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Travelling Is Far More Enjoyable When Your Suitcase Turns Into A Water Park

When all you’ve got is a magazine or some over-played smartphone games at your disposal, waiting out airport delays is a nightmare. But not if your carry-on luggage opened to reveal an epic water park inside, instead of clothing.

Video: A Portrait Of Beautiful Southeast Asia

If you ever find yourself with an itch to leave your desk job and like, never come back, I highly recommend disappearing away into Southeast Asia. It’s such a stunning place with so many different cultures and landscapes and wonderful food and to properly do it right, you need to be leaving something behind with out a real sense of direction of where you’re going next.

How To Survive A Long Flight With Just Your Smartphone

Even if you get the privilege of a rather clunky entertainment system built into the seat in front of you, having to sit inside a aerial tin can for a stretch of several hours is always a struggle. Thankfully, your most dependable gadget can help the time to (quite literally) fly by, even without Wi-Fi.

This Delightful Video Of Travelling To Japan Is Just So Much Fun To Watch

Francisco Fuentes‘ amazing visual diary of his trip to Japan is so awesomely captured and so well edited and so fun to watch that it makes me want to take a trip there immediately. It’s because every video in the series (there are 12 15-second videos) basically acts as a teaser for his time in that wonderful country.

The TSA's Response To Its Master Key Scandal Is Priceless

“Scandal” might be too strong a word. But you’d the TSA would have been ashamed when hackers released 3D-printer files for its master keys, which can open any any TSA-recommended luggage lock. Does the TSA feel ashamed? Not even close.

Biking Through Bali Is Like Exploring A Wonderland

Called Surfing Trails, you would think this beautiful video about Bali is about, well, surfing. But nope! It’s a biking video that travels through the wonderland that is Bali, exploring trails on volcanoes and cuts through the forest and jumps through the hills. It’s a lovely exploration of the island.

Watch This Guy Open A Hotel Room Safe With A Pocketknife And Paperclip

Did you pay extra for a deluxe hotel room that came with a safe? It doesn’t matter how complex you think you four-digit code is, it turns out the safe’s keypad can probably be over-ridden using a secret keyhole that’s surprisingly easy to hack.

What Happens If You Take Frozen Liquids Through Airport Security

Nobody enjoys going through airports. Despite the miracle of air travel for the masses and the systems for funnelling the right people into the right places being a magnificent example of engineering and system design, it is basically impossible to board a plane without being intensely frustrated.

Soaring Over Big Sur On A Paraglider

With its golden hills, lush green forests and turquoise-coloured ocean, Big Sur is one of the most beautiful places you can visit, but it looks even better from above — while paragliding.

What's Your Favourite Tech To Bring Travelling?

I’m asking here for a friend. The truth is that I haven’t taken a proper vacation in years, and a lot of my travel tech is out-of-date. The last time I left the country, for example, it would have cost an astronomical amount to use an phone abroad. But plans and options have changed, and it may not make sense to do what I did ages ago, which was buy a cheap phone and a SIM card upon arrival at my destination.

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