Torrent Site Popcorn Time, Shut Down Yesterday, Is Alive Again

That was quick. After closing up shop yesterday among the usual copyright questions , and just a week after its first launch, Popcorn Time is back. TorrentFreak has the story of how the project, abandoned by its founders, will live on at the hands of YTS developers.

Popcorn Time, The Netflix Of Piracy, Has Already Shut Down

Well, that didn’t last long. Just a little over a week ago, Popcorn Time descended upon the masses as a way to easily (if perhaps not entirely legally) stream torrents straight to your computer. Now, though, amidst pressure regarding piracy, Popcorn Time has officially closed its doors.

Popcorn Time Lets You Stream Torrent Movies

Too impatient to wait for a torrent to download? Then maybe you should check out Popcorn Time — an app that lets you stream torrents to your computer.

I Wouldn't Pay For 2013's Most Pirated Movie Either

On the heels of Torrentfreak’s most-pirated TV shows of 2013 is its list of most-pirated movies. Not surprisingly, the list doesn’t exactly represent the refined cultural taste you might hope.

Pirate Bay Uploads Up By 50% In 2013 Despite Raids And Blockades

Authorities and copyright holders all over the world tried their damnedest to kill the Pirate Bay, but as data reported by TorrentFreak proves, the file sharing hub is a rogue ship that won’t sink.

The 10 Most-Pirated TV Shows Of 2013

Another year comes to a close, and another year of gratuitous television show pirating is in the bag. Who wins the award for the most illicit views? According to numbers from TorrentFreak, Game of Thrones keeps the crown for the second year in a row by a hefty margin. At 5,900,000 downloads, it beats (fantastic) runner up Breaking Bad by almost two mil.

A New Study Says You Sell More Music If You Get Rid Of Content Locks

Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems are used on things like ebook and movie files to make them more difficult to share. During the Napster era the major record labels got on board with DRMs in a big way hoping that they could reduce piracy by locking their music files down. But a new study shows what we’ve all thought for a long time. It doesn’t help. And in fact it DRMs hurt sales.

Aussies Pirate Breaking Bad More Than Anyone Else On Earth

A nation first started as a penal colony is breaking world records for all the wrong reasons again, as Australians top the charts for the most notorious pirates of Breaking Bad on the planet. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie?

HBO Might Have Just Accidentally Stumbled Upon An Effective Anti-Piracy Weapon

Game Of Thrones is such a double-edged sword for HBO: it must be great to have one of the world’s most popular shows, but it must be so frustrating to have everyone pirate it and have no way to stop it. This morning, however, HBO might have just stumbled upon the greatest anti-piracy weapon: take-down notices aimed squarely at VLC Media Player.

The RIAA Just Got Insanely Fast At Censoring Links From Google

It should come as no surprise that the RIAA, of all organisations, plays particularly fast and loose with its DMCA takedown requests. But thanks to a ridiculous blitz, the RIAA just had its 25 millionth link removed from Google search results. And it’s not slowing down.