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How Many Famous Movie Props Can You Spot In This Epic Battle?

Video: The filmmakers from Sneaky Zebra are back with a sequel to a 2013 short film called Prop Wars, where countless movie replicas are used in an epic battle between a group of friends. Prop Wars: Prop Harder draws its inspiration from countless blockbusters including Tron: Legacy, The Force Awakens, Men In Black, Evil Dead and even the endless Marvel movies, but half the fun is trying to spot the less-obvious references and nods.

Find Out How DC And Marvel Actually Create Their Memorable Superhero Costumes

Video: On a comedy or drama, a costume designer’s job is pretty straightforward. Design, then either buy or create, the clothes that will be worn in the film. But on a superhero movie, once you design the costumes, they can’t be bought in a store — they have to physically be constructed. One of the companies who does this is Ironhead Studios.

Tron 3 Is Filming Later This Year

There’s a new Tron movie in the works at Disney. The director of 2010’s Tron: Legacy is behind it, and that’s about all we know right now, but we’re excited.

These Tron Concept Designs Still Make Me Dream Of An Awesome Future

If you watched the movie, you have seen Daniel Simon’s amazing work for Tron Legacy on the big screen. I did too, but I don’t get tired of seeing his original concept art and admire his flawless work. A sleek vision of an alternative world that still makes me dream of a far-away future.

Oblivion Review: The End Of The World In Beautiful 4K

Seriously. If anyone is going to orchestrate a real-world apocalypse, I hope they get some input from the creator of Oblivion Joseph Kosinski. Welcome to the first post-apocalyptic wasteland you actually want to be in.

Listen To Oblivion Director Joseph Kosinski Talk About His Awesome Movie...And Tron 3!

Oblivion from director Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy) hits Australian screens later this month, and it looks amazing. Before bums hit seats, however, Kosinski has opened up about the project, the soundtrack by M83 and the rumoured Tron: Legacy sequel.

Tron: Legacy Sequel Is Reportedly In The Works

The sequel to the 2010 cult reboot Tron: Legacy is coming. Or that’s the case, according to The Hollywood Reporter, an outlet pretty clued in to this sort of thing…

Monday Night Movie: The Making Of TRON

TRON and Tron: Legacy are two of the most seminal movies for geeks the world over. Now on the original film’s 30th birthday, it’s time to go back to The Grid and relive the magic with the making-of documentary.

Celebrate TRON's 30th Anniversary With The Best In TRON-Inspired Tech

TRON was released to over 1000 screens in the US on this day 30 years ago. Now on TRON‘s 30th birthday and with a successful sequel under its belt, it’s time to take a look at some of the best real world creations the TRON franchise has inspired over three decades.

Tron: Legacy Finally Gets Its Pinball Port

To the dedicated pinball enthusiast, the existence of a Tron: Legacy pinball table won’t be a surprise. But Stern Pinball, the company still cranking out pins, made its latest pinball machine extra official today with word from Disney.

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