NSW Is The First State To Allow Motorbikes To Move Past Cars In Traffic

Lane splitting is a controversial topic. If you ride a bike, it’s great — it’s convenient, helps clear traffic congestion, and it’s (relatively) safe. If you’re in a car, stuck in gridlock, seeing a leathered-up guy or girl on a slick motorcycle zip past your window up to the traffic lights can be aggravating. The NSW Government is on the side of two wheels, though — it will allow motorcyclists to legally lane-filter across the state from July onwards.

London's Iconic Routemaster Buses Are Being Scrapped For Good

It’s one of the most iconic vehicles on London’s roads, but the ageing red Routemaster bus, currently serving two routes, is set to be replaced by the modern hybrid “Boris Bus” entirely.

Mapping The London Tube, By Taste

James Wannerton, head of the UK Synaesthesia Association, has completed his nearly 50 year project to map the London Tube: by its tastes. Wannerton has experienced lifelong synaesthesia — an involuntary union of two or more senses that are ordinarily experienced discretely. For Wannerton, this means “lexical synaesthesia”: for him, a consistent association with specific tastes that accompany the words at individual tube stops.

This Enormous Garage Is Actually The Belly Of A C-17 Globemaster

OK, I know Globemasters are huge, but I’m always stunned when I see how much you can fit inside one of them.

A Massive Road-Building Initiative Is Transforming Africa's Landscape

Africa is home to some of the poorest road networks in the world, which act as a major barrier for trade, education and healthcare. Not for long, though — as it’s embarking on a frenetic road-building exercise that could revolutionise the entire continent.

This ​Private Catamaran Now Ferries Googlers Around San Francisco

The Triumphant is a mighty fine-looking ferry. Fine enough, in fact, to be chartered by Google to move its employees around San Francisco.

Five Supersonic Concepts That'll Get You To New York By Tea-Time

The 10th anniversary of Concorde’s last flight sadly means it’s been a decade since your average (albeit wealthy) Joe could travel faster than the speed of sound. Although Concorde isn’t going to be taking off any time soon, these supersonic concepts might fill that sonic-boom sized hole in your heart — and for a damn sight cheaper, too.

Best Australian Taxi And Transport Apps

Getting around in a big city can be a challenge, but it needn’t be when you have one of those futuristic computer phones in your pocket that happens to know your location. With the aid of your smartphone, getting around is a breeze. Here are our favourite apps for taxis and transport.

27 Of The Most Eye-Popping Cargo Aircraft Ever Built

They are the grey eminences of aviation. They are doing what they have to do without any ado. We hardly notice them when we take a flight from A to B. However, cargo aircraft can be as interesting and special as fighter planes or passenger aircraft. We are going to prove this.

Why North American School Buses Are Yellow

School buses are the primary mode of student transportation in North America. An estimated 26 million students in the United States alone are transported to school every school day via bus — over half the student population in the country. While school buses in countries outside of North America usually look like any other buses, North American school buses are distinctive for their yellow colour.