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Train Crashes Into New Jersey Station, 1 Dead, Dozens Injured

A train crashed into a station in Hoboken, New Jersey around 8:45AM local time today (10:45PM AEST), according to reports. There are 74 injured and three in serious condition. The train’s conductor is in critical condition. One fatality has been confirmed by officials.

Watch A Train Get Assembled

Video: Seeing a train get assembled is a lot like watching someone play with LEGO bricks, only if that someone was God and the LEGO bricks were stupidly ginormous. This timelapse of a London Elizabeth line train being built out at Bombardier in Derby is especially cool because it seems like pieces and parts are just flying together.

Holding A Slam Dunk Competition On A Moving Train Requires Basketballs

The Dunking Devils, last seen pulling off incredible trick shots while swinging from a bridge, are back with an even wilder collection of dunks and stunts that all take place on board a moving train.

Why Do Trains In America Suck So Badly? 

Trains in America are awful. They’re slow, expensive and not very reliable. And there are a few, largely unsolvable reasons why that’s the case.

The Chaos Of Racing Old-Timey Vehicles Is More Exciting Than Formula One

Video: As the world’s premiere auto racing league, the cars that compete in Formula One are technological marvels. But watching what goes into racing vehicles from the turn of the century gives you a greater appreciation for what our ancestors had to deal with to quench their need for speed.

These Transit Safety Videos Are So Gruesome They Just Might Work

What would convince transit riders to pay attention to an oncoming train instead of Instagram? Apparently, a graphic depiction of certain dismemberment.

This Train Ride Through Tokyo Is Totally Hitting The Hyperdrive

Video: Vroom. This video of Tokyo called Tokyo Aglow by Justin Tierney shows the city by rail and by road, offering an especially hypnotising take on an already electric city. The video accelerates the trains to hyper speed, and the effect bends the lights into what looks more like a trip through a space tunnel than a normal train ride.

The Longest, Deepest Rail Tunnel On Earth Just Opened (And It Was Weird)

After 17 years of construction, the Gotthard Base Tunnel opens today. This feat of engineering is a 56km high-speed rail connection beneath the Swiss Alps, and is now the longest transit tunnel in the world. You better believe that Hyperloop engineers are paying attention.

The 19th Century Hyperloop Was Going To Travel From NY To SF In 24 Hours

In 1894 the Wright Brothers’ first flight was still nearly a decade away. But people were obsessed with figuring out how to use powered flight for any number of applications. The May 5, 1894 issue of Scientific American featured one such idea — an aero-train that could zip across the country at 241km per hour.

Seeing The First Person View Of A Lego Toy Train Riding Around On A Track Is Surprisingly Fun

Seeing the perspective of a toy train is way, way more fun than it should be. About 48.77m of Lego train tracks were laid out around this guy’s house, through the inside of home, next to his pets, and beyond.

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