This Futuristic Truck Was Actually Designed By Walmart

With 7000 tractor trailers currently in its fleet, it makes sense that Walmart would have a vested interest in designing more efficient delivery vehicles. The company’s new ultra-aerodynamic Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience — or WAVE — concept is lighter and more fuel efficient than other trucks on the market, and can run on almost any fuel short of nuclear power.

Monster Machines: The World's Fastest Jet-Truck

How do you move 2700kg of Peter built tractor-trailer 400m in less time than it takes to read this sentence? By strapping on a trio of jet engines, obviously.

Crazy Video: Heavy Military Trucks Being Dropped From A Plane

“Some heavy big trucks being dropped from a military plane in the middle of the night,” says the video description, “huge machines, being launched at incredible speed!” Indeed. I love the faces of those soldiers waiting to jump after the trucks:

7 Repurposed Military Vehicles Hiding Out In Civilian Life

It’s no mystery that technology developed to fight wars comes in handy during peacetime. From duct tape to the internet, some of the most important pieces of modern technology were developed by the military. Badass vehicles are no exception.

Monster Machines: These Autonomous Dump Trucks Let Mines Operate Around The Clock

As the pace of robotic integration into the modern workforce continues to increase, automatons are finding their way into an ever wider variety of industries. Already making an impact in the agricultural sector, automatons are now poised to perform the task of driving massive, house-sized mining trucks — a job once held only by highly-skilled and highly-paid human drivers.

Monster Machines: World's Biggest Dump Truck Can Haul A Staggering 450 Tonnes

What looks like a small apartment complex is actually the biggest vehicle man has ever dared to put on eight wheels. Designed and built by a Belarusian company called BelAZ, the 75710 (come on, you couldn’t have thrown the word mega in there?) itself weighs over 800 tonnes and can haul close to 450 tonnes of mined rock.

These Gorgeous Black And White Photos Turn Truckstops Into Art

Sometimes it feels like the romance of the road is lost at truck stops. Those oases of diesel fuel and stale coffee seem too industrial, too pragmatic to fit into a Kerouac-style vision of road tripping. Photographer Michael Massaia lends some highbrow class to the truck stop with his series Seeing the Black Dog. Suddenly, those hulking 18-wheelers look gorgeous.

Monster Machines: The Seaweed-Sucking Truck That Cleans Beaches

Keeping Alicante’s miles of shoreline pristine for the multitudes of beachgoers that congregate to the Mediterranean city every year is no small feat — what with all the seaweed that washes up there. Problem is, the city’s existing seaweed mitigation techniques end up eroding the beaches they’re meant to clean. This automated seaweed collector, however, removes all of the plant matter and none of the sand.

GM's Vibrating Seats Might Be More Startling Than Accidental Drifts

It’s designed to make driving safer, particularly after a long day at work or a tiring road trip, but GM’s haptic seat technology that lets you know when you start unintentionally changing lanes might be even scarier than the drift.

Monster Machines: New 'Super Truck' Gets 4.2km/L -- Double The Big Rig Average

More than two million semis travel some 190,000km apiece along America’s arterial highways every year at an average efficiency of just 2.55km per litre of diesel — not even Hummers are that wasteful. However, a new “Super Truck” design by Peterbilt has shown it can go the same distance for half the fuel.