10 Incredible Images From This Year's Smithsonian Photo Contest

Every year, Smithsonian Magazine launches a photo contest culling the most amazing images from a globe’s worth of submissions. Here are our 10 favourites from the pool of finalists.

The Crazy Things Delta Does To Cancel Fewer Flights Than Any Other Airline

Last year, Delta Air Lines cancelled fewer flights than any other airline, scratching just 0.3 per cent of its flights. That’s more than five times better than the industry average. It’s an obsession for Delta, an airline that once ranked near rock-bottom for cancellations, and as The Wall Street Journal explains, the company strives for zero-cancellation days in some very unorthodox ways.

Qantas Cuts Frequent Flyer Points For Cheap Fares

Qantas is making big changes to the way that discounted fares and non-flexible tickets accrue Frequent Flyer mileage — the end result is that if you’re buying cheap tickets, you’ll be earning fewer points than you were before.

Airbnb Shares Some Stats On Sydney's Guests And Hosts

Airbnb, the informal short-term accomodation rental website du jour, has shared some data that it says reflects its economic impact on the economies of some of world’s major cities. Sydney makes the list; apparently Airbnb foot traffic contributes $214 million to the local economy, supporting some 1600 jobs.

The Perfect Suitcase Keeps Your Smelly Laundry Sealed Off

When you’re travelling, your suitcase can quickly go from a model of organisation to a chaotic catch-all of clothing, souvenirs, and dirty laundry. But the makers of these Genius Pack suitcases and bags have found a better way to keep travellers perpetually organised, including a brilliant way to deal with laundry.

A New Geo-Tagged Storytelling Site Might Be The Ultimate Travel Tool

How do we discover new cities to visit? How do we remember where we’ve been? With all the tools at our fingertips, I’d still argue it’s actually not all that easy. Hi, which just opened to the public today, is a beautifully designed way to find, share, and tell stories about places.

This Is How The World's Most Iconic Monuments Look From Far Away

The world’s most famous buildings and monuments never look like you think they will in real life. Photographers create iconic postcards that are burned in our brains, most often to the landmark’s advantage — like Stonehenge, the Niagara Falls or the Great Pyramids. But others times zooming out reveals an even more impressive picture, like Mount Rushmore or the Great Wall of China.

An Entire Day Of All Of Europe's Air Travel, Visualised

This stunning video shows all the flights that cross Europe on a typical day. Beautifully animated, it really provides a great insight into the intensity of modern air travel.

This Video Shows How Japan Is A Mystical World Set In Modern Times

This video, shot and made by Scott Gold, plays like a dream. It depicts Scott and his wife’s trip to Japan in January but to me, it shows how Japan is maintaining its illustrious history and mystical culture amidst the fast paced, beep beep, every person cross the intersection right now modern world.

The Most-Visited Countries In The World, Visualised

If you’ve ever wondered which country was the most popular tourist destination, wonder no longer — this map shows which countries get the most visitors every year. Australia doesn’t even crack the top 40.