Climate Change Could Make It Harder For Aeroplanes To Get Liftoff

Every once in a while, unlucky passengers get bumped because an overbooked aeroplane is too heavy. It’s maddening, and it makes you question the airline’s ability to do arithmetic. But there is a method to weight restrictions, and Earth’s rising temperatures could make it increasingly hard for planes to take off without shedding extra weight.

Hacker: A URL Trick Lets You Use Someone Else's Boarding Pass

A BuzzFeed intern and NYU senior recently claimed to have hacked Delta’s paperless boarding pass system by changing just one digit in a URL. “On Delta, you can change the URL of your boarding pass and get someone else’s boarding pass,” Dani Grant wrote in a Medium post. “Even if they’re on a different airline.” This seems crazy.

9 Of Our Favourite Gadget Travel Companions

Travelling nowadays doesn’t require much technological preparation. If you’ve got your smartphone, you’re pretty much good to go. But there are still loads of gadgets that can make your trip from point A to point B — whether by plane, train, or automobile — more enjoyable.

Cruise Ships Dump Billions Of Litres Of Sewage In The Ocean Every Year

Cruise ships are not the most environmentally friendly holiday destinations on the planet. In fact, according to the latest Cruise Ship Report Card by Friends of the Earth, they might be about the worst. These floating resorts dump billions of litres of sewage into the open ocean every year. In a sense, every cruise is a poop cruise.

The Genius Way To Put A Stop To Aeroplane Armrest Battles For Good

Today is apparently all about taking air travel from awful to marginally tolerable, the latest of which is this brilliant little armrest divider from Soarigami. Because aeroplane seats are already cramped enough without having to elbow-stab a stranger to claim your armrest turf (and urinating to mark your territory just makes a mess).

What It Feels Like To Crawl Into A -34°C Sleeping Bag In The Himalayas

Need to sleep outside somewhere that you could literally freeze to death in under an hour? Turns out they make sleeping bags designed to make that not just possible, but even comfortable. Here’s what they feel like.

Hiking Nepal In Edmund Hillary's Footsteps

In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first people to summit Mt. Everest. Their expedition started in Kathmandu, and led them to the village of Jiri; from there they trekked across 160km of mountains and jungle. We just hiked the same exact route.

Adults Who Live In Treehouses Aren't As Weird As You Might Think

Before I was born, my mum lived in a treehouse in the Smoky Mountains and had a pet goat with one ear. His name was Van Goat. This was the late ’70s, and even then it was a unique lifestyle. But my how treehouse culture has evolved.

Passengers In Siberia Had To Push A Plane Down The Tarmac To Take Off

Think you have travel woes? At least you don’t have to push your own plane down a frozen tarmac in -50C temperatures like these travellers in Siberia did.

An Expanding Suitcase That Goes From Carry-On To Check-In Sizes

Expanding luggage designed to accommodate your dirty clothes, souvenirs and stolen towels at the end of a holiday are nothing new. But the FUGU luggage doesn’t just add a couple of extra inches of capacity. It expands from nine inches (23cm) tall to 27 inches (69cm) tall, meaning you could actually pack for a whole extra person should you find yourself suddenly married after a Vegas weekend.