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This Company Says It's Built The Perfect Android Touch Controller For TV

Giant TV screens are pretty great. Tablets are pretty great. But controlling a tablet’s touch interface on your TV is a terrible, garbage experience.

Wacom Bamboo Pad: A Touchpad Enhanced For Sketching And Writing

Wacom is covering all grounds lately with new products. Its latest is the Bamboo Pad, a touch surface with the gesture control the likes of an Apple Magic Trackpad, with some added functionality for drawing and jotting down notes.

Zombie HP TouchPad Gets Android Jellybean Before Almost Every Android Tablet

Unless you’ve got a Google Nexus 7, you’re going to be waiting a while for the official release of Jelly Bean for your tablet. Which is why it’s a little surprising — and dare we say funny — that it’s already popped up on HP’s aborted TouchPad

HP May Be Killing Off webOS

HP’s Computer Division has been spared the guillotine, but webOS may not be as lucky. The Guardian is reporting today that HP may soon kill off the OS designed for the short-lived and now-dead TouchPad tablet. Well, that’s a $US1.2 billion investment down the tubes.

Fox: HP's Putting Windows 8 On TouchPads

HP tablets are dead! No they aren’t! Yes they are! Either way, Fox claims they’re at least on some sort of life support, and being tested with Windows 8.

HP TouchPad Gets WebOS Upgrade From Beyond The Grave

Well now isn’t this something. HP’s discontinued-and-firesaled TouchPad got an OTA webOS upgrade today.

Here's An Alpha Version Of CyanogenMod For The HP Touchpad

The HP Touchpad just jumped up a few notches on the tablet scale now that the first public release of CyanogenMod is available for download.

The Zombie Autopsy Of HP's 7-Inch TouchPad Go

Do you like looking at pictures of dead things? Of course you do: We’ve already seen photos of the James Dean of TouchPads, but PreCentral dug up details on its actual specs and HP’s plans for the tablet.

The 7-Inch HP TouchPad You'll Never Be Able To Buy

We’d heard about it half a year ago, and now here it is in the grainy, blurry flesh: HP’s 7-inch WebOS tablet that was dead before it ever left the front door. Luckily, it looks pretty mediocre!

Someone Really Needs To Make A Good $US100 Tablet

Today we heard that the UK is getting jobbed out of its final shipment of $US100 TouchPads, with only HP employees being eligible to buy them. Sozzlepops, UK chaps.

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