This 46,000-Tonne Cargo Ship Was Deliberately Run Aground 

This gigantic car transporter has been run aground — on purpose — after it began to list just off the coast of the UK. It weighs 46,000 tonnes, is laden with 1400 cars — and now needs to be righted.

California's 350km/h High-Speed Railway Is Finally Being Built

It’s been a long time coming, but the state of California is finally building its long-promised high-speed rail link. The new line, which will see trains travel at up to 350km/h, will finally start construction this week.

Are These The Self-Driving Cars Of The Future?

The self-driving car is still a little way off hitting the mainstream, but when it does it could change the way we travel around our cities. Certainly design consultancy IDEO thinks so, if these concepts are anything to go by.

These Amazing Autonomous Trains Are The Future Of London's Subway

Underground train lines may be dark and gloomy, but the rolling stock that uses them needn’t be. These sleek autonomous trains are what London plans to ferry its inhabitants in within the next 10 years.

The Ad For Sydney's Contactless Public Transport Card Is The Weirdest Thing You'll Watch Today

New South Wales has been trying to get its head around the whole contactless travel card thing for a while now, and with the new Opal system, it looks like it’s on to a winner. What I’m still trying to wrap my head around is the first ad for the Opal card. Brace yourselves.

The First Personal Maglev Transport System Is Being Built In Israel

SkyTran — a NASA Space Act company — is finally building a pilot of its computer-controlled, two-person, high-speed maglev transport system. Cars run six metres above the ground and can be ordered by a smartphone app.

France Spent $20 Billion On Trains That Don't Fit Its Stations

France’s national railway operator, SNCF, recently ordered 2000 new trains at a cost of more than $US20 billion. Now, it’s found out that they’re too big for many of the stations they’re supposed to pass through. And this isn’t the kind of order you can return.

23 Amazing Soviet Visions For The Future Of Transportation

Tekhnika Molodezhi, or “Technology for the Youth”, is a Soviet and Russian monthly science magazine that’s been published since 1933. Like its US and French counterparts, Popular Mechanics or the Le Petite Journal, the magazine is famous for its spectacular covers — often depicting fantastic scenes from the possible future.

NSW Is The First State To Allow Motorbikes To Move Past Cars In Traffic

Lane splitting is a controversial topic. If you ride a bike, it’s great — it’s convenient, helps clear traffic congestion, and it’s (relatively) safe. If you’re in a car, stuck in gridlock, seeing a leathered-up guy or girl on a slick motorcycle zip past your window up to the traffic lights can be aggravating. The NSW Government is on the side of two wheels, though — it will allow motorcyclists to legally lane-filter across the state from July onwards.

London's Iconic Routemaster Buses Are Being Scrapped For Good

It’s one of the most iconic vehicles on London’s roads, but the ageing red Routemaster bus, currently serving two routes, is set to be replaced by the modern hybrid “Boris Bus” entirely.