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I Spent 22 Hours Building Lego's New Death Star So You Don't Have To

But really? If you’ve got the time, lack of willpower when it comes to buying shiny things, space to house a giant plastic sphere, and the money, you actually might want to build it anyway.

These Duelling Star Wars Drones Can Hit Speeds Of Up To 56km/h

First revealed at the European Star Wars Celebration back in July, Propel’s fleet of remote control Star Wars drones is finally available for pre-order. UK-based sites like Firebox are finally listing the drones as available for $US300 ($394) a piece.

DC's New Action Figures Include A Triumvirate Of Awesome Female Superheroes

Next January, Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl finally gets the action figure she deserves, and she’s joined by a fellow CW heroine, and a really unique take on Wonder Woman. May god have mercy on your wallets.

We're Finally Getting An R/C Imperial Mouse Droid, So 2016 Isn't A Complete Loss

Since Star Wars first premiered back in 1977, there have been approximately half a million different R2-D2 toys produced. That’s fine if you’re a fan of Artoo, but those with more discerning tastes will be happy to learn we’re finally getting a toy version of the Mouse Droid that briefly made an appearance in A New Hope, only to be scared off by Chewbacca.

Building Lego's Gigantic Motorised Excavator Is Easily My Greatest Accomplishment

When you’re a kid, building a Lego fortress that can withstand attacks from G.I. Joe and Transformers is a real accomplishment. As an adult, you need a bigger challenge, and that’s what Lego’s 3,929-piece Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator set provides. It’s the most work I’ve ever put into building a toy, but the resulting edifice makes you feel like you deserve a job at Legoland.

A Real-Life Version Of Doom's BFG Reveals Just How Gigantic It Really Is

Doom is known for being one of the original multiplayer first-person shooters that let you and your friends run around blasting each other to pieces. But most players probably instead remember it fondly for the BFG, the ultimate blaster upgrade that now exists in real-life, too.

LEGO's New Yellow Submarine Comes With Four Perfect Beatles Minifigs

You’re going to want to set aside $80 for the first of November, because that’s when the next fan-designed LEGO Ideas set will be available for sale featuring not only The Beatle’s iconic Yellow Submarine, but also amazing minifig versions of Ringo, Paul, John and George.

Putting A GoPro On A Hot Wheels Track Is The Safest Way To Become A Stunt Driver

Video: Think you can pull off burnouts, drifts and breath-taking jumps in your sedan just because you’ve seen all the Fast and Furious films? Being a stunt driver takes years of practise and the right equipment — and you probably have neither. But it turns you can get a similar experience by just slapping a GoPro on a Hot Wheels car and send it hurdling down a track.

The Most Glorious Toys We Saw At New York Comic Con This Year

Video: Seriously, you might want to hide your wallet before watching this video. It may tempt you into financial ruin — but at least you’d have some fancy toys, right?

I Can't Get Over This Star Wars Action Figure's Hilariously Grumpy Face

At some point in our lives — when it’s Monday morning, when we’ve been rudely awakened from a good nap, when we’ve not had enough coffee, when we spot our arch-nemesis walking by — we have all felt the exact same way this Rogue One action figure does. Don’t lie.

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