, radically changing the future of transit along the way.

Is The Humble Garbo About To Be Sucked Away?

Sydney City Council is considering a plan to swap out garbage trucks for high-powered vacuum garbage tubes. Kind of like Futurama, but with trash rather than people. Unless you stuffed people in there. Which I’m legally obliged to point out would be a very bad idea indeed.

Here's What People Used Before LCDs

In the 1950s, folks didn’t have snazzy LCD displays, but they did have cold cathode neon readout tubes. Let’s take a look inside one of the more popular brands of these tubes – the NIXIE – and marvel over its clever design.

Newly Discovered Hole On Moon Leads To Network Of Tubes

Images have revealed a hole on the Moon’s surface that is at least 80 metres deep and may lead to an underground tunnel more than 365 metres wide which is part of an entire network of such winding tubes.

Lexon Stuffs FM Radio Into a Twisty Tube

Who doesn’t love tubes? This Lexon tube looks like something you would shoot down a pipe at the bank, but it’s actually an FM radio that you twist to turn stations. [Singulier via Aquire]

15 Pneumatic Tube Messaging Systems

Before the internet, an actual series of tubes really was the best way to transport messages quickly. OObject has complied an amazing list of these systems—some dating as far back as the 19th century. [OObject]

USB Tube Clock Possibly the Most Expensive Object from Brando Ever

Brando’s tube clock with USB connection is, at US$70, possibly the most ‘spenny thing that Brando has ever produced. Six tubes display the hours, minutes and seconds, and it connects via USB to your laptop or computer. Lets not forget that B&W already made a Tube Clock, but it’s three times the price of the Brando and not powered by USB. So way to go Brando for knockin’ this one off. Bonus shot is below.

Booze in Tubes to Revolutionize High School Parties Everywhere

Do you like fruity alcoholic beverages that allow you to get wasted without ever really tasting the booze in your drinks? Are you a functional alcoholic on the go? Good news! GO Wodka is a new line of fruity hooch that comes packaged in portable, toothpaste-like tubes. No one will suspect that you’re actually sucking GO Wodka Extreme Raspberry (10.5% ABV) out of that pink tube while walking down the sidewalk, at least until you puke out a big pile of neon bile all over the place. You’ve always been so classy. [Product Page via Book of Joe]

Fatman's Mothership - The $9897 Tube Amp

Moving just slightly up from their iTube iPod dock, Fatman’s just birthed this Mothership tube amp. The £5000 ($9897) amp has 200 watts per channel, vacuum tube preamps, and other crazy stuff that most of us will never need. Oh, and they recommend that you don’t use the 128kbps music you download from iTunes as a source for an amp that costs almost ten grand. It’d be like paying for a lady escort and having her go fetch your dry cleaning. Fatman via Shiny Shiny]

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