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The 19th Century Hyperloop Was Going To Travel From NY To SF In 24 Hours

In 1894 the Wright Brothers’ first flight was still nearly a decade away. But people were obsessed with figuring out how to use powered flight for any number of applications. The May 5, 1894 issue of Scientific American featured one such idea — an aero-train that could zip across the country at 241km per hour.

Seeing The First Person View Of A Lego Toy Train Riding Around On A Track Is Surprisingly Fun

Seeing the perspective of a toy train is way, way more fun than it should be. About 48.77m of Lego train tracks were laid out around this guy’s house, through the inside of home, next to his pets, and beyond.

Train Tracks Are The Most Dangerous Way To Charge A Phone

Video: Did I mention it’s illegal too? Because it’s super illegal.

Hyperloop Is The Perfect Way To Move Goods -- Not People

The Hyperloop may prove to be a wondrous and radical technology that will change everything we know about travel. But there are several major challenges it needs to overcome, and those challenges suggest that Hyperloop might be better suited for transporting goods — not people.

After Years Of Turmoil, A Legendary Steam Engine Rolls Again 

After undergoing a decade-long restoration that cost $US5.86 million, the Flying Scotsman, the most famous British locomotive in history, has been brought back to life. The legend rolls again.

Thomas The Tank Engine Is Adding More DC Comics Mashups To The Railyard

There was little doubt that combining superheroes and anthropomorphic toy trains would be a big hit with kids. But following up on the success of the initial reveal at Comic-Con last year, Mattel is going to introduce 35 new DC Super Friends/Thomas & Friends Minis mashups including Emily in a Poison Ivy getup, a Solomon Grundy version of Diesel 10 and Gator as the Green Lantern.

Lionel Has Turned The Classic Model Train Set Into A Race Track

It’s a testament to the devotion of train enthusiasts that model railroads have remained a popular hobby for over 100 years. And to keep another generation interested in the toys, Lionel has turned its classic trains into something that looks more like a slot car track.

Thousands Of People Are Stuck In This Ridiculous Human Traffic Jam At A China Train Station

People in China have been trying to travel across the country for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday but some — if tens of thousands of people can be considered just some — have been stuck in one of the most insane human traffic jams in the world at the Guangzhou Railway Station in southern China. CNN reports that 100,000 people were waiting earlier this week while 33,000 are still stuck as of Wednesday morning.

California's Bullet Train Is Delayed, And Nobody Knows How Long It Will Take

“It may take us a little longer than we said to do this” was the update Dan Richard, chairman of California’s high-speed rail project, gave state legislators yesterday. But the insane infrastructure plan could, shockingly, be less of a cash suck than expected.

Watch A Train Travel Inside The Tunnels Of The New York City Subway System

Video: The New York City subway works, most of the time. It’s not the flashiest and it’s not the cleanest and it’s not always on time and it can get too crowded during rush hour but you can get all over the city for $US2.75. Not the worst deal! It’s also just part of the fabric of the city. Here are videos from DJ Hammers showing how the NYC subway works — you get to see trains run through an entire line from the perspective of the first car.

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