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This Fire And Tornado Combination Is What Nightmares Are Made Of 

As if tornadoes aren’t destructive and terrifying enough, there’s a ‘firenado’ which scorched five acres this weekend in Oregon.

Watch This Lab-Made Tornado Rip Of The Roof Of A Miniature House

The WindEEE Research Institute, in Ontario, Canada, has this amazing wind chamber capable of creating a tornado vortex at the touch of a button. The tornado can go up to 5m wide and move at 2m per second.

Rare Footage Of Massive Waterspouts Connecting The Ocean To The Sky

Video: Tornadoes terrify me. Being sucked into the sky never to return again was a recurring childhood nightmare of mine, one that felt extremely realistic. Which is why I shiver at the sight of these massive waterspouts. I imagine myself on a boat, being lifted up by some massive force, surrounded by sharks trying to bite me.

Terrifying Dash Cam Video Shows What It Is Like To Be Inside A Tornado

Video: According to the Youtube description, this video — published yesterday in Reddit but shot last year — captures the moment when a tornado violently hits a village in Bashkiria, Russia. The hair-raising footage was taken from a car’s dash cam that stayed on even when the tornado was passing right over it.

Mad Guys Joke As A Tornado Comes To Destroy Them

Video: I can’t understand why Dan Yorgasson kept recording an incoming tornado instead of getting the hell out of there as fast as possible. He just gets into a truck with a friend and waits to get taken away like Dorothy, all the while laughing and swearing.

Watch A Tornado Destroy A Children's Playground

Video: This is sad. Security camera footage shows a children’s playground in Tupelo, Mississippi being destroyed by a tornado. It’s not like the playground is some sort of impenetrable fortress but the winds of the twister monster pretty much levels it in minutes.

British Fighter Jets Are Flying With 3D-Printed Parts

BAE Systems, which helps the UK’s RAF put together its aircraft, has revealed that some Tornado fighter jets have been flying with spare parts built using a 3D printer.

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