Literally Anything Is Touch Sensitive With This Leap Motion Hack

Beer cans. Toys. Sticky notes. A fridge. Even a computer screen, because why not? All of these things become touch-sensitive thanks to a fun little piece of work courtesy of a Russian agency called The Family, which posted their work to Vimeo this week.

Before The iPhone Launched, Android Didn't Support Touchscreens

It’s virtually impossible to imagine now, but back when the iPhone was launched in 2007, Google wasn’t planning to make Android for touchscreen devices. Revealed in court documents that form part of the current Apple-Samsung legal argument, a Google report explains that Android “was designed with the presence of discrete physical buttons as an assumption.

Apple Patent Reaffirms Rumours Of Pressure-Sensitive Touchscreens

Last year, Bloomberg reported that Apple was working on enhanced sensors capable of detecting different levels of pressure. Then, a patent popped up adding weight to the rumour. Now, a second patent lends the idea of pressure-sensitive touchscreens yet more credence.

Apple Patents Screen Technology For Curved Touch Displays

Move over Samsung and LG: Apple has been awarded a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office that describes how they could manufacture a new breed of curved touch surfaces.

Apple Patent Supports Rumours Of Pressure-Sensitive Touchscreens

Over the weekend, Bloomberg reported that Apple was working on enhanced sensors capable of detecting different levels of pressure. Now, an Apple patent for pressure-sensitive touchscreens could lend that rumour some credence.

Get Back Into The Habit Of Winding Your Clocks

OK so most of us have probably never had a clock we had to wind, but it seems like an appealing ritual. Calm and quiet. A connection to the passage of time. Or maybe it would be totally automatic like brushing your teeth. Whelp there’s only one way to find out.

Pigeons Are Smarter Than You Might Think And Can Use Touchscreens

Pigeons are everywhere in cities, but they don’t get a lot of love. True, they can spread disease and aren’t very personable, but maybe they’re not getting the credit they deserve. Like city-dwelling humans they have places to be and lunch deals to scavenge. And like good urbanites (and penguins) they know their way around a touchscreen.

Eliminate Touchscreen Lag From The Surface With This Tiny Hack

Now that hackers have sunk their teeth well and truly into the Microsoft Surface RT, loads of things are being probed, including lag. Apparently, with a tiny registry edit, you can speed up the Surface RT and eliminate touch lag. Here’s how.

Microsoft's First Windows 8 Ad Comes With Sneak Peeks At New Windows Hardware

Windows 8 is weeks away, and to hype us up to fever pitch, Microsoft has released the first ad for the new operating system, filled with random imagery and brief sneak peeks.

Windows 8 On An 82-Inch Touchscreen [Video]

Forget this 4-inch nonsense. You haven’t used a touchscreen until you’ve played with 82 inches running Windows 8.