When Should We Stop Watching Movie Trailers?

“Man, with all the good stuff they’re showing in the trailers, it makes me wonder if there’s anything left for the movie itself!”. That’s one of the Gizmodo comments on this morning’s Mad Max: Fury Road trailer. So when should we stop watching trailers? Thankfully, director of The Incredibles, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and the upcoming Tomorrowland, Brad Bird, has the answer: when it sells you.

The Final Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Raises An Interesting Question

Video: So we all know the drill with the new Mad Max movie Fury Road by now, right? Ok. Watch this final trailer and when you’re done, answer me this: should Tom Hardy be playing the role of Max?

Infini Is An Amazing-Looking Australian Sci-Fi Action Film

Gone are the days of twee, culturally cringe-worthy Australian films. With movies like Wyrmwood and the locally-produced Mad Max: Fury Road, our film industry is alive and kicking. Infini is the latest action-horror movie on the scene, and it looks brilliantly terrifying.

New Jurassic World Trailer Has More Dinosaurs For Your Dollar

Video: The Jurassic World trailers have been pretty light on dinosaurs so far, but that’s all changing with the new global trailer.

The Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer Is Official

Video: Stop looping that leaked trailer from Friday. The official Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer is out! Get in here and watch it.

The New Fantastic Four Movie Is Probably Going To Be Great (Or Better Than The Last Awful One)

Video: Marvel has the rights to the Fantastic Four again, and it’s doing everything it possibly can to resurrect the franchise and make it something you actually want to watch for a change. The second trailer for the new epic is out today, and we get a first-look at The Thing and Doctor Doom!

Watch The Leaked Batman Vs Superman Trailer Right Here

Video: There’s a leaked trailer of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice doing the rounds. It looks pretty legit! Get in here and check it out before it gets taken down.

Watch The Brand New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer And Freak Out

Drop everything you’re doing for the next 20 minutes and watch the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer 10 times. The rest of the world is doing exactly that right now and smiling giddily at that last scene in the trailer. Enjoy.

There's A New Mad Max Trailer, And It's More Bonkers Than The Last

Video: I’m pretty hyped for Mad Max: Fury Road. It looks so visually rich and interesting, and it builds on an insane world that we’ve been wanting to see more from for ages! Check out this new trailer.

SPECTRE: Here's The First Trailer For The New James Bond Movie

It’s a new age of Bond. There’s a new MI6, a new M and a new Moneypenny. So now let’s watch all that new stuff in the first trailer for Spectre.