This Greek Island Is The Perfect Paradise -- And Supervillain Hideout

This amazing place is Monemvasia, a fortified town that resisted a siege of more than three years located on a tiny island in the Peloponnese sea connected to continental Greece through a bridge. I want to be in one of those terraces, eating black olives and seafood.

A Year Of Presidential Travel, Mapped

In 2014, US President Obama travelled a bewildering over 188,000 miles (302,557km) — at least according to the best estimates of the Washington Post. This maps shows where he went.

Parahawking: An Actual Sport That Mixes Paragliding And GIANT BIRDS

Parahawking is falconry in flight. Just with a vulture. There’s only one place in the world you can do it: Pokhara, Nepal and doing it is as awesome as it sounds.

An 86-Year-Old Woman Has Been Living On Cruise Ships For A Decade

Meet Mama Lee. Mama Lee is 86 years old, enjoys ballroom dancing, and has been a full-time resident of a cruise ship for the past 10 years. It costs her about $US164,000 a year, but it really sounds like she’s loving her permanent holiday.

eBay Australia Is Now Removing Auctions For Qantas Club Guest Passes

It’s no secret that there’s quite the market for Qantas Club guest passes on eBay and if you’re looking to pop into a lounge without the requisite credentials, a quick browse through the site’s auctions will undoubtedly turn up a pass or ten to satisfy your waiting-in-luxury needs. Well, that was the case up until now, with eBay Australia recently going on a Qantas pass purge.

Williamsburg Brooklyn Is Getting A Luxury Microtel Because Hipsters

Williamsburg is filled with hip restaurants, hip boutiques, hip bars, and hipsters. But if you don’t live there, there aren’t really any hotel options in the increasingly popular and overpriced Brooklyn neighbourhood. Tourists don’t want stay in Manhattan and cross the East River for their artisanal cheese needs. Williamsburg has a hotel problem, and YOTEL wants to solve it.

Adventure: California's Lost Coast

Way up at the top of Northern California is a little piece of wilderness called The Lost Coast. It’s too rugged to build on, meaning it’s the last coastline here that’s unspoiled. It’s also dangerous, as you can see in this picture. Especially in winter, during a storm. Let’s go backpacking!

Tinder Around The World

Travelling around the world? Tinder can help you meet people. Obviously. But its easy intimacy can also help plug you into adventure. Here’s how it worked for us, along with some of the people we met through it during our travels.

Cholon: Colombia's Party Island

Like big butts? Just a 45-minute boat ride from Cartagena is an idyllic island paradise that each weekend and holiday turns into the city’s best party scene.

Travelling With Two-Factor: How To Access Your Accounts Abroad

With massive security hacks now coming on what feels like a weekly basis, two-factor authentication has become a modern necessity. But, leave the country and getting that access code can become a lot more difficult than just waiting for a text. Here’s what you need to know and do before your next trip.