Here's The First Trailer For Oliver Stone's Snowden Movie

The first teaser for the upcoming movie about Edward Snowden has just been released. Frankly, it’s not much to look at. But we still can’t wait.

Track Matt Damon's Mission To Mars With Crew Video Logs From The Martian

Video: The Martian won’t be out in cinemas until the end of November this year, but you can enjoy an early teaser with the first of several three-minute videos — showing life from the characters’ perspectives as they begin their five-month journey from Earth to the Red Planet.

Here's The Trailer For The Final Hunger Games Movie

Video: The first instalment of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay was a right bore. Lots of talk, not a lot of explosions. The reverse looks to be the case for the second instalment. Here’s the first trailer for the last film in the franchise.

In This Short Film, Your Drone Really Is Trying To Kill You

If you’ve ever had your hand sliced open by a low-flying drone, it can seem a little too much like your quadrotor toy is out to kill you — even if you’re just a crummy pilot. But in this movie trailer your pet drone really does have it in for you.

Trailer For New Need For Speed Game Is Basically Just Guys Shouting At Fast Cars

“Yo, bro look at them fast cars though yo so fast bro broooooooo.” This is the dialogue I’m expecting for the new Need For Speed reboot based on the first teaser trailer.

The Minority Report TV Show Looks Badass

Spielberg’s Minority Report is still held up as the yardstick for the tech-powered future we want. It had awesome motion control, cool guns, driverless cars and futurecops. FOX in the US is now trying to rebottle the lightning and turn Minority Report into a TV series.

The Aaron Sorkin Steve Jobs Movie Surprisingly Doesn't Look Terrible

We’re still on the merry-go-round of Steve Jobs biopics, and we’re coming around to the (hopefully) good bit where Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle have their turn. Here’s the first trailer.

Legends Of Tomorrow: DC Comics And The CW Have A Superhero Team TV Show. Sound Familiar?

It’s new-show week in the US, and superheroes are very on trend. After the first-look at CBS’ Supergirl barnstormed onto the internet, we have another DC Comics’ series from The CW. It’s called Legends Of Tomorrow and features a billionaire with loads of tech, a guy with a bow and arrow, a lady assassin, a guy who changes form into a dangerous version of a hero and a pair of criminals turned good. Sound like every Marvel trope from the last two blockbusters crammed into one TV show to anyone else?

The Supergirl Series Looks So Good. Get In Here And Watch This

Everyone wants to be in the superhero game these days. After the long-running success of Smallville on a rival network, US TV network CBS wants in on the action too. That’s why it made Supergirl: the series adaptation of the DC Comic companion to Superman.