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What Happened On The Internet In 2012 In Numbers

It’s still that part of the new year where you forget it’s actually 2013 and not 2012, so we can still wrap up last year without feeling like it’s too late, right? Anyway. If you were curious as to what happened on the internet in 2012 in numbers, like how many emails were sent or how many people used the internet, you can find that all out here.

Google's Flu Tracker Shows Australia Fares Better Than Most

We can be big babies when it comes to dealing with the flu — but that’s only because we’re used to being a healthy, happy bunch of people. Google’s influenza tracker shows just how well Australia fares compared to some European countries and the US.

Facebook's 2012 Trend Report Reveals What Really Matters To Australians

Twitter did it, and then Google did it, and now Facebook has done it too with its fancy trend report for 2012. What did we talk about the most this year? Where did we insist on checking in? What were our favourite songs? And what does it say about us as Australians?

Dumbphones Are Not The Answer To Smartphone Addiction

We look at the constantly rising numbers for smartphone adoption and just sort of assume that sooner or later, everyone’s going to get on board with this thing. But there are some people, young people, who are sticking to dumbphones, and cutting ties with their smartphones. And it’s kind of dumb.

This Is How We Googled In 2011

I Hope Temporary Teeth Tattoos Never Become Popular Here

Trend hunters in Japan say the island nation’s latest fad is for people to stick temporary tattoos to their teeth. If these pics are any indication, it looks as if someone’s teeth are falling apart.

Man Dies Due To A New Facebook Craze Called "Planking"

An Australian man plunged to his death today, with officials saying the fall was due to a new Facebook phenomenon called planking. Planking, or strategically lying on peculiar things and snapping a picture of it, suddenly seems less fun.

Google Mobile Survey Reveals Tablets Are Attacking Television

We’ve heard it said backward and forward that tablets are eating into laptop sales, but rarely if ever do we hear much about the tablet’s influence on TV watching. Turns out all those iPads are disrupting that experience too.

Today's Texting Teenagers Are Ridiculous

Teenagers! Always on call. Especially here in Boston, where many of them—we’ve come to discover thanks to the Boston Globe—sleep with mobile phones under their pillow. Important texts (“Seeing if you’re awake”) simply cannot be missed!

How A Topic Trends On Twitter

Mummy, where do trending topics come from? According to HP’s Social Computing Research Group, maybe not where you think.

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