Inside The Weird Brains Of Real-Time Translators

The world’s most powerful computers can’t perform accurate real-time translation. Yet interpreters do it with ease. Geoff Watts meets the neuroscientists who are starting to explain this remarkable ability.

Skype To Launch Star Trek-Style, Real-Time Language Translator

Microsoft just demoed an awesome new feature for Skype that will actually let you speak to people in other languages — in real-time — by doing all the translating dirty work for you.

How Google Has Turned Language Translation Into A Maths Problem

Language translation is a notoriously difficult task for humans, let alone computers. But in trying to solve that problem Google has stumbled across a clever trick, that involves treating them like maps — and it really, really works.

Google+ Adds 'Translate' Button On Public Posts And Comments

The desktop-only (for now) addition will be rolling out gradually, and it’s controllable through language preferences. [Ed Chi via Engadget]

If Google Translate Could Translate Star Wars To English

One of the wonderful things about Star Wars was that even though you couldn’t understand some characters, you still understood them. But what if you could plug in Chewbacca’s growls and R2-D2′s beepity boops into Google Translate to find out what they’re saying? Nate Smith of Awkward Elevator did just that, and it’s exactly what you expected.

Video: Fresh Prince Theme Song Run Through Google Translate 26 Times

Sometimes Google translate doesn’t get it quite right. To illustrate that point in the most outlandish way possible, CDZA took the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme, crunched it through Google Translate for all 26 supported languages, then took it back to English.

Microsoft Can Convert Your Voice Into Another Language

It’s unlikely that you speak Mandarin, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to at some point. Now, Microsoft has created software that can analyse your speech, translate it and then spit out a new recording of your very own voice speaking in a different language.

Google Translate For Android Can Now Read Pictures In Foreign Languages

Google Translate just got what is essentially Word Lens. The new feature in the latest update of the Google Translate app lets you take a picture and highlight text you want translated from one language into another.

Incredible World-Translating App Word Lens Is Finally On Android

Basically the coolest and most futuristic app for iOS is finally on Android. Word Lens — the augmented reality app that translates signs, newspapers, menus and anything else from one language to another in real time — is finally out on Android.

SayHi Translate: An Interpreter Inside Your iPhone

If you’re travelling in Brazil and you’d like to ask your cab driver which bar in Rio serves the best caipirinha, you’re going to need to know Portuguese. Thumbing frantically through a phrasebook is difficult, and you might not string the sentence together properly. And would you even understand your cabbie’s answer? SayHi Translate solves all these problems with a super simple voice translator.