How To Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life On An Aeroplane

Navigating your way through clueless tourists, customs officers and disinterested ticket counter clerks is only half the battle. Once you make it to your seat, you’ve still got an entire flight to endure. Your best aeroplane strategy is almost always to sleep through the entire ordeal, but how does one sleep effectively while fully clothed, sitting up, in the middle seat? It’s surprisingly easy with a bit of planning.

Modern Luggage Decals Let You Humblebrag About Your Travels

Back in the day it wasn’t uncommon for trunks and suitcases to slowly become covered in labels as they visited cities and ports around the world. But it’s become sort of a lost art — one that the folks at Animi Causa are trying to revive with this set of lovingly designed luggage label decals.

This Cosy Log Cabin In The Swiss Alps Is Entirely Made Out Of Concrete

If you didn’t know know better, you’d think the Refugi Liepthaus in the Alps was just another quaint log cabin from afar. But if you get close, you’ll realise that those ridges on the walls are not logs but a beautiful brutalist exterior. It’s awesome.

Explore The Largest Cruise Ship In The World With Google Street View

At 360 metres long and weighing in at 202,000 tonnes, Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas is the largest cruise ship ever built. It’s able to carry 5400 passengers — plus crew — and with on-board amenities like a skating rink, a miniature golf course, surfing simulators, and a merry-go-round, there’s little need to ever leave the ship.

A Vader Suitcase Can Even Squeeze Into A TIE Fighter's Overhead Bins

Even though it’s designed for kids, it’s going to be hard for adult Star Wars fans not to trade in their carry-on luggage for this awesome 3D Vader suitcase — even if they are Yoda-sized.

Economy Aeroplane Seats Of The Future Will Be More Like First Class

BAE Systems has taken a break from submarines and warships to lavish attention on the humble cattle-class flyer. Its IntelliCabin, a system that integrates passenger controls into a touchscreen tablet interface for fliers and staff, should make standard class a bit more like first. A bit.

Sydney Domestic Airport Caught In Power Outage

Following in the footsteps of rival state travel hub, Melbourne Airport, Sydney’s Domestic Airport is currently caught in a power outage, meaning everything is delayed.

Soon, You Won't Have To Switch Your Phone Or Tablet Off While Flying In Australia

Frequent flyers rejoice: soon enough, you won’t have to switch off your mobile phone or tablet when you get on a plane. Phone calls and Internet browsing are still going to be impossible, but at least you won’t have to bother with the power button.

A Scratch-Off Globe Helps Keep Track Of Your Country-Hopping

If you have more air miles saved up than money in the bank, here’s a clever way to keep track of every single country you’ve visited on your global travels. Basic origami skills are all that’s needed to assemble this 3D cardboard globe featuring a gold foil outer layer that can be scratched off revealing the nations you’ve visited.

The Power Just Went Out At Melbourne Airport

I hope you don’t have to catch a flight out of Melbourne’s domestic airport this morning: the power just went out, plunging the whole terminal into darkness.