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These Colourful Plates Might Remind You Of High School Geometry

Beware if you’re entertaining guests with these kaleido trays. You could find yourself spending hours placing them into different geometric shapes and arrangements.

TV Tray For Holding A Kinect Sensor, PlayStation Eye, Car Keys

When you’re parked infront of the gogglebox with your TV tray, don’t you think your TV is missing some of the fun? Screw a $US40 ScreenDeck into the TV’s VESA holes to hold up his peripherals too. [Amazon via Unplggd]

House Your Wireless Apple Products In A Nice Wooden Tray

Keep your wireless keyboard, Magic Trackpad and Apple remote neat, perfectly placed and right at your fingertips. For those of us who don’t have the full collection, there are three variations of this black walnut keyboard tray, so no worries.

God Bless America, But Mostly Just The Freedom Tray

What does the Freedom Tray do? Lots of stuff, ok? Shut up. Is this a patriotic tray? Yeah, that’s more like it.

Sushi-Ushi Sushi Tray Is More Delicious Than Actual Sushi

Vikki Smyth is a designer that makes food presentation and table-top sets for high end hotels (W, Wynn’s places). Her signature piece, the Sushi-Ushi sushi tray, is gorgeous, and upstages anything that’s placed on it.

Sensor Tray Lamp Is Pretty, Will Probably Never Hold My Stuff

Kazuya Koike’s Sensor Tray Lamp, an ABS resin and polycarbonate tray which uses four LED lamps to light up when you put something on top, is one of those ideas that would be perfect if you were organised enough to always put your personal stuff on the same place. Knowing me, its cool design—available in sand white, charcoal grey, and wenge brown—would probably disappear in a mountain of unopened mail and bills in its first week here. If you are one of those organised people, however, you may want to buy it for US$77. [Ideaco via Apartment Theraphy]

Royal VKB Self-Balancing Tray Keeps the Party Off the Floor

With the holidays rapidly approaching, people will most likely be doing a bit of entertaining, and after a few glasses of your aunt’s famous eggnog, carrying that tray of hors d’oeuvres becomes quite a challenge. This self-balancing serving tray—whose arm is positioned in such as way to make it hard to tip—could be just the ticket to save a plate full of stuffed mushroom caps. The 15″ tray features a handle for one-handed carries, leaving that second hand free for your beverage. Another bonus: The handle lets you carry breakables closer to the ground, reducing the chance of major catastrophe. Available in green or blue, it sells for $US60. [A+R Store via DVICE]

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