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Amazon's New Offices Will Contain Literal Jungle

Employee perks at some companies include watery coffee all day and maybe a ping-pong table. Employee perks at Amazon will soon include treehouses where engineers commune with nature to refresh their minds and meet in rooms with walls crawling with vines.

Adults Who Live In Treehouses Aren't As Weird As You Might Think

Before I was born, my mum lived in a treehouse in the Smoky Mountains and had a pet goat with one ear. His name was Van Goat. This was the late ’70s, and even then it was a unique lifestyle. But my how treehouse culture has evolved.

I Want To Spend All Weekend In This Treehouse Perched Over A Pond

Like a tiny wooden spaceship, this two-storey treehouse by the German treehouse design specialists at Baumraum is picturesquely perched over a pond, as if it’s preparing for blast off.

13 Ingenious Treehouses That Go Out On A Limb

Living in a treehouse is indisputably incredible. Sure, you might be roughing it a little bit, considering there’s a climb and the trees are flammable (thus limiting your cooking capabilities). But the views and the experience are unmatched.

Awesome Grandparents Build Awesome Treehouse Mansion For Grandkids

It’s nice to be a grandparent, because you can enjoy spending time with your grandkids without worrying about the minutia of parenting. Plus, it’s your second go around with little rascals, so you get to have fun with it. Like Steve and Jeri Wakefield, two grandparents who are having so much fun at being awesome grandparents that they built their grandkids this amazing treehouse mansion.

Q&A With The Mastermind Of This Amazing Rain Forest Treehouse

Did you see Return of the Jedi as a kid and wish you could live in the trees in the middle of the bush, but your family and friends would all be connected in a community? Guess what: now that exists.

This Treehouse Tenement Houses 76 Birds And One Human

Birds are awesome. From a distance. Up close they are terrifying, startling creatures that will crap on you and swoop unexpectedly into your face, making you scramble to hit the deck. Now an avian slumlord has created a bird tenement capable of containing 76 birds — and one strange human — at a time.

Amazing Treehouse Matches Its Setting Perfectly

You: I wanna put in a treehouse. Council: Hell no, it won’t match our ugly exteriors. You: Oh yeah?

This Amazing Treehouse Is Hidden On Whistler Mountain

The HemLoft is a beautiful egg-shaped treehouse built on Whistler Mountain. It’s magnificent, but because it was built in secret on government land, the fate of the wonderful orb is uncertain.

This Is How People Live In A Real-Life Ewoks Village

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Two years ago I told you about Bellavista, the stunning treehouse community in Costa Rica’s forests that looks like the Ewoks’ village in Endor. They just upgraded it with 7.2mbps 3G access, and now they run 100 per cent on solar power.

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