Perth Commuters Tilt And Lift Train Car To Free Trapped Man

A group of commuters freed a man trapped between the platform and a train car in Perth by pushing the train car and lifting the carriage enough for his leg to get out. Thankfully, the train’s shock absorbers were flexible enough to allow it as the chassis and wheels stayed on the tracks.

We Should All Be Using Vacant Tram Tracks For Personal Pallet Trains

Trams and light rail trains are great for getting around a city and all, but they’re just sitting there empty a lot of the time, just begging you to trip over them. So why not turn that underused resource into a new form of mobility: A DIY pallet-train for one?

Nobody Knows How To Rescue These Poor Stranded Boeing 737s

On Thursday, a freight train derailment near Superior, Montana sent three Boeing 737 fuselages tumbling into the Clark Ford River. Today, the cracked and scraped aeroplane bodies still litter the river’s shores, and officials don’t know how they’re going to remove them.

Watch This Guided Tour Of Stockholm's Beautiful Trains

Alexander Dragunov is an architectural photographer, but his real passion is capturing images of trains. In this video, he gives a guided tour of his favourite metro system in Stockholm — and reveals that it is indeed stunningly beautiful.

This Aluminium Car Was Built To Run On Abandoned Railways

Nearly 8000km of abandoned railways criss-cross the the landscape in Mexico and Ecuador, left dormant for decades after privatisation of the national suspended passenger service in 1995. Two Guadalajara-born artists wanted to travel the paths of these “modern ruins”, so together they designed what just might be the .

Monster Machines: These Japanese Ultra-Luxury Trains Are Penthouses On Rails

The golden age of railways is steaming back into the modern era — in Japan at least. Since the island nation privatised its extensive rail network in the late 1980s, there has been an explosion of high-end designer trains all culminating in these gorgeous, luxurious rail cars from former Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama.

Brazil Train Station Looks Like A Nightmarish Ocean Of Drowning People

It’s like that horrifying scene in World War Z when zombies are just on top of each other. It’s like a mosh pit that never ends for all of eternity. It’s a human traffic jam with absolutely no room to breathe.

Crazy Kid Crawls Across The Railway Tracks Under A Running Train

Forget those crazy Russians, this American kid crawling across the railway tracks while a train is still running above his head is the most insane video I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks to a bit of agility and a lot of luck he is not crushed like a bug. Skip to the 2:10 mark to see it.

South Korea's Magnet-Powered Bullet Train Takes Its First Ride

To get up to top speed, bullet trains have to pull a huge amount of electrical current from the grid. typically through unsightly overhead power lines. But this newly debuted train prototype from South Korea sucks up electricity invisibly from the tracks below.

France Spent $20 Billion On Trains That Don't Fit Its Stations

France’s national railway operator, SNCF, recently ordered 2000 new trains at a cost of more than $US20 billion. Now, it’s found out that they’re too big for many of the stations they’re supposed to pass through. And this isn’t the kind of order you can return.

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