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The LA Dodgers Got Its Name From Brooklyn's Deadly Streetcars

Most people know that the blue-hatted Los Angeles Dodgers were once the Brooklyn Dodgers. But while you may have assumed that the “Dodgers” moniker referred to avoiding a tag or stealing a base, the true story is more complicated. That’s because the Brooklyn Dodgers were once the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers — and those trolleys were deadly.

We Should All Be Using Vacant Tram Tracks For Personal Pallet Trains

Trams and light rail trains are great for getting around a city and all, but they’re just sitting there empty a lot of the time, just begging you to trip over them. So why not turn that underused resource into a new form of mobility: A DIY pallet-train for one?

Infrared Shopping Trolleys Hit Brisbane Next Month

Shopping is about to hit the 21st century. IGA stores in NSW and Victoria have been trialling the infrared enabled trolleys for the past few months, but next month the Carindale IGA in Brisbane is getting the new trolley for real. And it will blow your mind.

Reporting Lost Shopping Trolleys? There's A Web App For That...

Woolworths has decided to take the fight against trolley theft and misuse to the world of apps, by launching a web app that lets users report lost or stolen trolleys location using their smartphones. So, who’s going to use it?

The Bicycle That Is Also A Shopping Cart

The transforming Ville concept folding bicycle is no mere bike – it is a bike-slash-shopping trolley hybrid vehicle for the 21st century eco-friendly consumer. It is bicycle and grocery containment in one convenient form factor.

Old Shopping Trolleys Aren't Just For Bums Anymore

As designer Ramon Coronado demonstrates, if you cut ’em up and rearrange the parts, you can actually make some really cool furniture.

UpCart Puts a Literal Twist On The Old Fashioned Shopping Cart

I’ll admit, the standard shopping cart is probably overdue for an upgrade, but I don’t see much potential in the UpCart swiveling bins.

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